Review – DUST Airfield Accessory Pack – Quonset Huts

I’ve looked at these in the past, when I got some of these models as part of one of the DUST campaign sets – Operation Icarus. Basically, I liked the models so much that I bought a standalone set as well. While playing a game of KoW recently against Marouda, I decided to open and assemble the set while I waited for her to make her agonisingly slow move. This is the result.

DUST – Airfield Accessory Pack – Quonset Huts

While they’re sized for DUST to take up a terrain square each, they can easily be butted up against one another for more realistic, longer huts.

They come stacked up in the box.

Unlike the ones that come with Operation Icarus, these ones do not come assembled.


They do come separated from the sprue though, and pretty nicely clean – making assembly a doddle.

Slide the two walls in and you’re assembled!

With a bit of plastic cement, I went from opening the box to having them all assembled inside 10 minutes.


Just after taking the last shots, I went outside with a rattle can of Rust-Oleum spray in Nutmeg and had them all base coated. When the weather fines up for a little while at a time I can spray again (like, when I’m not at work!) I’ll give them a second light coat. Then I’ll spray on a bit of olive green and such. What I’m getting at is that they’re as easy to paint up as they are to assemble. And if I weren’t so anal-retentive at times they’d already be “good enough”. (Gotta do the window frames and such before I can call them “finished”, you see!)

As an inexpensive box of easily-assembled and easily painted terrain, I can’t recommend them highly enough. I’ll show them again once they’re 100% finished, which is more down to the current winter weather here in Melbourne making spraying difficult and proper photography a depressing proposition. I’ll (probably) get around to using them for DUST at some stage, but I like them because they’re flexible enough to be used anywhere in games set from WWII right up to modern times and beyond. Since my vision of that 41st Millenium that’s so popular encompasses architecture beyond the current aesthetic of incredibly gaudy pieces, or Eagle Turrets with Penis Cannons, I’m very happy to include terrain pieces like these on my personal 40k battlefields as well.




Another Tangent – Chaos Dwarf Colour Schemes

So as a complete Painting ADHD tangent, I’m trying to work out which way to go with painting my Chaos/Abyssal Dwarfs. I’ve (almost) always loved the look of these stunty little bastards, with the exception of the worst part of the “Byzantine Big Hat” phase (but I think a lot of that was from sub-par sculpting). But the “Oldhammer” WFB 3 (2?)originals, the second wave courtesy of Marauder, the modern re-interpretations by Forge World and even GW (Hellcannon) that tie the look of the originals and the “big hat” look together in a way that actually works. Alt-Manufacturers like Russian Alternative have some absolutely beautiful sculpts at surprisingly competitive prices. Even some of Mantic’s Abyssal Dwarves are decent (though most of those will be relegated out of the front rank of any units).

So this army will be a “Reward Army” – to reward myself for slogging through all the tedious Minas Tirith and Gondor figures that I’ve been working on. Not to mention ranks of Elves and Mantic Ogres that should have been finished long ago. Batch painting fantasy figures really doesn’t seem to agree with me. It’s like the last 20% of painting them is 80% of the work. Well, you know what it’s like when things are 80% finished for months at a time…

Note: None of the figures in this entry were painted by me. They were painted by a collection of other talented individuals. The images are included here as examples of inspirational (or not) colour schemes for my own forces.

There’s the traditional “Brass/Red/Black” type schemes, which look pretty good, but possibly shares a bit too much in common with Khorne (which is an army of mine that will definitely be coming later):

Then there’s the version that brings in a lot of blue as well, but I’m not too fond of this one. It’s a bit too 1990’s over-coloured (which, admittedly, is how my CD Bloodbowl team of those days looked. I just dug them out, I need to finish off those figures as well…) I know that the addition of blue (or green, or red) shading/highlighting is a traditional way to bring interest to black objects – rather than grey, but they just end up looking a bit too cartoony and technicolour to me. (Actually, my BB CDs look even more technicolour, and I’m wanting to avoid revisiting that kind of scheme).

Even when it’s much more copper and less red (and more silver/iron), it’s still got a similar feel to the reddish. Despite the fact that these figures still look good, the scheme is still a bit boring to me. (Reddish metals give a similar feel to Red paint – whod’a thunk it?)

Then there’s green/metallic green armour – probably accented with warm metals like gold/brass/copper etc – and even a bit of red for spot colours as needed – I was always partial to this kind of colour scheme from the early WFB3 days:

My only real concern with the green is that my Dark Elves/Twilight Kin are already using a Metallic Turquoise colour scheme (with gold/brass accents), going both into more blueish and more greenish, depending on the unit. I wanted to avoid the “traditional” purples and blues that DE always seem to be in. The Dwarfs would predominantly be in much more of a true, dark green than the shades approaching turquoise though. Similar to the guys above.

A third option is to use both green and red, and use the gold/brass/copper elements to tie them all together.

Any thoughts?

8-player Kings of War Battle Report

So it’s been awhile – almost a month since my last post. Combination of being tired from work and watching The World Cup (it’s on in the early AM hours, here), poor weather, no motivation to take photos, and going through boxes and boxes of stuff that had been in storage has all ganged up, even though I’ve now had more than a week off from work (though with unrostered days in, and work at home – the nature of “holidays” in my work, I’m afraid. Also, friends coming over a fair few times for some intense 4-way-LAN sessions of Dead Island.

The 24 tanks I ordered from Korea for Zavod 311 have come in, and I’ve almost finished the assembly on 4 of them. Pics in a proper update, later. I received some much-needed bits from a Dakka-friend, Carlos13th – to create a couple of musicians and such for Gondor. Also a work in progress that I’ll share later with proper photos of the figures.

What I have today, though are some photos taken from a large 8-player Kings of War battle last Saturday night. Our regular LAN-and-other-gaming friends, Pyro and Orez brought some of their old-timey Pathfinder friends over to play some games. We ended up playing KoW – 1800pts per side with each player controlling roughly 600pts. It took a fair while, mostly due to people getting to grips with the rules (and I haven’t played much lately, either!) and a fair amount of planning and bickering between allies and opponents alike, as it the nature of very-multiplayer games.

1st Turn

The Order of Battle on the Good side was comprised of a 600pt Basilean contingent, led by a Paladin with holy book (army standard) and Wizard, featuring a unit of Mounted Paladins, Foot Paladins, Men-At-Arms and a unit of Heavy Bowmen. These were all proxied from Rackham Confrontation Lions pre-paints, which resulted in much better looking Men-at-Arms models! Unfortunately, due to some issues with the Elohi figures (terrible arms and weapons) they didn’t make it to the field this time. Once I’ve found parts to proxy their horrible, mould-lined and ill-fitting arms and weapons (as I already have for the heads) then they’ll be painted and join their mortal counterparts. Mantic… almost!

Allied with the Basileans was a 600pt contingent from Minas Tirith. The Men of Gondor (Armies of Men) were led by Beregond, a standard bearer, and were made up of a unit each of Knights, Shieldwall, Spear Phalanx, and Archers.

Finally, sub-commanded by myself and Orez were 1200pts of Ogres. Warlord on Chariot, Standard on Chariot, a Shaman with a unit of Berserkers, one large unit of Ogre Warriors, two small units – one standard and the other with 2-handed weapons, and finally, a unit each of Crossbows and Blunderbusses. And I think I may have forgotten a single-ogre unit that might be supposed to be in there as well.

Fighting for the Evil Team on the day was a battle-tested 1200pts of Pan-Elven force (Twilight Kin), led by a mounted High Priestess, A Dark Avenger Hero and Standard Bearer on Cold Ones. The troops were a large unit of Knights supported by Spearmen, Darksome Guard with 2-Handed weapons, Shadows, Wardancers (Blade-dancers), Gargoyles and Heralds of Woe (scout cavalry). Finally, a Reaper Bolt Thrower.

Their allies were 1200pts of Undead, worked out the day before and based on “What undead stuff do I have painted?” So an unusually hard-hitting, elite-style undead army with one unit of skeletons, one unit of ghouls, one small unit of mummies, 2 units of Wraiths (Army of the Dead), a unit of Werewolves (Rackham to the rescue, once again!) and a Balefire Catapult, all led by a Liche King, played ably on the night by the Mouth of Sauron.

Bad guys move across the table at speed.

The Forces of Light prepare to advance.

Prepaint Rackham Lion Knights Line up for the charge.

Their opposite numbers – Dark Elven Cold One Knights. Painted by eBay. (Except for the WIP bases, done by myself).

Paladin Knights charge into the slowly-retreating Dark Elves

The Armies maneouver across the battlefield while the evil generals confer.

Getting close to the big clash!

Paladin Cavalry wiped out, but here come the Ogre reinforcements!

The centre lines begin to make contact!

The side of Good surges forward!

The Grand Melee

Ogres smash into the Elves!

In the end, we played 4 full turns, no scenario. After one of our number let us know that he had to leave shortly, the game took off at a much faster pace. So we were finished by around about midnight with what was effectively a draw – 3 units destroyed on each side. Thanks to all for coming, and especially PE for taking photos, since I forgot to bring my camera out to the room several times, so all of these photos are thanks to him.

Overall I felt that the Undead and Elves had a significant advantage in that they both had an artillery piece each, while the good side had none (this will be rectified!) and a significant speed and manoeuvrability advantage – the Werewolves with Speed 9 and Elves with their fast cavalry (S9) units overwhelm all of the others (Ogres merely go from S6 on foot to S7 in a chariot for some reason) and the units with Fly all being on the Evil side – Gargoyles and 2 units of Wraiths. Again, this will be balanced out when the various armies that I’m building start to fill out towards 1500 and 2000pts.

Ogres will get Red Goblin Cavalry (played by wolves without goblin riders), and units of chariots (played by Ogre Stonetusk cavalry)

Gondor will get Trebuchets and Ballistas as well as Rangers of Ithilien and Swan Knights of Dol Amroth (using Elven Ranger and Elven Knight stats respectively, as befits the elite of Gondor – but no gunpowder or Ogre units, despite the KoM list, as I want the army to fit the Gondor theme.) As well as more foot troops. And eventually, they will be joined by my unpainted Rohirrim.

Basilea will get their Elohi Angelic units and possibly some exotics like Griffons and Phoenixes, as well as more foot troops.

The Undead will ironically, get more non-elite units – more skeletons, ghouls and zombies to fill out their numbers, as well as undead cavalry, wights and more heroes to Dark Surge their minions forward.

The Elves will be split into two forces (once a lot more painting happens – High (Blood) Elves with their woodland offsiders, and proper Druchii – Dark Elves. This will mean warhawks, and possibly treemen/Ents and perhaps a Phoenix on the High side, and things like Manticores, Hydras and even a Cauldron of Blood on the Dark side.

And then I can start on adapting Nurgle, Chaos Warriors, Beastmen and Chaos Dwarves. I really can’t wait for those