The Others: 7 Sins – Wrath Faction Completed!

The Others: 7 Sins - Wrath Faction

Today we the last of my May’s models – another completed boardgame faction. For the second time, I’ve completed a boxed expansion-faction from the The Others: 7 Sins board game. I’m a little more underwhelmed this time compared to when I completed the Gluttony faction. Of course, I completed the other parts of this faction a little while ago now – the Avatar back in March, followed by the Abominations in May.

The Others: 7 Sins - Wrath Controller

The Others: 7 Sins - Wrath Controller

The controller is a pretty ugly bastard. I wasn’;t sure of what to do with him at first, and so initially I gave him red skin and referred to him as “discount Hellboy”, due to the large right arm and hand.

The Others: 7 Sins - Wrath Controller

The Others: 7 Sins - Wrath Controller

I wasn’t happy with that, though – and the vest gave me my final direction. A Stone Cold Steve Austin fanboi! Austin 3:16 vest, Smoking Skull, OMR (One More Round), and SCSA gave the model as much personality as it was ever going to manage to have. Finally, some blood, to give him a Red Right Hand.

The Others: 7 Sins - Wrath Controller

As with when I completed the “Gluttony” faction, I thought I might as well throw in a box shot for this faction here again, I still have no idea if I’ll ever play the actual game, but as with quite a few of the boardgames I’ve picked up, that wasn’t really a strong consideration when I purchased it as a set of “should be able to proxy these in the Warhams” models.

AoS 1st Ed Khorne Blood Warrior Hero (Armoured April ’19, Discount Gorechosen Revisited)

AoS 1st Ed Khorne Blood Warrior Hero

It’s been a good while since I started this guy – with the intention of using him as a proxy model for Vexnar the Reaper in our games of Gorechosen. Why a proxy? Simply put, I wanted to get in some proper practice before starting in on the rather expensive and very nice “official” models that came in the box. Similar to the previous proxy model I’d painted, but with a slight *cough* delay between models.

AoS 1st Ed Khorne Blood Warrior Hero

AoS 1st Ed Khorne Blood Warrior Hero

Anyway, I’ve finally gotten this guy done. And while he fits nicely enough into Armoured April, the impetus was just as much seeing it on the desk and just making myself get the bloody thing finished.

AoS 1st Ed Khorne Blood Warrior Hero

AoS 1st Ed Khorne Blood Warrior Hero

I’m pretty satisfied with how the model came out overall. The only real thing that bothers me is the teeth on his skull-helm look a little like a comedy moustache from a distance at time, which is probably not what The Blood God intended. There’s a slight conversion going on here, in the form of a weapon swap. He’s had his Katar-shield replaced with a hammer from one of the plastic Dwarf kits – it works both as a direct reference to Vexnar – armed with an axe and warhammer – and as a piece of looted war booty. After all, if you’re going to use a warhammer stolen from a foe, a dwarven hammer is the way to go, right?

AoS 1st Ed Khorne Blood Warrior Hero, Champions of Khorne

As a final little thing, and a shout-out to all Science-guys from Germany, I have a shot of most of my main Khorne Champion-types from the last couple of years. Skulls for the Skull Throne!

The Others: 7 Sins – Abominations of Wrath (Proxy Flesh Hounds of Khorne)

The Others: 7 Sins - Abominations of Wrath

Today’s post features another half-dozen figures completed in April, too late for the Gender-Ambiguous model challenge or the Squad: March challenge – and certainly not something I can count for Armoured April. No matter – done is done, after all – and that’s ne’er a bad thing…

I’m not sure what the “official” paint scheme for these is supposed to be, but let’s face it – I gave (and give) zero fucks about the lore of this particular box of miniatures with a game shoehorned onto it. When I first saw them on the Kickstarter page, I had the very thought that stayed with them to conclusion. Proxy Flesh Hounds of Khorne.

The Others: 7 Sins - Abominations of Wrath

Once in hand, I decided I wanted to give their clearly-inspired-by-the-Xenomorph(s)-from-Alien(s) noggins a good dose of recognition towards their progenitors. This is one of the things that took awhile, and delayed their completion into the following month. Eventually, I went with several fairly transparent layers of black over the red, sort-of blending into the main red of their bodies. To complete the effect, the foreheads were finished in gloss, mixing into gloss-satin, and eventually the satin-matt of their bodies.

The Others: 7 Sins - Abominations of Wrath

There’s a bit more definition in the red in hand, but I’m apparently not great at photographing reds, and I didn’t want to go too far into either orange nor pink for the highlights. Besides, these models are fairly nice, but not exactly amazing either, so they’re not the kinds of models I’m going to agonise over too much. I think they look pretty fit for purpose, and so I was good with calling them done at the point you can see them here.

The Others: 7 Sins - Abominations of Wrath

Unlike so much of the rest of Adrian Smith’s “The Others: 7 Sins” work, there’s not a lot of overly sexual imagery in play with these models. You might be able to argue a subtle bit of vagina dentata with their mouths (especially the open ones with unlocked & spread lower jaws), but at least it’s a bit more subtle here. Of course, if you know of the origin of the cranium shape of Giger’s Alien, there’s something to be said there as well, and I don’t for a moment expect someone like A.S. to be unaware of that. So I guess it’s not so different, after all. At least if you know what you’re looking at… (and wait till we get to the next batch of the models from this particular game!)

I’ve still got the controller to finish for this little faction to be complete. Unfortunately, he looks like Discount Hellboy to me, and so isn’t exactly inspiring, sitting there on the desk with some basecoats applied…

The Others: 7 Sins – Avatar of Wrath (#Monstermarch3 ’19)

The Others: 7 Sins - Avatar of Wrath

Here’s the penultimate post for Monster March ’19 from me. While I didn’t manage to get any of the super-large beasts I’d hoped to done, it at least worked to help me get a couple of “stuck” models like the Dracoliche, the Crawler, the Dragon Plant, the Darkstone Hydra, the Conan Dragon… yeah not too bad in terms of both numbers or motivation for getting those Neglected Monsters done.

Today then, we have another of the models from The Others: 7 Sins Kickstarter expansion packs. This time, the Avatar of Wrath. Look at that box art above! Do you think they could have made it a little more busy?

The Others: 7 Sins - Avatar of Wrath

This one was done with layer upon layer of red over a black base, then highlighted through several reds into the edge of orangey-reds and reddish-oranges. I didn’;t want to overdo it, nor did I want to veer into pink, so it may not show extreme edge highlighting – especially in these photos, that bring everything a little closer than they are in-hand, bit it works well enough. The muscle-sinew-whatever on the rend along his spine was re-darkened, and then hit with a coat of Blood For The Blood God, to give it that spiffy exposed-muscle look favoured by such luminaries as Robbie Williams.

The Others: 7 Sins - Avatar of Wrath

I also made the decision to have the lower legs of this chap in a much darker red, to give a little more tonal variation to him – despite most everything being reds. You can almost see the dodgy neck join where the Chinese factory workers assembled the head a little “off”. This photo also gives us a nice little illustration of some of the extra detail present in this model along the leg and forearms. I do have to say that CMON did a pretty good job with the models on this boardgame, even if the game is forgettable. I bought it for the models rather than the game in this case, so I’m still good with it all. This guy for example, will see the most use as a Daemon Prince or Herald of Khorne. I mean, to quote Archer – “Why would you not?

The Others: 7 Sins - Avatar of Wrath

Adrian Smith really seems to have a Vagina Dentata fixation – at least in the designs of so many of the monsters in this particular game. This model has one, but is far from the most egregious, and it’s the most enduring leitmotif throughout the models in this range, as you can see from checking out more of them online, or as you’ll see as I paint up more of them over time.

The Others: 7 Sins - Avatar of Wrath, Avatar of Gluttony

Finally, a sizing shot that shows the comparative sizes of both of the Avatars that I’ve painted up in the last week. Soon I should have their underlings done.

Tomorrow I’ll have my final Monster March post up. Just waiting for the final bit of snow to dry!

Khorne Bloodreaver + my #Fembruary 2018 Round-Up

This model is a kitbash using parts from the Shieldwolf Sheildmaiden boxed set, along with selected parts from some of the Khorne Bloodreavers kits. The story behind this kitbash is pretty simple – I wanted to create a female model that could be used as a Champion of Khorne for our games of Gorechosen. After all, there’s no reason that women can’t also be blood-crazed psychopaths, right? It pisses me off that so many people still just default all female worshippers of Chaos to Slaanesh. Because women just = sex, right? Fuck off with that shit! Since this model was started months and months ago, and then sat there neglected, she’s also another Neglected Model February success story. Go me!

It was a bit of a pain in the arse to put together now that I think of it, and I needed to cut down a Space Marine shoulder pad in order to cover the right mess of a join underneath while trying to maintain reasonable proportions. Of course, she has huge arms and rather slight legs, so while I’ve tried to draw some attention away from this with the shackles and cape, we can just use the “skipped leg day” trope there for a bit of a laugh. I mean, it’s Khorne, amirite? I originally planned to overpaint the brass of her helm and pauldron with clear red (not BFTBG) to give them a nice lacquered look, but I left them as-was after the last varnish. I can always go back to the model and redo them, but I’m not so sure. Same applies to applying some fresh blood to the axe – worth doing if the armour is left brass, but not if it’s a lighter wet-look red.

The whole Fembruary thing of Alex’ has got me thinking though – about representation of female models in our hobby, most specifically GW’s portrayal of them over the years, since I’m most engaged with GW’s IP. Now, don’t SJW me here, because SJWs and MRAs can both fuck off and die in the same car fire as far as I’m concerned. I just believe in equality, regardless of <whatever>.

Now, before I keep going, I’m well aware of manufacturers like Stonehaven (I’ve got a bunch of their dwarves – both female and male) and obviously, Bad Squiddo (along with Hasslefree and so on and so forth). But I’m going to talk about the Big Dog here, Roman Reigns Games Workshop.

Speaking from my own personal opinion, I don’t think Games Workshop/Citadel’s portrayal of female in miniature form is actually the worst, and while it’s far from perfect, it’s a lot better than others. Both Corvus Belli and Reaper seem to be a lot further down cheesecake town than Citadel’s own output. But still, the main issue they have from my own perspective is that most of GW’s female models tend to fall into one of two tropes – either Joan of Arc or The Bangles.

Models that are Joan of Arc are the single (or few) female model amongst an army of men. There are lots of examples – current-situation Celestine is like that. Nominally a Soriritas, as far as available models, it’s just her and the Gemini twins readily available, so she’s a Joan. Any number of other female magic users across other armies, particularly elven armies and Brettonia deleted forces also fit this trope. 40k lore also drops this from time to time, with the odd random female Inquisitor or Lt. Mira from the Space Marine videogame. Shadowsun from the Tau empires seems to be the only female Tau with a model. Likewise, Helga Longplaits, who I just posted up is another strong example of that. She’s cool and everything, but she’s also one of …I dunno? Five? Less? Female Dwarf models that Citadel has put out over decades compared to the hundreds of male dwarf sculpts. I mean, I can’t think of any other female dwarf models off the top of my head besides the joke figure of Dwarf Cheerleader for Blood Bowl back in 2nd or 3rd edition. I’m sure there’s been another joke female dwarf like a bar wench or some such, but I can’t think of any other female dwarf warrior types. There might be a couple, but I can’t think of any.

And sure, WHFB is rooted in both historical gaming and Tolkien, and neither of those were exactly overflowing with female warriors, but then this is fantasy, and current year argument is actually a good argument for a bit more representation. What kind? I’ll get to that a bit later.

Khorne Bloodreavers. One Male, one Female, both badass.

The other trope that GW’s female models fall into I’ll call The Bangles. (I chose The Bangles because they were more than “a girl group”, being actual musicians and songwriters rather than a manufactured group put together via auditions and management.) This is the “All-female” unit, that can be anything from the metal-bikini-clad Witch Elves to the armoured Sisters of Silence or Sisters of Battle, to Sisters of the Thorn, to… well, you get the idea. Escher, anyone? And yes, I know that these units have existed historically, and even exist today.

An entirely female #Fembruary

So what’s my beef? Well, I’d just like to see GW do better. It doesn’t mean all-female armies, nor all-female units or more female heroes in male armies. I’d actually just like to see more mixed units – which for some reason very rarely seems to be a thing. 40k’s Elves, the various Eldar (Aeldari) forces are actually better than most armies here across the board. Their varied units such as Guardians, Wyches, Hellions, Kabalites, Scourges, feature both male and female torsos and heads – though being elves, a number of the bare heads can be seen as androgynous enough via their sharp, fine details to work for males or females.

…and with the month’s Plaguebearers. Some of which are undoubtedly female and others male, but I’m not looking underneath to figure out which ones are which!

So where are these mixed units in non-elf armies? The closest thing I can find are the Plaguebearers, which I posted and wrote about at the start of the month, along with an interesting discussion in the comments of that post about the background as it relates to them. It doesn’t mean I want the mono-gender units (of either type) removed, or that everything needs to be integrated. I’m okay with Loyalist Astartes still all being male in the lore (unless you want to kitbash some females, in which case, go right ahead) but I could certainly see the Heretic Legions incorporating female recruits. More obviously, I’d like to see female models become a normal thing in baseline troop units, across both 40k and AoS. There are, what? Two female Stormcast models with one being a special character and the other being a Shadespire model (despite female Stormcast apparently being pretty common in the lore, and the argument of “they all wear the same armour” kind of fell apart when they released Stormcast with very different proportions.

I’m also totally fine with Witch Elves and their bikini armour. You won’t see me out there with a placard telling GW to cover them up. They’re currently still rolling out the Daughters of Khaine sub-faction made up of all that was vaguely Witch-elfy from the WHFB range with some shiny new toys, but from what I’ve seen of them, I’ll probably buy the whole bloody range. (See what I did there?)

But really – how about some Imperial Guard Infantry? Tau Fire Warriors? Chaos Cultists? It would just take some heads for some of the lines, because as the new Star Wars films have proved – armour doesn’t need to incorporate huge boob-plates (and yes, I will DIY my own instead of waiting, I have a couple of batches of the aforementioned Statuesque heads waiting for when I get back around to the IG). I’m okay with Orks and Orcs just being themselves, and Necrons don’t need boob-plate.

And of course, some mixed gangs for Necromunda. Just like the “Grendel” gang I used back when the original game was released.

In 1995.


Realm of Chaos: Let the Bloodletting Begin!

The next few posts will feature a few callbacks to older figures I’ve painted and shown off here in the past. Don’t worry, there’s a point and context to it all, though.

Oldhammer 1988 Realm of Chaos Bloodletters of Khorne

Original 1988 Realm of Chaos Bloodletters of Khorne.

These were some of the very early figures I got. Bloodletters of Khorne from the original Slaves to Darkness volume of Realm of Chaos. Painted back in the day and touched up several times over the years. Pulled out of a storage case a couple of weeks ago to be rebased and lightly touched up again.

Oldhammer 1988 Realm of Chaos Bloodletters of Khorne

Bloodletters of Khorne in a Conga line.

The middle guy looks a bit odd in the front-on photo, but the profile shot helps him to make more sense. These early figures might not have been the greatest of sculpts, but they had a twisted physiology that made them work really well as Daemons. I’m glad that GW has returned to a design close to the original with the recent plastics after their iterations as cosplaying budybuilders and spiky beastmen in the interim.

Oldhammer 1988 Realm of Chaos Bloodletters of Khorne, C18 Night Horror Demon

C18 Night Horror, Bloodletter Conversion, Original Bloodletter.

I never had many of the original Bloodletters, and still don’t. Getting them up to an even 8 (or 10, or 12) is “on the list” but they’re not cheap or easily found on eBay. Back in the day, a C18 Night Horror Demon (I guess he could be a gargoyle, but the trident is telling) got roped into the gang and has been a part of the small unit ever since. I somehow ended up with a broken Bloodletter torso, and so ended up grafting it to a spare pair of Chaos Warrior legs I had lying around after an uninspired Bear Centaur conversion. The arm is off an early Jugger rider.

Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Bloodletters, Flesh Hounds of Khorne

A small warband of Khorne Daemons.

At some point these guys will hit the table again. I’ll use Abyssal rules for KoW, though it’s doubtful that I’ll run a full daemonic army, and instead ally them with “The Herd” (Beastmen) and whatever Non De Plume that Warriors of Chaos end up with. They might be willing to ally with Nurgle, but not with the hated Slannesh or the duplicitous Magicians of Nurgle. I’m sure they’ll also end up on a 40k table, after I get some more forces up to scratch and work out which version or combination of the rules my group will play with.