I Love Meeses to Pieces: Bad Squiddo Games – Moose Family (Phil Hynes)

Bad Squiddo Games - Moose Family (Phil Hynes)

A pretty random set of models today – a set of three Moose that I picked up some time ago from one of the Bad Squiddo Kickstarters, along with my Viking Shieldmaidens and various other models. I don’t recall if these were part of the campaign itself or part of the “buy some extra stuff from the store at a special price” thing, but I guess it really doesn’t matter at this point in time.

Bad Squiddo Games - Moose Family (Phil Hynes)

In a story that’s no doubt quite familiar to readers of this blog, I was looking for something else and found these in a tub, cleaned and with base texture putty applied and nothing else. So I decided to get these three models done and out of the way – so I glued and greenstuffed the antlers onto the daddy moose, primed all three, and then set to taking slightly longer than I wanted in order to get them completed. Though it was at least fairly quick. Now that they’re done, I have no idea what I’ll be doing with them – but they’re finished and can go onto a shelf and then be put away for whatever instance in future I may decide that I need a moose or three for the table… perhaps as Elk for background to some Viking gaming…?

Bad Squiddo Games - Moose Family (Phil Hynes)

For the size comparison, none of my Shieldmaidens were available, being put away in a figure case, and Berkeley and her chainsaw seemed the wrong kind of model to put with these three, so enjoy this Wood Elf – which is probably one of the only in-lore kinds of models that would be able to skip past some Moose/Elk without seriously disturbing them anyway!

August 2022 – Personal Painting Round-Up

Why yes, I am aware that I’m writing the August Round-Up on the 18th of September, thanks for caring enough to point that out! As often is the case, getting time to take the photos can be a bit of a roadblock at times, and by “at times” I apparently mean pretty much every month. Not helped I guess by the ever-present backlog of models I seem to gather up by the end of any given month. That’s why I’ve been posting daily with the bits and pieces I’ve gotten finished recently.

Anyway, August was dominated by two main aspects – completing Terrain with Dave’s Season of Scenery challenge and painting more Zombicide figures. In this instance, it was completing the last of my 1st Edition “Standard” Runners and the first half of the 1st Edition Berserker Runners. I’ve got the second half of the Berserker Runners on the painting desk, and they’re even les compelling to paint than the first half was. I’ll be forcing myself to power through those in the next few days. Probably.

The scenic models on show here aren’t all the ones that were finished for Dave’s challenge, but then after finishing the War Cry bridges and Archon steps, I went back and hit them with additional weathering in September – so I’m holding them for my September Round-Up. I also have the start of my War Cry Catacombs terrain with two little bridges. I’m working on more of the stuff from the same set now, so hopefully I’ll get all of the door arches done in September. Maybe I’ll get the spiky wooden palisades done? They’re pretty horrible to paint, though – so those will be something (else) I definitely need to force myself to work on. Yay.

The Warhammer Underworlds Beastgrave terrain bits turned out well. Something else I had to force myself to complete, though again a couple of pieces missed the August deadline, so they’re September models instead. I also got another Endless Spell done from that original Malign Portents set. And yes, I did have to force myself to get that thing done too. I see a bit of a pattern emerging. I’m now hoping to try and get the rest of that set painted before the end of 2022. I give myself about a 50% chance, based on how well I can keep focus and force myself to paint things I’m not especially enjoying (until they’re done – then I’m quite happy with them!)

Well, that’s enough blather from me for tonight. Now that I’m caught up, I can take a break from daily posting and let this one sit for a couple of days while I take advantage of my week off work and finish some new models. The tally above for August is 37 models. I beat my “model a day” target there, and September is well on the way to absolutely smashing it. That 37 added to the 263 I had at the end of July gives me a running total of an even 300 at the end of August. Not too shabby. I wonder if I’ll be able to crack 500+ by the end of the year?