Eureka Miniatures: SEAL Team Six, USMC Force Recon

Following on from my post/review of Eureka Miniatures Modern USMC, I’m posting up some photos of the rest of the figures I got in that batch. I picked up two sets of the SEAL Team Six pack, to give me a slightly larger force that I could use in more flexible ways in my miniatures gaming. One thing that I noticed about these figures when I was checking them out on the web is that despite being officially called “SEAL Team Six” (which should be NSWDG, or DEVGRU, or even something else as I’ve heard they’ve had another change of name recently) – these figures would work just fine as Australian SASR, US Army 75th Rangers, and I’m sure quite a few other modern Special Ops and Special Forces units including 1st SFOD-D (aka Delta Force) as well though they are notoriously much more camera-shy than SEALs. With this in mind, I won’t be painting them in AOR1 or AOR2 camouflage (the ones that look like USMC MARPAT – digital camo) but in Multicam, which everyone uses anyway (including DEVGRU). They also come with helmet optics, but they’re so small (and separate parts) that I didn’t bother photographing them. I’d have liked the weapons to be sculpted as HK416s instead of M4 SOPMODs, but that’s probably being too picky at this scale, and besides, the M4s are more universal.

Eureka Miniatures SEAL Team Six

Eureka Miniatures SEAL Team Six

Kosta has done a good job on these sculpts once again, right down to the cut of the pants being recognisable as Crye G3, including the integrated kneepads. If he does any more of these sorts of figures, it might be nice to see the AC cut make an appearance as well. Regardless, they (and checking out the Frenchmen) made me realise that none of the USMC figures have kneepads.

I also picked up Eureka’s USMC Force Recon figures, initially thinking that I could simply mix them in with the other USMC figures. On closer inspection, the uniforms and gear are too different, as the FR figures kit visibly dates from the early 2000’s. They’re still very nice figures, and I’ll most likely use them alongside, but as a separate unit. I’ll probably paint them in 3-colour “coffee stain” desert BDUs rather than the MARPAT of the more modern figures. In retrospect, I should have gotten 2 sets of these, since they’d work better for me as three fireteams, but I’m not too keen on paying postage for one small set of miniatures…

USMC Force Recon: Front

USMC Force Recon: Back

USMC Force Recon Sniper

USMC Force Recon Sniper

With my large order of all of their Modern USMC and SEAL figures, Eureka also sent me along a free sample of a related range: 1960-80s US trooper in MOPP gear. It’s a nice enough figure. The uniform doesn’t have the same amount of detail, but as he’s wearing a MOPP (aka NBC) suit, it’s to be expected. I guess the old-style M1 metal helmet gives the figure a wider range of years the figure could fit into, I can’t help but wish he had a PASGT helpet instead. If he did, I’d buy up a bunch of these guys as they would fit in decently from 1985-2002.

1960-80s US trooper in MOPP gear with M60 Machinegun: Front

1960-80s US trooper in MOPP gear with M60 Machinegun: Back

Overall, my buying experience with Eureka was very pleasant, with fast service and excellent product. The figures would work as their own group of 40k Imperial Guard for those so inclined, but be warned they’re close to “real” 28mm figures, so they’re a bit smaller and slighter – also known as more realistically proportioned.

Next week, I’ll hopefully be picking up some of their La Legion figures, so I guess I can get some more FR as well then to pad out the fireteams…