Sector Mechanicus #7: Thermic Plasma Conduit variation

Sector Mechanicus Thermic Plasma Conduit variation

Admittedly, I haven’t been sure what to call this post, as in most ways it’s simply more Thermic Plasma Conduits, or a variation on them at most. I’ve simply assembled the “control panel” pieces using “mirror”-parts rather than the “opposite” side, thought he kits are obviously designed to fit together any way you like. I’ve also used some offcuts from the damaged conduits I created recently, as well as a spare pipe/fan piece from the other kits.

Sector Mechanicus Thermic Plasma Conduit variation

Still, it makes for an interesting enough little variation on the theme, and can be used as a transitional piece to the pipes/conduits I’ll be painting up in a similar cream/white scheme later on. I’m happy with it as it’s diffferent enough to be interesting but still low-key enough to not overwhelm models on the tabletop.

Sector Mechanicus #6: More Thermic Plasma Conduits

More Thermic Plasma Conduits, today – I meant to get this post up yesterday, but working from home sometimes means that I need to be working and then going shopping for food when I can rather than taking those last few photos and posting up on the blog, so they’re here now. I am however, writing up both today and tomorrow’s posts, as I photographed the final bits for tomorrow’s post that I finished on Monday night. The plan so far is to take a pic of all the terrain I painted in July and August together later today for a personal round-up pic. It’ll also then mean I can put the stuff away because it’s completely overwhelmed the area I use for temporary storage.

With these pieces, I found that after the previous pipes I put together, I had a bunch of damaged section end-caps leftover. I initially decided to cut one normal pipe seciton in half and make a pair of cut-off pieces, but then following that I wanted to make a pair of damaged sections that were the regular length of a “normal” pipe to give me some extra versatility on the tabletop. The two half-pieces worked out nicely, but I was left with another couple of end-cap offcuts from the longer damaged pipes, so I used some of the extra end-caps and the the offcut end-cap on the final piece to create a slightly-longer than normal “X-intersection” of pipes that still wasn’t so extreme so could just add length if needed, OR provide a full T or X-intersection. As a little bonue, I also painted all of the little lights on the broken sections in red, because a broken pipe is probably bad…

Once again, this one goes up for Dave Stone’s Winter of Scenery Challenge! One last post of painted stuff tomorrow, then the collection on Sunday.