Painting Decemb-uary 2017-18: Part 2

Sorry about the lack of updates. I’ve got shit happening IRL of pretty much the worst kind. I’m also not keeping up on other people’s blogs properly, nor am I much good at replying. I’m just dropping in and out almost randomly depending on how I feel at that exact moment on both reading and commenting. I’ll talk about the situation later, but for the time being, I’m trying to stay sane by working a lot and doing a little bit of painting.

Working on Mamon Transfigured from Forge World, and a little on the metal GUO.

I’m not especially happy with the rusted barrel. It looks too much like a red barrel rather than a rusted one. I’m aware that the WIP lighting is kinda shitty, though – so you can’t see it properly. I’ll see how it looks once more of the daemon is done, and tweak from there.

Others doing the Painting Decembuary thing are:

Imperial Rebel Ork aka IRO.

Working on a converted Ogre/Ogor/Mournfang Stonehorn.


Zergsmasher on Dakka is painting Mortarion.

We’ve had a few other people (both on WordPress and Dakka) pledge to start, though IRO and Zerg are the only ones I know of that have started posting so far. I’ll include people’s updates in the above form when I do new Decembuary posts.

From the Painting Desk #15 – Ork Killer Kan WIPs

40k Ork Killer Kan WIP

I haven’t finished anything recently. It’s been the busiest month of the year at work, and there’s been a lot happening outside of work. We’ve just finished the longest, hottest streak of November weather in Melbourne’s recorded history which is in the midst of concluding with 2 months worth of rain over three days. While Pyro and Orez and a third friend helped to sandbag the entrance to the garage, which has a real danger of water entering, the constant rain has naturally, finally overwhelmed my roof, so I’ve got one bucket set up, catching water from the first leak, and a second bucket set up in preparation for when the second one starts dripping through the dark, wet, shiny patch in the ceiling’s plasterboard. I expect it’ll start in the next couple of hours. As fucked as all this is, the weather is .. it just started. Much worse than the first one. if they weren’t coming through the down light shafts and dripping off the actual light fittings I might not be quite to stressed about it all.

But… there’s nothing I can do about it. The Bureau of Meteorology has described the heat and following rain as an unprecedented weather event, and it’s not like the hurricanes and tropical storms that others have had to endure recently – or even nearly as bad as initially predicted (for Melbourne, at least). It’s just another stressor, and assuming that we don’t have an electrical fire – could almost be described as the least of my current concerns. Though that electrical risk certainly does stress me the fuck out. I won’t be using those lights for several weeks at least, even after everything dries off and we get the roof looked at. Meanwhile, the buckets fill up drip by drop, and the road outside slowly morphs into a river…

40k Ork Killer Kan WIP

So, miniatures. I’ve had this trio of Ork Killer Kans for a few years. Purchased from eBay already assembled, I sprayed them in metallics some months ago, and they’ve sat in a tub waiting for me to finish the actual Ork force first. Since I’m stressed as fuck lately, and probably not going to be doing my best fine detail work, I’ve decided to work on broad details on these larger models to keep my mind occupied.

40k Ork Killer Kan WIP

So today I’ve added discolouration to the metal. Purple, blue and sepia washes, as well as some drybrushing of a mix of Vallejo black and silver primers mixed with Model Air “Rust”. I’d previously washed all three with Nuln Oil Gloss which is what picked out all of those dark details, and picked out the odd bit of metal in another colour.

40k Ork Killer Kan WIP

Now as effective as the discolouration looks, I’m not sure what to do next. Which is another one of the reasons these figures have sat for awhile. While my force is pretty much “Camo/Military/Blood Axe” themed, I’ve also been leaving metal items and armour bits unpainted so far. I’d most likely be painting some of the panels on the vehicles when I get to them, and even with these walkers darkened and dirtied-up some more, they could well still look a bit too “Rainbow Brite” if left untouched.

So I’m stuck again. Trying to decide if I should paint some panels, and if so, how many, which ones, and using what colours? Desert Yellow/Bone? With or without camo? Spray-paint-style lines for camo in the style of German WWII armour? (Because how would Orks paint vehicular camo – with a spray can?) or something just as simple but in a different style, like British EW Desert camo?

Or just desert Yellow/Bone, heavily weathered?

Oh, three new dark patches have appeared on the ceiling. Above Marouda’s desk, computer and printer. Time to move a whole lot of stuff and remove power boards entirely…

Dreadtober 2017 Completion #1: Iron Warriors Dreadnought/Hellbrute


Hey! I actually managed to finish some stuff.

This is my third try at getting this post done because stuff keeps happening! At least the first bump was only a flat camera battery. Anyway – here’s the stuff you’re here for: Pics!

Iron Warriors Hellbrute, Forge World, Ferrum Infernus Chaos Dreadnought, Chaos Space Marine Dreadnought, Traitor Legion

So as I’ve mentioned a few times before, this model was one I originally picked up alongside a few others more than a decade ago off …some guy from the internets who was selling off a bunch of cool stuff because he was done with his Iron Warriors. The Warsmith I posted up here last time was one of those models, though the others are yet to come. I think he was dumping them because some codex release or another had made CSM not so good anymore. I forget, and it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that after many, many years, my enthusiasm for 40k has returned and it’s helped me to get a whole bunch of stuff done, and that combined with Dreadtober meant that I actually finished this bloody model off, finally!

Iron Warriors Hellbrute, Forge World, Ferrum Infernus Chaos Dreadnought, Chaos Space Marine Dreadnought, Traitor Legion

I kept the basic paint scheme that was painted on the model, though I’ve repainted entirely over the top of it – simply using the original paint as a basecoat – which is fine. The Lascannon arm is the one that came with the model, complete with gargoyle-headed barrels, though I added the Forge World brass etch Iron Warriors skull icon to the shoulder. That stuff is so soft, and I’m still so inexpert at using it that the mouth-grille got a little mangled when trying to make it stick down. Ooops.

Iron Warriors Hellbrute, Forge World, Ferrum Infernus Chaos Dreadnought, Chaos Space Marine Dreadnought, Traitor Legion

The rear view shows the heat discolouration on the “in” and “out” pipes of the Dread’s engine exhaust. As I mentioned the other day with regard to those Plague Marines and their Plasma Guns, that’s the latest thing I’m playing with and trying to get down (so expect to see a bit more of it in the near future!) Obviously, a bit of blued metal to add some variation alongside the brassy bits. I’ve not gone the whole hog on discolouring the entire Dreadnought/Helbrute, as the Iron Warriors livery is, well. Iron. Dull, often dirty and worn silver. Not a multicoloured rainbow of metals (which admittedly look amazing when done well by people like my mate Nerdfest09 over on Dakka – but that effect is for another series of models).

Iron Warriors Hellbrute, Forge World, Ferrum Infernus Chaos Dreadnought, Chaos Space Marine Dreadnought, Traitor Legion

The left arm is something I added myself from my stash of Forge World stuff, that I have been accumulating for years now. Replacing a well-intentioned but …not great converted Thunder Hammer. The mining drill-fist with integrated heavy flamer seemed entirely appropriate for the Iron Warriors, and also eventually provided me (via the elbow guards) with a place for some hazard stripes on that side of the model that weren’t overwhelming or over the top, especially since there’s so much of it happening on his right side. Fingers open, so – depending on the angle of the arm – he’s either reaching out to grab and crush his foes, or spitting out that promethean flame!

Iron Warriors Hellbrute, Forge World, Ferrum Infernus Chaos Dreadnought, Chaos Space Marine Dreadnought, Traitor Legion

As the legion number was added to his right side via the large transfer on the lascannon arm, it also features much more subtly on his left shoulder, facing forward this time in the form of a small disc with the Iron Warrior’s designation of IV. The core model itself is one of Forge World’s older (and sadly now discontinued) Chaos Dreadnoughts – more specifically what became known as a Ferrum Infernus Chaos Dreadnought, though apparently now they’re all called Hellbrutes anyway, and the rules for them are the same regardless.

Iron Warriors Hellbrute, Forge World, Ferrum Infernus Chaos Dreadnought, Chaos Space Marine Dreadnought, Traitor Legion

Oh, and did I mention that I went and magnetised both arms? Because I did! Now this guy is able to represent both the battle damage of “weapon destroyed” results (not actually a thing anymore in 8th edition) and he’s also like a semi-posable action figure toy. Hurrah! I say hurrah because he’s also cheering in this shot. See?

While I didn’t manage to do anything at all on Be’Lakor, I did manage to complete the other Dreadnought for Dreadtober. Another model that had sat half-painted for many years, I’ll have it up in a few days. Sadly, Melbourne has re-entered Wintry weather again for the last two weeks as we slide into the third month of “Spring”, so it’s still a matter of letting that varnish dry before some spot touch-ups with gloss varnish. So, sometime on the weekend, then!


Dreadtober 2017 Update!


Yep, I’ve been pretty quiet on the Dreadtober front. Basically, I joined a little bit late and already had a pile of other models on my plate that I was trying to get finished, and they were ahead in the queue. On top of that, I picked up Shadow of War, because despite the Shadow of Microtransactions hanging over the game, I really enjoyed Shadow of Mordor, even completing it (again) in the final days before SoW’s release. I’ve since spent a good 40+ hours in SoW, which has largely come from the same weekend and after-work times that painting comes from.

So I’ve been doing a little here and there, but last weekend, I noticed that the month was nearly up, and I was in no danger of finishing any of the three models I’d aspired to complete. So… time to get stuck in. Luckily the gloss of Shadow of Mordor had started to come off by that point, and I’ve started hitting the grind wall (please buy an xp boost for this full-price, single-player game!) So it’s not been terribly hard to redirect myself to painting in my time. The focus of most of my attention has been the Iron Warriors Dread, which believe it or not has had a pretty severe overhaul over it’s original paint since the start of the month. Since the scheme is mostly identical, it’s hard to see, but the current model has more tonal qualities in the metal while remaining, well, Iron, and also stuff like weathering, scuffs, heat discolouration, rust and rivets. In fact, all that’s left on it is to complete that Lascannon arm and then some final tweaks on things like lenses.

I pried the Loyalist dread off it’s old “diorama” base, as dead chaos marine just isn’t the look I want on my base for it. It’v every possible that this fallen Word Bearer (probably) will also be pried off the base in turn and turned into something else. An objective marker, perhaps?

How dead is he? How long has he been there? I guess it depends on how undead he was at the point when he had his hat knocked off his head!

So here’s the new base. Yeah, I know – so far, so standard – but this way he’ll fit in with the rest of his chapter, that I also need to get started on upgrading to 32mm bases and finishing in the near future.

The rear view shows where the red cabling has all been replaced by dark copper. What was I thinking? I think I know, actually …it was probably leftover 40k 2nd edition influence! Anyway, it looks much better now.

Plasma cannon hasn’t had much done to it yet. Just some highlighting and shading on the fuel tank’s metal brackets. Back in the day, this was the only way to get a Plasma Cannon (Heavy Plasma Gun) on a Dread – convert the bloody thing yourself! Out of metal components.

As with the legs, the Sarcophagus has had all the red cabling replaced with copper. I also completely redid all of the white, cleaning it up from the unfortunate yellowed effect that it had picked up while in storage for a decade or more. I also managed to drop it on the floor(!), shattering a big chunk of paint off the power plant on the rear, but luckily not breaking the tiles. Old-school Metal Dreads are Very Heavy Metal.

A bit of work on the arm remains to be done. I’m not entirely sure what to do with the shoulder. Chapter badge? Aquila? Something else? I wonder if I can dig up a chapter number for this one?

Then there’s old Bellingham Be’Lekor. Nothing’s been done with this guy – but let’s be blunt – we’re getting to the wire of the time limit for Dreadtober, and if I have to make hard choices, it’s the Daemon Prince that’s getting bumped – not the actual Dreadnoughts! Maybe finishing him can be a stretch goal part of P̶a̶i̶n̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶D̶e̶c̶e̶m̶b̶e̶r̶ ̶P̶a̶i̶n̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶J̶a̶n̶u̶a̶r̶y̶ Painting Decembuary?

Painting December 2017 becomes Painting January 2018

Back at the end of 2015, I’d been working hard for the previous few months on basically trying to finish off models that had been started whenever ago, with a focus mostly on Fantasy figures, and sub-focus on getting these figures into workable units for Kings of War. While this was rewarding in many ways – as getting stuff done always is – I had some time off coming up and wanted to do something more, something different, something significant in that time. Generally speaking, I turn out a lot of “regular infantry” models and a lot of scatter terrain with the odd larger piece of terrain. Something I’m not so good at is getting anything bigger than an Ogre done. I don’t get a lot of Dreadnoughts or Dragons done.

So the idea of “Painting December” was born, and I asked for suggestions, and then used those to help me put up a poll of MILPs (you figure it out) to help me decide, and the big bastard in the middle above was what I went with. Mierce Miniatures’ Talos.

I did manage to finish him in time, and following that, started on three(!?) more, managing to complete none of the three.

The Marauder Giant. Today.

The Marauder Giant was one I’d really hoped to get done, but unfortunately complete indecision on how to paint his clothing froze him in place, where he’s been ever since. I don’t like the patchwork look on the box art, and decided to paint him in tartan, and in this case I felt that red tartan would look the best, his ginger hair created the potential problem of him being overly-red. Neither green nor blue (not blue-green) tartan especially appealed to me once I considered them more closely, with the result that he’s been literally laying on my painting desk gathering dust (and occasionally being dusted again) since December 2015.

I also started on Be’Lakor. First Daemon Prince in the various Warhammer Mythos. He got a bit further along, and I’ve made a few half-hearted attempts to complete him since – so he managed to finally get mounted on his base, (I didn’t have any official round 50mm bases at the time, so he got a rolled-edge one). Most recently I entered him in Dreadtober, but I’ve not managed to do much with the Dreads I put myself down to complete, and I’ve done nothing at all with Bel. (Work is again kicking my arse, plus Shadow of War is eating a lot of my relaxation time).

I also (secretly) started on Ashoka, from Hell Dorado. I thought it would be cool to have a special reveal after I finished Bel and the Giant. I didn’t finish him either, but finally made myself get him done earlier this year.

So now we’re at the end of 2017, and I’d hoped to do another Painting December – but it looks like I’ll be working right up to the wire of Christmas (last work day is 22nd December) – so I’ll have a couple of weeks in January, and so that will be a better time for me to do this. I’ll invite any readers of this blog – either in the WordPress form right here or over on Dakka – who want to participate to join in themselves. I might make a little banner or something.

So the object of Painting January is going to be the same as it was originally:

I thought it would be a nice thing to paint something new/different/interesting/cool.

Something that works as a centrepiece model of some kind. I also set myself the following additional stipulations – which I’m going to again follow:

  1. No pain in the arse assembly (this means you, large complex metal multipart models!)
  2. Nothing smaller than an AoS hero or Ogre-sized model – I’m looking to have fun doing the kind of centrepiece models I don’t usually allow myself to work on due to the backlog.
  3. Nothing from Mantic or Reaper’s Bones line. They’re just not up to par for this. (Except for Mantic’s Zombie Trolls and newest metal Ogres)
  4. No Scenery – either Big pieces or Scatter terrain – I’ll usually work on these sorts of things over summer anyway and I’ve got a few of each part done, but they’re separate things to this “project”.
  5. No Vehicles, Knights, Leviathans, Drop Pods, Dreadknights, etc. I’m happy to do a Contemptor, but nothing bigger or more complex. I want to avoid assembly for the most part.
  6. Theoretically, every model will be a gaming piece. But it doesn’t have to be from an army I’ve actually started. If I’ve got the figure, it’s fair game.

If you’d like to play too, you can skip stipulations 1, 3 and 5, but bear in mind this isn’t about building models, it’s about painting them – and getting at least one model completed from start to finish, not including assembly. (Maybe we can do Building April or something later?)


My preliminary list to choose from for this one is:

Bragg The Gutsman (Citadel Ogre Hero)

Mierce Rhino-Man

Mierce Minotaur

Great Unclean One (Citadel Mid-1990’s model)

Great Unclean One (Forge World)

Cor’Bax Utterblight – Nurgle Daemon Prince (Forge World)

Nurgle Plague Ogres (Forge World)

Nurgle Daemon Prince and Herald (or maybe not the Herald) (Forge World)

Hecaton Aiakos – Minotaurs Chapter Dreadnought (Forge World)

Orc Rogue Idol (Forge World)

Troggoth Hag (Forge World)

Dread Maw (Forge World)

Ogre Hero (Avatars of War)

Ogre Apocalypse Marauder (Avatars of War)


I’ll get pics up later (probably), but they’re all easily googleable should anyone want to check them out in the meantime. I might also try to work on the Marauder Giant as a secondary/stretch goal, but getting something big and cool done from start to finish is going to be the main focus.

If you might be interested in participating, have a think about what you might like to paint, make a post on your blog, leave a comment here, all that jazz.


Azazel joins Dreadtober 2017!


So Dreadtober is a thing that has been around some of the 40k Blogs for a few years. Well, this is the third one, and a couple of the blogs I follow have mentioned it recently as they worked through Spartember, so I did some looking up to see how it works and if I can play as well. I found the online home of “Dreadtober 2017” (though I assume it’ll also serve the same purpose next year and so on) and contacted them to find out if finally getting stuff finished fit their criteria for participation, since I have a pair of Dreads that have been unfinished since 3rd Edition and 4th/5th. And now that the dumpster fire of 6th/7th edition 40k has been taken out behind the shed and put out our misery, there’s a reason to get back onto my 40k collection again – including this pair of Albatrosses.

The green-and-white dread was built as part of my fresh-start-for-3rd ed marine army. A lot is done, but it still very much needs highlighting, shading and work on the details and suchlike.

The Iron Warriors Forge World Dread was purchased second-hand about 10 or so years ago now (whenever it was that 4th was transitioning into 5th), and was painted pretty much as you see it now – reasonable tabletop quality but not up to scratch for what I want. I’ve rebased it and built/added the left arm with the drill-powerfist, as the original was a very roughly scratchbuilt thunder hammer. I’ve also magnetised both arms. (and plan to add a Plasma Cannon option.)

For good measure, I also asked if Be’Lakor would qualify, as they have people doing Daemons and such as well. I started him as a stretch goal for 2015’s Painting December project, and never finished him. So, you know. Motivation.

Anyway, the reply I got was in the affirmative so I now have a bit more motivation to get these suckers done. I’m waiting on some 3D-printed Icons for the green-and-white dread that will be integral to completing it beyond the touch-ups and completion of various bit that the model sorely needs. I may decide to rebase it as well. I’m not sure.

Of course, even with these three larger guys to finish off, I’ll continue to blunder my way through completing more Iron Warriors, Minotaurs, Orks, ##### #######, ##########, ############, Dark Angels, and any other Odd Angry Shot that I decide to paint and/or finish off. The important thing is that I now have even more motivation to finish these three off, so they might even get done. Finally.

Not sure if I’ll do a theme for November, but I do plan to resurrect “Painting December” this year, though. I might even see if anyone else wants to get on board, but that’s a post for later!

Realm of Chaos

As I was going through and continuing to repair the damage wrought onto my blog by Photobucket (yep, I’m still plenty bitter!) I found this post – one of my earliest. My seventh, in fact. The models here have by now all been shown again in some form or another – the Iron Warriors especially having been one of the armies I’ve refocused on for 8th edition – finally completing these models and more. This post being more than seven years old shows how long a road its been to get them up and running on the table and they’ve now had a couple of games as I relearn 40k.

The Nurgle guys were promoted into the “leadership team” for my Nurgle Lost and the Damned Cult back in 2015 – and now I need to go fix up that series of posts very soon.

The Slaaneshi model is probably the most tragic of the lot here – he’s never seen the table despite being converted around 2nd-3rd edition and painted sometime before I posted the original here – around 2009. I do plan to build at least a small Emperor’s Children force in the near-mid term, so it’s in the cards for him at least.

So yeah, the images or models may have been re-shown relatively recently (as in, within the last couple of years) but it’s interesting to me to see and reflect on how long the road has been…

Azazel's Bitz Box.

Since the majority of my recent posts have featured Lord of the Rings figures, I thought a bit of variation was in order. These figures are various Warhammer 40k Chaos types, to be used as various champions in 40k, if I ever get around to playing it again. All are conversions, and mounted on the same range of scenic resin bases from Back to Base-ix that the Orc in the first post is on.

These figures were mostly finished during my previous foray back into painting miniatures, around the middle of last year. They were started.. a long time ago.

Chaos Chosen of Slaanesh

Chaos Chosen of Slaanesh

Chaos Chosen of Slaanesh

Slaaneshi/Emperor’s Children Champion. Converted years ago for me by Dave M. The base is a Kharn the Betrayer body, with a 2nd-gen Daemonette claw (the only thing that range of daemonettes were good for, in my opinion), a head from same and a Chaos Terminator weapon, which looked similar enough…

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