The Fellowship of the Ring Scenario Project Pt3: The Nine – Nazgûl on Foot completed (June-It ’18)

Citadel Miniatures Lord of the Rings Nazgûl on Foot

“The Nazgûl were they, the Ringwraiths, the Enemy’s most terrible servants; darkness went with them, and they cried with the voices of death.” – Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age, The Silmarillion

I know, I know. The last few posts have been more than a little repetitive now. The fact of the matter is that I’ve managed to complete the last four of the Nazgûl on Foot, so I’m posting up the Nine of them now. I’m attempting to also get the last two mounted Nazgûl done today. I need to finish the paint in the next couple of hours in order to be able to varnish them so that the varnish is (mostly) cured by tomorrow, so I can then photograph them for the blog and “final” photo of them.

Citadel Miniatures Lord of the Rings Nazgûl on Foot

These models do at least provide the first newly-completed unit for The Fellowship of the Ring Scenario Project. They also count as a completed unit for this month’s June-It Unit challenge. Now I’ve got to go and try to finish those mounted ones, as well as 7 additional, unrelated figures that will give me two more completed units for the month.

The Fellowship of the Ring Scenario Project Pt2: The Black Riders – Mounted Nazgûl (June-It ’18)

Citadel Miniatures Mounted Nazgûl

“Then the leader, who was now half across the Ford, stood up menacing in his stirrups, and raised up his hand. Frodo was stricken dumb. He felt his tongue cleave to his mouth, and his heart labouring. His sword broke and fell out of his shaking hand. The elf-horse reared and snorted. The foremost of the black horses had almost set foot upon the shore.” – Flight to the Ford, Fellowship of the Ring

Today we have the next batch Nazgûl for The Fellowship of the Ring Scenario Project. Obviously, I featured five Nazgûl on foot yesterday, so today we have seven, all obviously mounted. Despite only having Seven of The Nine painted and complete, I think the group of them looks nicely sinister. Once again, a credit to the sculpting talents of the Perry Twins.

Citadel Miniatures Mounted Nazgûl

While four of these models have been seen before on this blog, as noted yesterday they still had work to do to be 100% done – while the other three of these mounted models are all-newly-completed. Sure they were part-painted for godonlyknowshowlong, but the important thing today is that they’re now done – and they have the basing, the rocks, the weathering powder applied. So done and literally dusted.

Citadel Miniatures Mounted Nazgûl

And with that, I’m counting all seven of these this month. They needed work and they got it. At this point they should never need to be touched again, so done and done.

We’re talking two of this boxed set here, plus the singular “non-fancy” mounted Witch King.

Even though there are seven here – and not the full nine that the Nazgûl should be, I’m calling it a completed unit since I only have this many of the unnamed versions before they started getting extra-fancy with the up-armoured Ringwraiths, naming them (all?) post-RotK and giving them unique rules and personalities and models. They only released the three mounted models to my knowledge, anyway. Unless I (possibly) have another two, which would make nine. An old post of mine seems to say I do, but then I’ll need to figure out where they might be… Fake edit: I found them, but it’s going to be especially tight getting them done by the end of this month. They’re also a pair of the same sculpt, which is far from ideal. On top of that, I have the four final Nazgûl on foot to work on. I actually think I have a chance to get them all done, but probably not varnished (and cured) in time, given the tight time frame and terrible cold weather we’ve got right now…

Citadel Miniatures Mounted Nazgûl

Citadel Miniatures Mounted Nazgûl

I also sorted out a unit base for the six of these, so that when I (eventually) use them in a game of Kings of War as (proxy stats) Vampiric Cavalry, they’ll look nice. I’m counting the unit base as a completed model as well, as it’s a distinct piece and has more work in it than a lot of the scatter-terrain boxes and crates and barrels that we put together…

oh, and if you’re wondering why I’m posting this stuff up almost every day – motivation, BAY BAY! The feedback I get from the community (that’s you) on these posts genuinely helps to keep me going and getting this stuff done. It’d be pretty easy to just spend all my free time playing PlayStation and XBox and watching WWE/NJPW wrestling, after all.

The Fellowship of the Ring Scenario Project Pt2: Five of The Nine – Nazgûl on Foot (June-It ’18)

Citadel Miniatures Lord of the Rings Nazgûl on Foot

They are the Nazgûl, Ringwraiths, neither living or dead. At all times they feel the presence of the ring…drawn to the power of the one..they will never stop hunting you.

Here’s the first update of sorts for The Fellowship of the Ring Scenario Project. I’ve been working on Nazgûl this week, in-between everything else. When laying things out last week, I thought I had more fully-complete Ringwraiths than I actually did have. So I thought I had complete 4 regular wraiths on foot, plus The Witch King on foot, plus The Witch King mounted, plus three wraiths mounted. Turns out none of them were in 100% ready to go complete shape.

Citadel Miniatures Lord of the Rings Nazgûl on Foot

So I thought that these figures had all long been completed. That was until I got them out of a figure case and looked at them. None of these foot models or even the original trio of mounted models ever had the weathering powder applied to their robes, nor had the tufts been added to these, or the slate finished (or added in some cases) to the mounted models. The mounted Witch-King on the other hand, hadn’t had his slate painted, and had suffered some damage to his paint as a result of a base jump from a table. (Watch those waving arms near models reared up like that!) One of these regular foot Nazgûl also had fall damage that had to be repainted. FUUUUUUUUUUUU

Citadel Miniatures Lord of the Rings Nazgûl on Foot, Witch-King

I do have to say, though – these Ringwraiths are some of the nicer models in many ways that the Perrys ever sculpted. Just look at the Witch-King above and how threatening he looks, slowly unsheathing his Morgul-blade.

Citadel Miniatures Lord of the Rings Nazgûl on Foot

Similarly, look at how evocative this pair of wraiths look – and those aren’t even the “golden angle” of either model.

Citadel Miniatures Lord of the Rings Nazgûl on Foot

Even these “action” poses show a really effective understanding of movement and anatomy often missing from regular Warhammer models – including those sculpted by the Perrys.

So now these are done. I do have a few more models that I intend to get painted in order to make up The Nine. Unfortunately, some (most) of them are doubles of these existing models as GW only released five different sculpts initially as part of the Attack on Weathertop boxed set. It was not until quite a few years later when they released a full set of nine unique Ringwraiths, by which time they wanted at least AU$100 for it. Now AU$124. Also known as bwahahahahhahahahahhnofuckingwayforninemodelsletalonefoursculpts. No matter how nice those additional four are. And they’re pretty nice.

(Out of interest, I wonder why they don’t send me free copies of Age of Sigmar 2.0 and other product?) 😀

Next up, I guess I need to finish another four Ringwraiths on foot to complete this unit. Will I be able to “June-It” the last few? Stay tuned to find out! But first, there’s a few of their mounted versions to sort out…

Oh, and for some BTS of the process of these posts – Right now as I type all of this, it’s actually Monday Night – here’s tonight’s timeline:

Get home from work. Sit down for a bit, do some work emails (getting a quote). Send an email about some missing spray paint of my own. Realise that it’s still 11.9C degrees and maybe I can fit some spraying before it gets really way too cold.

Go outside, and look at all the crap I’ve got on the spray stocks in various states. Give the things that need a next layer/side a spray, which included the Satin coat for the OtherWorld gates (sprayed gloss for protection yesterday), as well as black on some secondhand foot Nazgul that I found, as well as Matte on 4 other models for another pair of units I want to try to get finished for June-It, and a Satin mid-spray for another 5 models for those same units. There was probably something else as well, but I’ve forgotten.

Come inside, and eat dinner. Listen to some Steve and Larson podcast. Do some basing work on both foot and mounted Nazgûl models.

Realise that the OtherWorld gates are probably dry by now, and I can probably write up a post and get it up tonight if I don’t leave it too late. So I get the camera, head out, snap some shots, then come back in and write up a post, using the Mine Gates post as a template.

Start writing up a post for the Mounted Nazgûl, before realising that I only glued slate to three of their bases this morning before work, and I’ve got to paint and varnish those fucking things before I can post them up. So I save that draft and then start a new one using that as the template. It’s (most of) the post you see above. Except.. none of the figures are actually ready yet.

So I’ve got to apply the weathering for the almost-finished foot Nazgûl, and (if they’re dry enough) start to base the other four that I just sprayed, then move them to the laundry overnight because freshly sprayed figures fucking reek of degassing propellant. Assuming that all goes well, I’ll photograph the five that are (will be) done tomorrow after work, upload this post, and then see what I can do on the other four. Also get to work on the final touches on the three almost-complete mounted Nazgûl, so I can photograph and post them on Wednesday evening. if I manage to find a pair of mounted Nazgûl that I may or may not own, I’ll be trying to complete those in time for June-It as well, not to mention the other two units I alluded to when I was talking about spraying earlier…

So when you read something like “Stay tuned to find out!” here, it’s not a hyperbolic statement based on holding back on showing a completed unit. It’s because I don’t know if I will actually have it all done or not at the time of writing – and probably at the time of posting, as well for that matter…

Shadows of Brimstone: Doorways Into Darkness (OtherWorld Doorways)

Shadows of Brimstone: Doorways Into Darkness (OtherWorld Doorways)

A couple of weeks ago I completed the Mine Doorways from the Shadows of Brimstone: Doorways Into Darkness set. This weekend, I painted the other half of that boxed set – the OtherWorld Doorways.

Shadows of Brimstone: Doorways Into Darkness (OtherWorld Doorways)

Once again, they’re pretty simple models, but nice enough for what they are. I took some inspiration from their suggested painting guide insofar as the greenish hue to the lower parts of the portal-like doorways, though I decided to paint the runes in a bright (glowing) green. I didn’t bother with OSL effects, because they’re good enough as is for boardgame doorways or potential wargame/roleplaying scenery items – as portals/etc. They certainly pass the four-foot test.

Another boxed accessory set complete!

Shadows of Brimstone: Doorways Into Darkness

Our scale models for the Doorways into Darkness are a trio of Conan’s Black Dragon bodyguards.

Zombicide: Black Plague – Abomination (also, June-It ’18)

Awhile back I picked out a pair of my Zombicide Black Plague figures to paint, and this weekend, I finally completed one of them – this guy.

The model features these… things sticking out of the A-Bom’s forearms – and it’s unclear if they’re mutant zombie bone growth-type things (as seen in some of the “modern” Zombicide figures – or if they’re something that has wounded the Abomination, which is now being used as ersatz weapons. I simply painted them as black-green rocks, before bloodying-up the whole area. After all, as far as substances that could theoretically turn a standard walker into something like this, I figure Warpstone fits the bill…

Scale shot provided by this Legolas model, so you can get an idea of the Abomination’s size.

And now alongside the two figures that motivated me to finish this model. The three of them were sitting on the desk in various stages of partially-painted when I had the idea to call them a unit and try to finish them by the end of June. Despite a variety of sculpt styles between the trio, they all fit well enough together. So I’m calling this guy the final model for another completed unit – of three large, zombie-poxwalking-ogre-Nurglesque golem-ish ugly bastards.

Finishing this guy kinda makes me want to dig out a bunch of my other Zombicide Abominations for similar treatment…

The Jewel of July ’18: Community Painting Challenge

My Rogue Idol of Gork. Or possibly Mork.

Wait, what?

Something different for next month. To celebrate the middle of the year, I thought that July’s challenge should be something a bit more open than Squads or Neglected Models (don’t worry, we’ll see a lot more of both of those!) Based somewhat on Decembruary, but more open even than that, since Decembruary was all about centrepieces, so it excluded small hero models and scenery. This coming month, we open it right up.

Oh – and all of the images I’ve stolen used in this post are illustrative of things that do indeed count for challenge purposes. This July is a wide-open month that above all, aims to be fun. Just as importantly, all images are clickable and will send you to that person’s blog post. So do indeed check out some stuff that’s new to you!

I’m under no delusion that everyone I’ve linked here will have the time/inclination/etc to participate this next month, so don’t feel “called out”, but I did feel like this post would be a good opportunity to provide a ton of examples of stuff that can be considered valid models for June July. JULY, and rather than just populate it with models from my own collection – use models from your collections instead with links so people can check out more of one anothers’ blogs. Because community and all that.

Angron, Khornate Daemon Primarch of the World Eaters, by Krautscientist

Doubledowndice’s Faust’s *actual* eyeball.

The Jewel of July is about painting (almost) anything you want that you think will be cool, or impressive, or just nice.

Imperialrebelork’s Red Right Hand Ogre Stonehorn Rider

Warburton’s OG Ork Warboss.

Carlo’s Cave Goblin Witcher. (no relation to Geralt)

Mikeland82′ Inquisitor Morecroft Blight of the Ordo Xenos

Le Bim’s Kavadh I, Shahanshah Sassanide!

It’s for Heroes. Big or small. named or otherwise. A Lieutenant or a Medic or a Warlord Riding a Dragon. An Inquisitor’s aide or a Star Player or a Bounty Hunter.

It’s for Vehicles. A Motorcycle or a Maus. A Starship or a Gaslands Car. A Panzer IV to a Kettenkrad. A Rhino APC or a Konigstiger or a War Rig or a M’ak I. (or M’ak II?)

It’s for the more impressive scenery pieces. A desert oasis or a (ruined?) temple or a bunker complex or a single bunker or a skyscraper or a Ferratonic Incinerator or a Kwik-E-Mart. A forest worth of trees or a jungle worth of plants.

It’s for Monsters. Ogres or Ogors. Dragons, Giants, decent-sized Daemons. Bronze Bulls and Dinosaurs and Great Wight Sharks and Goremaw and Cthulhu.

It’s for Dieties and Demi-gods. Primarchs and Titans. Atlas and Aeres and Abaddon. Horus and Hercules. Venus and Vulkan. Saturn and Sanguinius.

It’s for Mechs and the Mechanicum. Steampunk walkers, Dreadnoughts, Imperial Knights, Warjacks, Tripods, Titans.

It’s for Dioramas and Vignettes. Historical, Fantasy, Sci-Fi. It’s all good. Even better if they also feature something from the above!

So yes. Anything from a USMC Corpsman to a 28mm scale Warlord Titan counts for this coming month’s challenge.

A pair of M’ak I tanks created and painted by Mark Morin.

Ann’s Urnafortunus: Herald of Nurgle.

Some of Thomas’ many Shardwrack Spines along with a Rhino APC – both of which would count. And some Thousand Sons (though they wouldn’t count).

St Cranium’s Church Hall from

The Imperfect Modeller’s 54mm Rourke’s Drift.

Curis’ Great Wight Shark

Alex’ Olivia Neutron-Bomb

Wudogast’s Khornate Ogryn Icon Bearer. Also works for Ogre and even Ogors. 😉

Marouda’s Ki-rin

Just Needs Varnish’s Mammont Neo-Soviet Heavy Tank.

Coronasan’s Wargame Exclusive Inquisitor’s Batmobile Car

Subedai’s “Death Hood” – Oldhammer Level 15 Dark Elf Sorcerer

Molly Squidpiddge by Argentbadger

Burkhard’s Rollo the (friendly) Viking

Tarmor’s Giant Scorpion.

Westrider’s Tyranid Tervigon

Dave Kay’s Necromunda Hive Scum

Ellen’s D&D Balor Demon

A swamp terrain piece by Dagger & Brush

Patrick WR’s Nurgle Foetid Bloat-Drone

Chapel-Box by Heresyofus

sfjy’s Imperial Titan.

Pete S /SP’s SU-100 Soviet tanks in a desert scheme.

Dave 2718’s Konflikt ’47’s US Mudskipper

Gabbi’s Archangel Michael

Backtothehammer’s Haldrin Stormlight, Glade lord on great stag.

Cousin Nalesk’s Ork Kommando Boss

Aragorn, Son of Arathorn by dcminiaturespainting

Wargamereric’s Terrax-Pattern Iron Warriors Termite Assault Drills.

Tichy’s French 64-gun Ship of the Line

Paul’s Ikiryo – Geisha of Yurei.

Rexlogan’s Freebooter’s Fate Oceppa,

Demi Morgana’s WarZone Mercurian Maculator of Demnoginis

Mug of Dice’s “Middlehammer” Dwarf Hero

Vongutenboom’s Ork Fighta-Bomma

Technasma’s T’au Tetra

What isn’t it for? It’s not for the truly small stuff – units of line infantry, or barrels and crates. Little bits of scatter terrain.

Units are okay, if they would individually fit in with the above categories. This means units of tanks, or Inquisitors’ retinue members, or units of Ogres or Carnifexes (Carnifii?) or what used to be Space Marine Command Squads all work, but an Imperial Guard squad, or a Space Marine Squad, or a unit of Fallschirmjaeger don’t.

Not this…

…or this.

As always, the biggest distinction between this painting challenge and many others out there are that I only care about you completing these models. It’s not a “start-to-finish” challenge set during a single month, so regardless of whether you just missed out on finishing that diorama or tank this month, last month, or six months ago – or you’ve got stuff that you’ve been chipping away at for six months – or, indeed – if you’ve got models that have been shelved for months or even years, feel free to dig them out and join in.

Similarly, if you want to go start-to-finish, then feel free to go right ahead. It’s about completing cool things. The challenge is designed to easily fit into your (and my) painting schedule and be flexible enough to encompass quite a lot, and hopefully just act as a bit of an impetus or inspiration to get this stuff completed.

As I said up the top of this post, I don’t expect that everyone shown above will be able to join in, but if you’ve been on the edge of joining in on one of these challenges, or just painting some stuff anyway that fits into the many categories, please do feel free to join in. This goes for you, too Marouda!

Once again, I will NOT be posting regular updates over the course of the month on it. I WILL do a round-up of all the participants I’m aware of just after the end of the month, though – so once again – please DO LINK to this post when you finish something that you want counted in the round-up – because I WILL forget your post otherwise. It happens every single month. Also, if you’re doing June-It, be sure and link your finished units over there. There’s still a week left to go!

Realm of Chaos – Nurgle’s Children 2018 #15: Plague Toads (Forge World) (June-It ’18)

Forge World Nurgle Daemon Plague Toads

Back to the Nurgle Daemons today. It’s been awhile, I know, but these three have been a slow march, mostly because other stuff keeps taking their spot in the queue. Now, finally though – it’s their turn to shine! Or glisten.

Forge World Nurgle Daemon Plague Toads

I’ve actually had these Forge World resin models for years now, but like so much in my collection, they were bought because I wanted them to eventually paint up for [army] and then they just sat there. Since this year I’ve been doing the Nurgle Daemon thing, they finally got their time. I still have a bunch of other metal Nurgle mobs to paint up before I allow myself to start on the plastics, but I’m allowing resin models to be painted thoughout.

Forge World Nurgle Daemon Plague Toads

There’s not really a great deal to write about these things. They’re pretty nifty in the current edition of 40k, and I assume quite nasty in AoS as well, though I honestly haven’t looked up their stats there yet. I’d have had these posted up earlier, but we’ve had an entire day and a half of rainstorms and occasional thunderstorms here, along with quite cold weather – which has meant a rather unsuitable climate for spraying. As we move into midwinter, that will of course only get worse, so I foresee a more sporadic posting schedule to come – where it will only be every few days (or on the weekends) I can manage to spray new models, so we’ll have “dead air” here on the blog while I wait for a suitable day and completed models pile up, followed by a mass of photos once I’ve had a spray day that gives me a backlog of stuff to spray.

Forge World Nurgle Daemon Plague Toads

Depending on how that goes, I might end up doing some more “thought” pieces, like finishing that post about paints that sits half-finished in my drafts folder, or some painting tutorials (provided I can remember to take the photos. I still need to do one on iron/metal, and I’ve been thinking of documenting how I paint Isengard Uruk-Hai and their skin. Provided I start painting the bloody things!

Here’s the usual size comparison shot, showing how they stack up to a couple of friends and a couple of foes.

They’re pretty nice models, all in all – at least in that messed-up Nurgle way. They’ve also got a pretty impressive stature to them, and are quite a bit bigger than I’d expected when I first ordered them, oh so many years ago.