Neglected Model May: Monthly Hobby Challenge – Personal Round-Up and May 2018 Painting Round-Up

May’s graduating class of neglected models, finally complete!

One post for my personal round-up this month instead of two – mostly because almost all of my painted figures in April were Neglected Models – which really does say something about the state of my collection and how much half-painted crap I still have here! Above we have the neglected models for the month. It does really feel quite good to have gotten those bloody undead off the desk, finally. And the same goes for those carnivorous plants. The Ork stuff represented something much more important and personal, even though I haven’t managed to post up the “completed” initial force yet (I took some photos, but they were garbage, so gotta try again!)

The WarZone Stuff.

The WarZone stuff was pretty much just plucking stuff out of a figure case that looked like easy wins. I’ll probably do the same with WarZone or something similar next time it’s Neglected Model Month. Which will be in…. um… August. I think. I’ll have to check.

And with the addition of the few models that didn’t need to be neglected to get finished this month.

Here’s the radically different month’s total photo. You can really see why I’m doing both in one post, can’t you? It adds in one large angry Nurgle Malifaux dude, 2 Conan figures, and four bombs. 38 models for May, all told. Those Snotlings really did their job in bumping my numbers for the month!

38, plus the 194 I had done at the end of April gives me 232 to date this year. Of course, it’s now the 8th (almost the 9th) and I’ve only completed those three barrels so far… need to get a move on to get my minimum of 30 for June done!

Edit – how bloody embarrassing – I had last month’s April stuff in the header for this post. That’s what happens when you’re writing updates late at night!