The Fellowship of the Ring Scenario Project Pt2: Five of The Nine – Nazgûl on Foot (June-It ’18)

Citadel Miniatures Lord of the Rings Nazgûl on Foot

They are the Nazgûl, Ringwraiths, neither living or dead. At all times they feel the presence of the ring…drawn to the power of the one..they will never stop hunting you.

Here’s the first update of sorts for The Fellowship of the Ring Scenario Project. I’ve been working on Nazgûl this week, in-between everything else. When laying things out last week, I thought I had more fully-complete Ringwraiths than I actually did have. So I thought I had complete 4 regular wraiths on foot, plus The Witch King on foot, plus The Witch King mounted, plus three wraiths mounted. Turns out none of them were in 100% ready to go complete shape.

Citadel Miniatures Lord of the Rings Nazgûl on Foot

So I thought that these figures had all long been completed. That was until I got them out of a figure case and looked at them. None of these foot models or even the original trio of mounted models ever had the weathering powder applied to their robes, nor had the tufts been added to these, or the slate finished (or added in some cases) to the mounted models. The mounted Witch-King on the other hand, hadn’t had his slate painted, and had suffered some damage to his paint as a result of a base jump from a table. (Watch those waving arms near models reared up like that!) One of these regular foot Nazgûl also had fall damage that had to be repainted. FUUUUUUUUUUUU

Citadel Miniatures Lord of the Rings Nazgûl on Foot, Witch-King

I do have to say, though – these Ringwraiths are some of the nicer models in many ways that the Perrys ever sculpted. Just look at the Witch-King above and how threatening he looks, slowly unsheathing his Morgul-blade.

Citadel Miniatures Lord of the Rings Nazgûl on Foot

Similarly, look at how evocative this pair of wraiths look – and those aren’t even the “golden angle” of either model.

Citadel Miniatures Lord of the Rings Nazgûl on Foot

Even these “action” poses show a really effective understanding of movement and anatomy often missing from regular Warhammer models – including those sculpted by the Perrys.

So now these are done. I do have a few more models that I intend to get painted in order to make up The Nine. Unfortunately, some (most) of them are doubles of these existing models as GW only released five different sculpts initially as part of the Attack on Weathertop boxed set. It was not until quite a few years later when they released a full set of nine unique Ringwraiths, by which time they wanted at least AU$100 for it. Now AU$124. Also known as bwahahahahhahahahahhnofuckingwayforninemodelsletalonefoursculpts. No matter how nice those additional four are. And they’re pretty nice.

(Out of interest, I wonder why they don’t send me free copies of Age of Sigmar 2.0 and other product?) 😀

Next up, I guess I need to finish another four Ringwraiths on foot to complete this unit. Will I be able to “June-It” the last few? Stay tuned to find out! But first, there’s a few of their mounted versions to sort out…

Oh, and for some BTS of the process of these posts – Right now as I type all of this, it’s actually Monday Night – here’s tonight’s timeline:

Get home from work. Sit down for a bit, do some work emails (getting a quote). Send an email about some missing spray paint of my own. Realise that it’s still 11.9C degrees and maybe I can fit some spraying before it gets really way too cold.

Go outside, and look at all the crap I’ve got on the spray stocks in various states. Give the things that need a next layer/side a spray, which included the Satin coat for the OtherWorld gates (sprayed gloss for protection yesterday), as well as black on some secondhand foot Nazgul that I found, as well as Matte on 4 other models for another pair of units I want to try to get finished for June-It, and a Satin mid-spray for another 5 models for those same units. There was probably something else as well, but I’ve forgotten.

Come inside, and eat dinner. Listen to some Steve and Larson podcast. Do some basing work on both foot and mounted Nazgûl models.

Realise that the OtherWorld gates are probably dry by now, and I can probably write up a post and get it up tonight if I don’t leave it too late. So I get the camera, head out, snap some shots, then come back in and write up a post, using the Mine Gates post as a template.

Start writing up a post for the Mounted Nazgûl, before realising that I only glued slate to three of their bases this morning before work, and I’ve got to paint and varnish those fucking things before I can post them up. So I save that draft and then start a new one using that as the template. It’s (most of) the post you see above. Except.. none of the figures are actually ready yet.

So I’ve got to apply the weathering for the almost-finished foot Nazgûl, and (if they’re dry enough) start to base the other four that I just sprayed, then move them to the laundry overnight because freshly sprayed figures fucking reek of degassing propellant. Assuming that all goes well, I’ll photograph the five that are (will be) done tomorrow after work, upload this post, and then see what I can do on the other four. Also get to work on the final touches on the three almost-complete mounted Nazgûl, so I can photograph and post them on Wednesday evening. if I manage to find a pair of mounted Nazgûl that I may or may not own, I’ll be trying to complete those in time for June-It as well, not to mention the other two units I alluded to when I was talking about spraying earlier…

So when you read something like “Stay tuned to find out!” here, it’s not a hyperbolic statement based on holding back on showing a completed unit. It’s because I don’t know if I will actually have it all done or not at the time of writing – and probably at the time of posting, as well for that matter…