Necromunda ’95! – Underhive Scum with Autopistol and Plasma Pistol (Michael Perry, 1995)

Necromunda 1995, Underhive Scum with Autopistol and Plasma Pistol, Michael Perry, 1995, 72937/1, Grendel Genral Vlado

I have another Necromunda model for you today. This one is a model that was entirely completed back in the 1990’s, which explains why there are the number of bright primary colours on the model. Still, it’s not a bad looking paintjob, and so based on that I’ve only touched up and rebased the model – so as a “renovation” it still counts as a model “completed” this month by the way I count my progress (basically, Am I happy to call it “finished” by my 2019 standards?)

Necromunda 1995, Underhive Scum with Autopistol and Plasma Pistol, Michael Perry, 1995, 72937/1, Grendel Genral Vlado

The sculpt is clearly designed as an “ex-Goliath”, if you look at the queues – though my paint (even with a few too many colours used) is based on a character from the Grendel Tales comics – Grendel General Vlado, from Devils and Deaths, written by Darko Macan and illustrated by Edvin Biuković.

The similarities that the model had to the character’s appearance with the hair and braids, along with that physique were too much to pass up. Honestly, though – if I were to change anything, I’d just turn the knife scabbard from blue to brown, the red coils on the plasma pistol to copper and the underside to black/grey, and probably change the pale straps on his greaves to a darker brown. Not the biggest changes, and in context, I’m happier to have just touched up the model and left it with the original scheme.

Necromunda ’95! – Plastic Starter Set Goliath w/Shotgun

Necromunda 1995 plastic Goliath ganger

How should I start the posts featuring August’s models? Wy not with the first model completed in August? This model is (was?) an original Necromunda pack-in Goliath, who I trimmed off the mohawk and added a couple of pouches. I also painted some scarification marks/brands around his eyes and on his shoulder. The Mark of Grendel. I’ll write some more about that in a later post, but it’s something you’ll see in some form on most of my 1990’s Necromunda models.

Necromunda 1995 plastic Goliath ganger

So why is he here? Well, new base means newly finished to 2019 tabletop standards. I decided not to do anything further (a little touch-ups aside) as I want to preserve this guy mostly as-is for the time capsule element. There’ll be more old Necro-use models coming soon, with a variety of more and less modern work done on them in the days to come…

Necromunda ’95! – Ratskin Scout with Autogun and Pick (Jewel of July)

Ratskin Scout with Autogun and Pick

Necromunda Again? I swear, these posts are like Buses… When I finally found my Necromunda case recently (too late for Faust, sadly.. /pours a 40), one of the models within – along with those two Delaque) was my other Ratskin Scout. Clearly the other one from the single blister I’d have bought. Like his mate, he’d been part-painted for 20 years, so I finished him off.

Ratskin Scout with Autogun and Pick

Pants and boots got a total repaint, skin got all of the work beyond the base coat, weapon was completed in the original coppery scheme. Not too much was needed, though – and the process was more a matter of making myself concentrate on it than enjoying it or disliking it. It was just a job to finish this one. Now he’s done, and I’m satisfied. So another small victory.

Ratskin Scout with Autogun and Pick, Ratskin Scout with Shotgun

And here he is, alongside his little mate. I turns out that I did in fact buy the gang box. So there’ll be more Ratskins to come in the future. After I complete all the other half-done Necromunda models from the 1990’s, anyway!

Necromunda ’95! – My first pair of Delaque Gangers completed. (Alan Perry, 1995)

Necromunda 1995, Delaque Gangers, Alan Perry

Yes, really. You guys know that a huge proportion of my collection is from the 1990’s, and I’m only now getting around to painting/completing a lot of it. What can I say? I’ve been slack until the past few years. It has meant a ton of Neglected Models to work through, though – hence why that particular challenge crops up so frequently. Anywho, these models are from the original Delaque range. I don’t think I ever got the boxed gang set, rather I picked up either a blister or two of the loose gangers or got these in a secondhand sale/trade from the others in the necro group back in the day. I do have the entire Heresy Miniatures set of Not-Delaque, though. So one day I’ll add to the painted numbers. These were both painted to be part of the Grendel gang that I ran (more on that in a future post), though neither of them were ever actually completed until this last month, more than a decade on.

Necromunda 1995, Delaque Gangers, Alan Perry

The fellow on the left has what some reader may recognise as the flag of Cameroon on his back, with the Grendel-eye pattern overlaid. This is because I started painting this guy while watching Cameroon play in the 1998 World Cup, and liking their team and flag, so decided to incorporate it into the model. So… 20 years almost to the month for this one from start to finish. As a July 2019 model, he’s also got a little Contast Paint on him as well. I went over the mid and light-browns of his torso leathers and his shotgun’s wooden furniture with one of the contrast paints to see what would happen. It looks alright, and shows that they can be used similarly to washes over colours, with a slightly more subtle shading effect than the usual Agrax/Strong Tone.

That’s it for today!

February Terrain Challenge – Sector Mechanicus #3

I have the final piece of this first wave of my Mechanicus Terrain this evening. A piece based on the core of the same pieces as the first one. And of course, the “family photo”, as I’m about to become much busier on Monday, which will slow down my production again no doubt.

As you can see, this piece has a mixture of the techniques used on both of the previous ones. The same “off-white” scheme as the dome, with the grime streaking combined with the rust effect, occasional bit of model-gouging and chipped paint of the first piece. I’ve also managed to get the crackle paint to work properly on this one as well, which gives the chipped paint a nicer, worn effect.

I still have three more “test” Mechanicus pieces that are still WIP, and they’ll have to be my “second wave” of models for these, as I need to clean up where I was working on them now – and none of them are particularly far along. I’m pretty happy with this one overall, but I feel like I also need to mix up the colours further. I’m not going to “skittles” these things, but a bit of Necromunda blue and Industrial Green for some of these pieces I think will work well enough. The trick will be simply to deploy them in “clusters” of the same colour as often as possible, so they look like a cohesive collection of machinery/objects in different areas of the table rather than the mess that will be if I mix them. I’ll probably have to have a few “silver/metal” pieces that I can use to unify everything and intersperse with the coloured pieces.

February Terrain Challenge – Sector Mechanicus #2

As with the first piece of this Mechanicus Terrain, this piece served(serves?) as one of my initial tests – as does the one that will follow this, and the other three that are still WIP. I wasn’t so sure about this piece, so I decided to mount it on a base for extra stability – in this case, an old CD. I guess the drawback of the base is that the piece becomes that little bit less versatile, as it’s now a bit harder to stick on top of a larger piece. With my luck, it’d just get knocked off the table and end up shattering anyway!

The photos are a bit higher-contrast than IRL, as the base colour of the panels is a light, cream-toned off-white. I thought it’d look good with this as a base, and then given the whole “streaky grime” treatment with that Vallejo Wash, rather than going with the chipped paint look. This kind of “painted” look to the machinery and terrain obviously takes a lot longer than going with bare or rusted metal, so I’m not entirely sure how I will proceed in future once I get past the test pieces that have been started. I do like/prefer this kind of look, but the time investment is pretty huge by comparison. I’ve got one more piece done similarly to this one, with the “cracked/chipped paint” thing from the previous one happening as well, as well as another medium and two larger pieces still in the “metal” stage before I get to assembling any more of this stuff – so I guess I don’t have to worry about deciding too quickly now…

February Terrain Challenge – Sector Mechanicus #1

As part of February’s terrain challenge, I’d hoped to get a ton of Sector Mechanicus terrain done. Clearly, that hasn’t happened, but I have gotten a few smaller test pieces done so far. Here’s the first one I completed. I used the crackle medium again, to see what kinds of effects I could get on this stuff after the recent Ork debris pieces. I also used some Ryza Rust to give some texture to the rust effects in spots. I also used different washes to add to both the rusted and grimy effects (thanks to Dave Kay for the heads-up on those 200ml Vallejo Wash jars!)

On the downside, the spray cans weren’t especially kind to the test pieces that I worked on, with some puckering occurring here and there on some of the pieces (my own damn fault – don’t prime heavy at night!), and I’m not entirely happy with the “speckled” effects of the different layers of the metallic sprays. Even though it’s a bit nitpicky, it’s just something for me to be aware of. On grungy terrain pieces like this one, it all fits in well enough and passes for good enough.