Necromunda ’95! – Chomping at the Bit – Goliath Ganger!

Necromunda '95, Goliath Ganger.

Another one-off post today. I do prefer to have at least a pair of models for my non-larger-or-hero-model blog posts, but at the same time I like to keep them to the ame theme or faction, so with no other Necromunda models on the immediate horizon (at least to be completed this month) up goes this guy! I actually referenced this model back last May, (was it really that long ago? Holy shit!) when I finished the last two of the Escher models that I’d previously started back in the 1990’s and had found this guy in the same figure case, started with the intention of adding him to my original 90’s gang (which was made of all sorts of models) but never finished.

Necromunda '95, Goliath Ganger.

This was one of the three models that Marouda picked for me to paint when I recently felt uninspired and asked her to choose something off the desk for me to paint. As it happened, I ended up giving him a full repaint, with the exception of his flesh, which I just used as a base coat for this. Not that he was all that far along initially, to be quite honest.

Necromunda '95, Goliath Ganger.

The paintjob ended up pretty straightforward – I just used typical “Goliath” colours and slowly made my way around the model, painting all the bits. When it was close to completion, I realised it really needed some tattoos to break up all that bloated buff flesh, and so I had to wait for it to stop raining before I could give it a protective coat before going back in with the ink. I prefer to do this before painting on (most) tattoos on models, as it makes it easier to clean up if/when I screw something up. Two days of solid rain meant I started to have a little spray backlog build up, so instead, I’ve had to prepare more 15mm terrain pictures so I’ve got posts to go up!

18 thoughts on “Necromunda ’95! – Chomping at the Bit – Goliath Ganger!

  1. Yeah, tattoos give the miniature an extra character. In addition to being well executed, their light blue colour breaks up the warm colors of the skin, clothes, weapons and hair. Were you inspired by anything in particular to choose tattoo designs?

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    • Thank you. I looked up Necromunda Goliath Iconography to find appropriate themes/images I could incorporate into some simple tatts, so we have a cog-band on the left forearm (hard to see in the pics) a skull similar to the one badged on his rifle, a hammer-with-cogs on his shoulder and an Imperial Aquila’s wing circling his nipple.


  2. He looks great, mate and I think that other than the proportions probably being out of whack, this guy could fit right in with the modern goliaths. GW really didn’t change much in their update and I don’t blame them. They looked mean enough even back in the 90’s!

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    • Thanks, Sly Marbo! The proportions on these old ones are especially egregious in looking like actual inflatable fleshbags! I do like the look of the new ones, though I do hope to get to them eventually…

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