February 2022 – Personal Painting Round-Up

Uh….. yeah. I know it’s April and this is more than a little late. I wanted to get the Fembruary challenge round-up done, and then I was concentrating on the Monster March posts. Also, there’s a couple of models I wanted to finish to go with some of these for a proper post, but I didn’t get those done (until literally just a few minutes before the time of typing this, ironically.)

A good chunk of the February models were all 18 of the “Fatties” from the Zombicide core set – boardgame models, but not terrible ones. I’ve got a dozen or so of the “Runners” almost ready, so I’ll hopefully get onto them in April. 

I also quite enjoyed getting Warrior Woman from Col.Schaeffer’s Last Chancers done, so I’ve gotten the rest of the team out and so far managed to get them glued down to bases. Since getting started on finishing them in February, I’ve also finally completed my Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl team – excepting one (or maybe two) missing model(s)!

Following on from January’s rather productive 71 models (well, that was bumped pretty significantly by 15mm walls) – I managed to complete 35 models in February which does at least more than meet my personal “1 model for each day” goal for each month. it also gives (gave) me 106 models completed by the end of February. Now onto the March round-up  – hopefully in a few days!