Rogue Trader: Coming “Late 2018”

Something very much for the Blanche fans and the INQ28 Fans and the Nurgle Fans. We’ll see how much it’s for the old-school Rogue Trader fans as more comes to light.

It appears to be a separate product from Kill Team, which is also a 40k Skirmish game. I wonder if they will be completely unique, or if they will have rules in common?


27 thoughts on “Rogue Trader: Coming “Late 2018”

      • I dunno man, some of the boxed games have been blatant cash grabs. Stuff like silver tower are worth the tag, we’ll just have to wait and see, really. Minis are fucking nice though, I gotta say!

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      • The more recent boxed sets (last few years – especially since Rountree took over from Kirby) have mostly been pretty decent I feel – unless you mean that Assassins Game that was a bit weak in content and contents.
        A lot of them have felt like the games have served as “discount miniatures collection” delivery mechanisms, but I agree with Mikeland – this one “feels” like a Necromunda/Blood Bowl Price point.

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  1. Looks very interesting so far. I’m wondering if the “Skirmish Combat” tagline might be slightly misleading though, rather than another version of Kill Team could this not be in the style of Deathwatch: Overkill, a way of introducing two new factions (Rogue Traders and Mutants) which could later be expanded into full factions? The board in the second picture looks much more like a boardgame than the usual wargaming terrain. That may just be wishful thinking on my part of course as those are both factions I’ve dreamed of seeing. Oh and let’s not overlook the dog – we always need more hounds in 40k 😀

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    • We don’t have a lot of info yet, but it could easily be a DW:O style game, or also like Necromunda 18 with it’s “two ways to play” and included board. I’ve noticed that the shots that look at first glance like they’re on a normal table still show the models on the board – it’s just been digitally obscured a little with “green mist”. I’m kind of hoping for it to have rules that are compatible with either Kill Team or N18, even if it’s a separate setting. Even recycling the DW:O rules could work.
      But yeah – like you, I feel like this has a lot of potential, and I love the dog!

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    • Yeah, I’m getting more of a board game vibe from it as well. Regardless, I’m totally picking it up when it comes out, because those Models are just too cool. And 100% with you on needing more dogs in 40K!

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    • SW:A was a one-and-done to go with the new terrain, since it never got any support besides the very few additional factions a week or three later and the one reprint. I can’t see them adding to it, especially as they have a new version of the Necromunda system in active use. I could see it potentially being compatible with N17, or maybe Kill Team, or as Wudugast suggested, even standalone like DW:O. It’ll be interesting for sure though, and we’ve got at least 3-4 months for them to drop-feed us new information…

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  2. Some of the minis look very cool to me, but I know very little about the game. It might end up being one I pick up just for parts and use in other games. Definitely a “wait and see” for me though.

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    • You don’t sound happy!
      I’m quite pleased that they’ve been going back and reviving many of the “lost” and ignored parts of the lore – from AdMech to GSC to Deathwatch, Ambulls, proper releases for the Traitor Legions and cult troops over garbage like Crimson Slaughter…
      So I’m happy to see Rogue Traders brought back into the fold – hopefully with some rules that go across the other games. The flies are clearly very Nurgle, but some of the others are a bit more ambiguous, and as Wudugast (and others I’ve read) have speculated may be Mutants instead of Chaos – something else that if not original is an aspect not really touched since Rogue Trader when they got subsumed by RoC.


      • It’s just a tick box exercise to bring every classic brand name back that reverberates in the community from the days when it was an original idea. All to sales & marketing for me.


      • We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one. I for one am quite happy that they’re recognising and expanding the rich background that has been ignored and dropped over too many years of bad management while at the same time pushing forward with things never made before (that sometimes also harken back – like Knights).

        I quite like many of the models coming out of AoS right now, though they’re also still embedded in past concepts (Elves, but Sea Elves; Dwarves, but Sky Dwarves; Witch Elves, but with Harpies and Lahmia turned up to 11.

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  3. This came out of nowwhere (for me anyway!). Looking forward to seeing more. As to comments on price, I have found that the initial boxes themselves are good value but you get slugged later. Necromunda itself is good value… until you realise to actually play the full game you have to buy another rule book, then another one comes out, then another… soon you must have paid $500 just to get the core rules… Blood Bowl was the same. I am looking forward to Adeptus Titanicus though…

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    • Yeah, I’d expect an omnibus edition of the Necromunda rules in hardcover at the end of the year, somewhat like what they did with Blood Bowl. Though those are from the FW development studio, apparently – so it’ll be interesting to see how this one goes with the rules.

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