April 2018 Painting Round-Up

And into the second quarter we head. April’s painting haul wasn’t anything on the first three months of the year, as I hit the painting doldrums since the assembly task didn’t connect with me due to various factors, and being a building task didn’t motivate me to paint especially. Luckily, due to a combination of a last-days painting surge and the simplicity inherent in the Shadow sof Brimstone stuff, I managed to at least hit 31 models total for the month – so just beating the one-a-day for April.

There was also this guy. Turned out that he fell off the tray when I was finishing his unit back in March. In April I found him and finished him off. But it’d be overkill to get them all out again for a group shot, so here he is.

163 models from Jan to March, plus this 31 brings me to 194 models completed by April this year. I think I’m only on 5 for May, and we’re already on the 8th, so I’d best get a move on…