Realm of Chaos: Warrior-Champion of Khorne

Here’s the next of the Mark Copplestone series of Chaos Warrior-Champions from The Lost and the Damned-era.

Realm of Chaos Oldhammer Chaos Warrior Champion of Khorne, Mark Copplestone.

Mark Copplestone’s Chaos Warrior / Champion of Khorne.

Once again, this guy was painted back in the 1990’s but needed a little bit of touching up. He’d gathered some dust and such over the years, so he needed a cleaning scrub with a toothbrush and soap(!) to get the stuff off. I highlighted the brass of his armour, and also added a tint of green to it. I also touched up the bone on his horns and skull-pommel which were originally painted with the “base coat-and-ink glaze: done!” method.

Realm of Chaos Oldhammer Chaos Warrior Champion of Khorne, Mark Copplestone.

A view of the Skull Rune of Khorne.

All of the finer details around the slightly unknown release dates and such of the figures in this series are in the previous post that showed the Slaanesh Champion. Like the Slaanesh model, I rebased this guy to a 32mm round, which he actually fits on as he had some pretty bad overhang on the 25mm square that he used to reside on. I added the simple freehand Skull Rune of Khorne to his right shoulder. While I do like the newer models and  even like the AoS models, but there’s something to be said for models that leave a nice amount of flat space that allow some freehand work.

Realm of Chaos Oldhammer Chaos Warrior Champion of Khorne, Mark Copplestone.

Rear View. Nothing dodgy here!

While fixing this guy up and handling him, I started to notice just how much his armour reminded me of the “feel” of samurai armour. Not an exact copy by any means, but the pose and overall shape. I’m sure the mask appearance helps as well. It’s a subtler influence, but I think it works well for this figure from the days before Khorne was only about bloodlusting berserkers – the “warrior code” was also a big thing for Khorne back then. As much about blood and marital honour as blood and berserk rage.

Realm of Chaos Oldhammer Chaos Warrior Champion of Khorne, Mark Copplestone.


Generally speaking, I’m not a huge fan of adding blood and gore to models. Used sparingly, they can be quite effective, but too often a model just ends up spattered with the stuff, or way too many models are covered in it. As can be seen here, I’ve added some to his axe, and also to the pair of skulls at his feet. Hopefully it looks effective without being over the top.

Realm of Chaos Oldhammer Chaos Warrior Champion of Khorne, Mark Copplestone.

A view from a higher angle.

A slightly better view of his offerings to Khorne – a pair of blood-spattered skulls. The BFTBG paint looks a little flat in these photos, but in real life it looks suitably shiny and glistening.

It turns out I never started painting the Tzeentch or Nurgle models in this series of Warrior-Champions, or the other Khorne guy I found while looking through my figure boxes. I’ll hopefully get those painted up as palette cleansers in the next couple of months and then finally be able to show them all off together. Wish me luck!

Realm of Chaos: Warrior-Champion of Slaanesh

Back in the early 1990’s, shortly after the release of Realm of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned, a small set of Chaos models was released. At least one for each of the four Chaos Powers, and seemingly Khorne got a few extras. These particular models aren’t seen a whole lot, as they weren’t sculpted by Jes Goodwin, but by Mark Copplestone – and so had a much shorter production life. They’re not the equal of Jes’ classic sculpts, but they do have an interesting character (there I bloody go) of their own. Objectively, they’re not amazing models compared to what has gone before or since, but I still like them.

Realm of Chaos Oldhammer Chaos Warrior Champion of Slaanesh.

Chaos Warrior-Champion of Slaanesh.

I haven’t managed to find them in Stuff of Legends nor in the old issues of White Dwarf, but I seem to recall seeing them named both as “Chaos Champions” and as “Chaos Warriors” at different times – which also happened with more than a few of Jes’ champions. They’re that “in-between” style of model that could reasonably fit into either category. These days at least, my thoughts on Chaos Warriors tend towards the more generic models as used in more recent years, so I’ll call these guys “Champions” in my own collection – especially as the more generic “foot knight”-style armoured Chaos Warriors were a thing as far back as the pre-slotta days.

Realm of Chaos Oldhammer Chaos Warrior Champion of Slaanesh.

Side view of the Fiend-headed one.

This guy is Slaanesh’s entry. He features all-original paint from the 1990’s as well. Amazingly there were no touch-ups needed whatsoever, nor any embarrassingly garish colour combinations that needed correction. All I needed to do to “renovate” him to 2016 standard was to rebase him – onto a 32mm round in this case since he overhung the 25mm square pretty badly. This way I can legit use him should I ever try Age of Sigmar as well. It doesn’t matter in Kings of War as the game uses regimental bases, so as long as the footprint is sound, this guy and whatever other heavy, psychotic bastards he hangs out with can wreak havoc just as effectively once I actually start on them properly.

Realm of Chaos Oldhammer Chaos Warrior Champion of Slaanesh.

Shield View.

I’ve added flowers to his base not because I see Slaanesh as effeminate, but as followers of Chaos that can appreciate beauty as well as debauchery – just as they were back in the RoC days. The shield is NOT freehand, I should point out. It’s a decal. It had some silvering but a coat of satin over the top fixed that up well enough.

Realm of Chaos Oldhammer Chaos Warrior Champion of Slaanesh.

A cheeky grin?

A rather “cheeky” (hur hur) shot to finish up. It’s more than a little silly, but such was life in Nottingham back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s and it’s pretty well known that the studio didn’t take themselves so seriously back then, and took the piss out of everything including themselves (and they liked to sneak stuff past management) so I’m willing to give it a pass while if such a thing were released today, the implications would be a lot more disturbing.

I’ve got a Khorne Warrior-Champion from the same release who I’ll show shortly. He just needs a bit of updating, and I’ve been putting all of my energy into a big clean-up of the house and (especially) the war room, which has slowly become a dumping ground for boxes and random junk. So as soon as I can manage!

Realm of Chaos: CH5 Chaos Familiars

:And now for some more truly Oldhammer models. These Chaos Familiars date from 1986-88, and were sculpted by Jes Goodwin and Bob Naismith. I believe the two on the outer are Goodwin sculpts, and the middle one could be by either.

Warhammer Oldhammer Ch5 Chaos Familiars

CH5 Chaos Familiars: Manequin (sic), Beastling and ..unnamed?

I painted these models a very long time ago. Sometime not too long after the Space Marine Paint Set was released, based on the robes the unnamed familiar is wearing. (Shades of the Watchers in the Dark!). I painted two of them with Tzeentch in mind – being the most magically-oriented of the Chaos Powers, and a nice chance to paint something different to my usual Khorne’ dominated stuff. I’m still very happy with how they came out, especially the duo-tone on Manequin.

Warhammer Oldhammer Ch5 Chaos Familiars

Rear view of the Familiars

All they needed recently was a tiny touch-up and rebasing onto more modern bases. If you think they look a little big for familiars, it’s because I’ve used 20mm round bases that I got with some of my Red Box Games minis. Our final image provides a better sense of scale, provided by a friendly passing Oldhammer Champion of Nurgle. These guys are small! Smaller than a goblin. Like Snotling sized.

Warhammer Oldhammer Ch5 Chaos Familiars, Manequin, Beastling Chaos Champion of Nurgle with Halberd

Scale Shot!

And in a surprising bit of awesomeness, I recently found that most of these figures are still available from Games Workshop even today, as part of the limited range of Direct-only metals that they still stock. Even more amazingly, they’re available for a reasonable price. If you’re someone who likes these cool old models, I’d change the flag on the GW website to your own one, and get them while you can! If you’re into familiars like this, Heresy also makes some cool familiars that fit with the same old-school Warhammer vibe, and Andy could probably use your cash a little more than Kirby…  I’ll be buying that pack as soon as I can get some spare dosh together.

Realm of Chaos – Slaves to Darkness Khorngor Beastmen

More Realm of Chaos era beastmen today. Once again, these are Khorngor – Beastmen of Khorne. One is (probably) intended as such, while the others are generic beastmen painted as followers of Khorne from back in the day. I believe all four are again Jes Goodwin sculpts, though I’m not 100% sure on the bulldog head. He could be one of Kev Adams’ or Mark Copplestone’s sculpts from the same range?

Oldhammer Jes Goodwin Realm of Chaos Beastmen

An early “Gor”style beastman and a Bulldog-head Khorngor.

When I was young, I was a fan of Khorne. Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for the Skull Throne, a combination of maddening blood rage and marital honour. While that last thing has kind of fallen by the wayside in recent years, Khorne remains a firm fan favourite for GW and no doubt teenagers the world over. Is it any wonder that the SigMarines battle KhorneReapers and BloodSmashers and all the rest?

So with this deep background in mind, we’ll let that suffice as the explanation as to why the generic goatheaded beastman was painted with Khornate-friendly armour. The shield on the other hand shows my own humour of the day. It’s not a Union Flag – it’s a variation of the eight-pointed star of Chaos. I do remember that this shield bothered by friend Jared something fierce. He might have found it broke the atmosphere of the game or something like that. Bulldog-face was actually painted with brown leathers and pretty much no markings of alleigance to Khorne, which I found odd. I repainted his leathers to a deep red, to keep the original feel of my original paint while tying him in a little more with his Khornate brethren.

Oldhammer Jes Goodwin Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Two more “Generic” Beastmen painted as Khorngor.

These two are clearly Goodwin sculpts. The one on the left seems to have the head of a horned dog, while the other has that Satyr face yet again – this time with a giant, crazy mohawk nestled in between some big-arse goat horns!

Oldhammer Jes Goodwin Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Beastman Shields denoting devotion to Khorne.

As in my last post featuring Khorngor, the shields are just a little abstract – though still pretty easy to distinguish. Just a matter of figuring out how to paint a rune of Khorne on that shield on the left, and a tiled pattern probably inspired by Wayne England’s style of painting.

Oldhammer Jes Goodwin Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Oldhammer Beastmen of Khorne ready for some bloodletting!

Finally, the unit shots. One regiment of Khorngor Beastmen to use The Herd rules and be allied to whatever Chaos is called in Kings of War. I did cheat by stuffing the Night Horror Apeman and the Khorne-worshipping Skaven in the rear to make up the numbers, but once I get the part-painted backlog finished, I’ll pull out some completely unpainted beastmen and finish this unit off properly!

Oldhammer Jes Goodwin Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Oldhammer Jes Goodwin Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Realm of Chaos – Slaves to Darkness Khorngor: Dog-faced Beastmen

A few more of my old Beastmen from the Realm of Chaos era. This time, a foursome of Khorngor – Beastmen of Khorne. Distinguished by their visages being of dogs, which was a distinctive Khorne thing back then, but has pretty much faded away over time. All four (ok, three!) are Jes Goodwin sculpts.

Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Khorngor Beastmen of Khorne

I had two of this sculpt, and as always when I ended up with duplicates in the past – particularly for more individual models such as Chaos ones, I wanted to distinguish them. I did so with both their fur and flesh colours as well as their shields. Military green loincloths provided both some contrast and a way for them to occasionally be part of a Traitor Imperial Guard regiment.

Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Shields of the Khorngor

Very distinct shields provide a couple of quite different takes on the Rune of Khorne. One influenced by Ian Miller’s work, and the other being a little more abstract, but still recognisable. Shaving the rims off those old plastic shields was (and still is) a simple matter that gives a bit more real estate to play with while giving those shields quite a different look and feel.

Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Rear view of the Khorngor

These two were both painted in the 1990’s and required relatively little work to update. Cleaning up and re-brightening the metal and some of the lacquered red armour, as well as rebasing.

Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

A pair of Bulldog-faced Khorngor

These next two aren’t duplicate sculpts, but they’re close. They clearly share the same base sculpt, most likely the one on our left as the one with chainmail and tentacle feels more like a conversion. Again I’ve trimmed the rim off the shield to give more space. The skull is freehand, as is the smaller rune of Khorne on its forehead. Once again, these two needed just a little cleaning up in spots redoing the belt on one and the axe on the other – and following the same general colour notes as the previous two models.

Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Reader view of Bulldog-faced Khorngor

Realm of Chaos: Nurgle Champion with Halberd, Undead “Evil” Warrior of Chaos (C35)

Two figures with a common origin but different destinies here today. The first is the Nurgle Champion of Chaos with Halberd, a 1990 The Lost and the Damned release of one of Jes Goodwin’s, who shares a base sculpt with “Mace” and “Sword 3”. Back then, many of the artists and sculptors in Workshop were still that little bit subversive, and liked to sneak in little “inappropriate” things into their artwork. Some were quite subtle, and others much less so. The original runes of the chaos gods had a few variations to them. While many have remained over the decades, some were quietly taken out back and shot. The most obvious one that’s been excised being the version of Nurgle’s rune/icon that this chap sports on both his breastplate and also atop his head, which featured on quite a few models of the time, as well as internal artwork. I never viewed that one as particularly subtle, but others to this day still somehow deny what their eyes see.

Citadel Realm of Chaos: Nurgle Champion with Halberd, C35 Undead Warrior of Chaos

Nurgle Champion with Halberd, Undead Chaos Champion.

The second model in this update is harder to place with accuracy. The earliest I can find him in the old catalogues is in the 1988 Catalogue, which was the first time that Citadel/GW had really started to properly document and …catalogue their figures. I suspect that the sculpt was released around 1985, as the model is featured in the ’88 catalogue alongside many of the C35 models that were also in the Third Citadel Compendium (1985). I suspect he’s from late-’85 to perhaps 86. Probably pre-’87 as the Chaos Warriors featured in those catalogues take another distinct design turn (Slambo and his ilk) before they changed yet again with the release of Realm of Chaos. The C35 era-Chaos Warriors would probably have been called Champions if such things existed in the same distinct way at the time.

Update info from SometThe undead champion is an older sculpt than 1988 as you suspect. He was a preslotta model recast as a slotta base when GW converted some of their older models over in 1985. From the back his armour looks like he was sculpted by the Perry Twins and shows similarities to the armour on other early C35 Chaos Warriors (the ‘Elric’ model I blogged about for example) and the Men at Arms range circa 1983. If you look at the Spring 85 Citadel Journal on SoL I think you can see a poorly illustrated side view version of him in the C35 range.

Citadel Realm of Chaos: Nurgle Champion with Halberd, C35 Undead Warrior of Chaos

Rear view of the two servants of Chaos (and Undeath!)

As for the painting on these two – The Nurgle Champion always had a slightly ropey paintjob, which I cleaned up while keeping as much of the original paint and feel as possible. His armour had some significant tide marks from early washes which I cleaned up. I also had a play with Ryza Rust and Typhus Corrosion on his armour and toned down his overly-garish pouches.

The Undead Warrior was originally painted a horrid bright red (Khorne, right?) and then never finished, and then stripped a few years ago. I had gotten as far as re-priming him black, and then having him sit annoyingly on my desk for another couple of years. The only way to finally end that annoyingness was to paint and finish him. I decided that I’ve got plenty enough Chaos Warriors and Champions in my collection and mentally reassigned him to Marouda’s Undead Army. I figure he can lead the small and slowly-growing “Oldhammer Skeleton” regiment. As part of the undead army, I had a palette worked out for him quite easily. I went for an aged-bronze look on his armour (ith a tiny bit of turquoise for the glow of the eyes on his helmet, red spot colour for his bright plume, and red-brown for his gloves. Bone was obviously the prefect fit for his shield, to which I added ruby-red for the eyes.

Citadel C35 Undead Warrior of Chaos

A closer-up of the Undead Chaos Warrior’s shield.

I find it amusing when “Oldhammer purists” wax poetic about the simple beauty plain flat shields and arcane armorials while bemoaning and decrying the more modern tendency towards shields (and models!) with fully sculpted details. How conveniently they forget the Marauder Miniatures sculpted shields, those of the Warhammer Fantasy Regiments and indeed, models like this guy and his peers. Me? I like both. Being able to like both is a thing. I love an excuse for a spot of cool freehand, but also enjoy working on a lovely pre-sculpted and detailed shield, like this one.

Realm of Chaos – Slaves to Darkness Beastmen: Pestigor, Tzaangor, Khorngor & Undivided

A couple more of my old Beastmen from the Realm of Chaos era. As I’ve mentioned before, painting them in a unified army form was the least of my concerns or priorities back then. In fact, making each model as individual as possible was the focus for those models that I painted.

Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Pestigor & Tzaangor – Beastmen of Nurgle & Tzeentch

I ended up with three of this sculpt, and so naturally wanted to make all three unique by painting them in a way that they could be used either as followers of three different Chaos gods, or all as generic beastmen with a bit of colour variation and a spot of Brightly Coloured Fur. I’ve given these guys a bit of a touchup and minor repaint a few weeks ago both to clean/neaten them up a tiny bit and also to make them a little less garish.

Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Pestigor & Tzaangor again

The shields on both the Pestigor and Tzaangor are Marauder Miniatures’ embossed shields. They were pretty exciting for the time. The one with the Marauder Miniatures Logo (Skull with dagger clenched between it’s teeth) was from the Undead sprue while the Skull over “Chaos Star” was actually a Dark Elf design.

Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Khorngor and Undivided Beastmen

These two were painted with Khorne and Undivided in mind (Sorry Slaanesh!) and while the Khorngor has been touched up, the Undivided fellow has remained untouched except for the rebasing.

Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Khorngor and Undivided Beastmen

I’ve added this particular undivided model to this set of photos as he’s got the same facial sculpt as the other three identical models. Usually when you see “conversion” models from that era they share the same pose or body, so it’s rather unusual for models to share a face in this way (that I’ve noticed anyway!) Still, it’s a good face, and on the second body it gives a very Satyr-like appearance.

Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Rear view of “Satyr” undivided Beastmen

As with the Khorngor and Slaangor champions shown a couple of weeks ago, these guys will eventually be included in armies for Kings of War, but exactly which armies remains to be seen. My Beastmen (Herd) army will be much more of a “Bestigor”-type army, while these two (and many of the others that are part of my renovations of my older models) are deeply Realm of Chaos-style Beastmen rather than the more feral Bestigor-style.