Blood Bowl 3e: Chaos Dwarf Team – Chaos Dwarf Blockers!

Blood Bowl 3e: Chaos Dwarf Team - Chaos Dwarf Blockers

Well, despite the current news of shitty actions and non-answers by WordPress towards their customers and users, the blog goes on for the time being. After all, I paid for this fucking thing and I’m going to continue to use it while my money has it locked in rather than boycott something I’ve already paid for – while looking at other options.

I’d have posted these Chaos Dwarfs up last week, but as fate would have it, when I took the photographs of them it eventuated that I’d left one of them on the painting desk, so it wasn’t until just now that I got back out to take these new photos of the whole gang.

Blood Bowl 3e: Chaos Dwarf Team - Chaos Dwarf Blockers

Back in 3rd edition, when this team was minted, Chaos Dwarf teams could have up to 6 Chaos Dwarf Blockers. Today, that limit remains the same. So with that said, no I do not recall why I added three more to the team – perhaps there were three models in the WHFB blister that I converted the extras from?

Blood Bowl 3e: Chaos Dwarf Team - Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl Team

When these are added to the Hobgoblins already painted as well as the Bull Centaurs, I’ve actually got a complete team here …except for one more addition. A Minotaur. I actually have the perfect model for it, but despite looking around in the last week, I’ve not had any luck finding it. The model in question has already been converted from it’s WHFB origins and is almost complete in terms of painting as well, so once work breaks for Easter, I’ll be having a good ol’ look again for it so I can call this team properly complete, done and dusted.

22 thoughts on “Blood Bowl 3e: Chaos Dwarf Team – Chaos Dwarf Blockers!

  1. Excellent looking team mate, and hope you find the minotaur over your Easter break, perhaps you got the other models, in case you needed reserves

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    • Thanks Dave. The bastard is still MIA, but when I eventually find him, I’ll post him up alongside the rest of the team. I know you could have up to 6 Dwarves and ther box came with 4, so it might have been as simple as a WHFB blister pack with 3 in it!

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    • Thanks Warb. It seems that they’re grandfathering the existing accounts (at least for now) but it does mean that the community will shrink even faster due to attrition as people slowly leave for various reasons and don’t get replaced (and just do Instagram instead)!

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  2. These models are near and dear to my heart. The team is hard to play, but I held onto those old minis for a good long while before finally replacing them with a newer set. Your work on them is awesome and nice color choices.

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    • Thank you! I played them in the days when you could have non-Star Player Bull Centaurs and did well – even moreso once I was able to afford the second centaur. I haven’t played them in the more modern versions, but I guess I will end up doing so sooner or later – maybe even in 2022!?!
      I’ve got at least one set of newer CD teams from a Kickstarter. If I can find them, I may even get them painted one day…

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      • They haven’t been revamped for the new rules yet, but I’m sure hoping they come soon. They are one of the teams that are pretty cool in that they play pretty differently than other teams. And variety is always nice!


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