A sudden, unannounced change

I’ll have some model-related content (probably) later today, but this is important news for our community.
If you wish to comment, pleade do join in over at Dave’s Blog, where this article originated. There’s more updated into in the comments there as well.

Scent of a Gamer

In between articles a line on my blog stats suddenly went from being halfway full to being full and red:

The free WordPress option used to come with 3GB for storage space.

Above is an image I found on a WordPress page that already seems to have been deleted while I was writing this. It shows what the limit used to be.

That has now been reduced to 500MB. At the moment, I can still upload new images, but I’m expecting that to stop soon.

There has been no announcement that I can see, but this is the new ‘free’ option. It has been drastically reduced. I also notice the 10,000 monthly views limit. I’m getting more than that, and so are many others I know.

At some point, something is going to happen, as in I won’t be able to upload new images, and people won’t be able…

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10 thoughts on “A sudden, unannounced change

      • I had a WordPress blog from 2004-2014 and it was an incredibly good platform with superb support. But it’s been slowly shifting from being a personal blogging platform to one aimed at paid business accounts over the past few years. It’s why I went with Blogger for my minis site, it’s not perfect and has its issues but the fact that Google seems to have forgotten it exists means it seems to be safe from bullshit like this.

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      • Yeah, I was very happy with WordPress several years ago before they bumped the prices to what I’m paying now, and they had the “new editor” as an option rather than something forced, lots of free templates to choose from… since then they’ve slowly devolved in quality and now this bullshit.
        With Google the biggest potential issue is that they’ll suddenly remember that Blogger is a thing and it’ll join the Google Graveyard.

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  1. I’m nowhere near that many views but I’m quite sure so many of my favorite bloggers are. Real shame, and frustrating. Agreed with the points above.

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    • It’s also unclear on whether the limit is on page views or unique users. On my current “Personal” plan I’m getting a little over 10k page views most months, but 4-5k unique users. And let’s face it – I’m not huge. I’ve asked them for clarification.

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