Shieldwolf Miniatures’ Krumvaal Lower Yetis (Yeti B) (#Monstermarch6)

Shieldwolf Miniatures' Krumvaal Lower Yetis (Yeti B)

It’s been a year now since I finished the first pair of these models – Shieldwolf Miniatures’ Krumvaal Lower Yetis which I have had for several years since the Kickstarter they were released as part of. I’d done a little on them on and off since I first started working on all six a year ago, but the fact is I haven’t really enjoyed working on these, so it took the motivation of a painting challenge – in this case Swordmaster’s Monster March Painting Challenge – for me to get motivated to Kick Out The Jams and just go hard on getting them done in the past couple of days after (finally) basing them at the start of the month.

Shieldwolf Miniatures' Krumvaal Lower Yetis (Yeti B)

Now technically, these just missed the deadline for Monster March by a day, as I finished them in the evening of April 1st, but hey! People are painting cavalry for Monster March, so a little flexibility in the “rules” is fine, as the main thing is really that sweet painting motivation – and I did need that motivation to get these done for reaosns I discussed in my post on the previous pair of these.

Shieldwolf Miniatures' Krumvaal Lower Yetis (Yeti B)

These casts wren’t really up to Shieldwolf’s usual high standards, being cast in a shiny, hard yellowish resin that reminded me of some of Forge World’s early stuff, or the stuff I’ve seen from people who buy their “GW” miniatures from China. There were also some casting lines and holes in the casts that I had to fill with putty. Not the end of the world, and they paint up just the same, but I personally prefer working with Shieldwolf’s much nicer grey resin (I need to finish assembling and paint that Mammoth!)

Shieldwolf Miniatures' Krumvaal Lower Yetis (Yeti A, Yeti B)

Once again, as with many of the models that I don’t especially enjoy painting, I do like them a lot more now that they’re done. There are of course one last pair of them, which I appear to have somehow lost on my painting desk (yes, it’s that messy – I need to set up a new “Tray”). If I can find them in the next couple of weeks, I will absolutely attempt to use this year’s Monster MAYhem to motivate the completion of that final pair of these.

Shieldwolf Miniatures' Krumvaal Lower Yetis (Yeti B), Reaper Miniatures 50153 Berkeley Zombie Survivor

As is the style of the blog, Berkeley is on hand to show how big these guys actually are. And to reiterate – if you’re wondering why they’re not on snowy bases – simples! They’re not fighting next to where they live. They’ve come down the mountains to tag along with whichever army I drop them into (Ogres, probably) and raid the puny folk!