WarZone 1st Edition Warzone Cartel Special Agent: TG9510PB (Neglected Model September ’18)

WarZone 1st Edition Warzone Cartel Special Agent: TG9510PB, Heartbreaker Hobbies

Another WarZone 1st Edition model today – one of the four from the WarZone Cartel Special Agents pack. He is, of course a Neglected Model and has been touched up and had some aspects repainted to fit in with current-quality models. I’d have posted this a few days ago, but I’m still burnt out, so much so that I actually forgot that I hadn’t posted this model (and the one that’s the subject of tomorrow’s post, also.)

WarZone 1st Edition Warzone Cartel Special Agent: TG9510PB, Heartbreaker Hobbies

Once again, the model features nWo logo, the rationale behind this was that my force back in the day was nWo-branded Cybertronic, so it only made sense for the Cartel allies that I’d theoretically use to also feature the same iconography, for easy IFF on the tabletop. Updates to this model as part of Neglected September included patching up the chips that went to the bare metal, completely rebasing it, cleaning up and re-highlighting some parts of the jacket, and updating his hair from yellow-as-blonde, to a more realistic sandy colour (though it still looks a bit more yellowish in these pics than in hand).

WarZone 1st Edition: Jake Kramer – Capitol Hero

WarZone 1st Edition: Jake Kramer - Capitol Hero, Heartbreaker Hobbies

Today we have another figure from my archives that just needed a small amount of touching up (and rebasing) to be restored and good enough for the 2018 table. The Warzone hero, Jake Kramer. For those familiar with Warzone, and especially first edition, you may recall that Jake is a hero from the Capitol faction, which is the U.S.A.-themed one. The more observant of you will probably have noticed the great big Union Flag taking up most of Jake’s shirt, under his jacket. I can’t recall the exact reasoning behind this, though it would safely have been one of two reasons:

  1. I thought Jake was Imperial, because to me he just looks Stereotypically British to me with those muttonchops.
  2. I thought the model looked Stereotypically British with those muttonchops, and since I didn’t play Imperial nor Capitol I just painted it that way because I didn’t give a fuck about using it “properly” in one of my forces, so it was just a model to paint.

Both great reasons, I’m sure you’ll agree. 🙂

WarZone 1st Edition: Jake Kramer - Capitol Hero, Heartbreaker Hobbies

For those people interested in picking up this figure (I get quite a few messages when I post WarZone models asking me if I want to sell anything) – this guy is still available from Prince August for just a few Eurobucks.

Reaper Bones 77498: Werearmadillo (Neglected Model September ’18)

Today I have the next of this month’s Neglected Models – a somewhat random Reaper Bones model of a Werearmadillo. I’m not sure if this is a D&D-type thing (since many Reaper models are unofficial D&D critters) or just one of the really random things that Reaper puts out. Either way, it came out of a tub of Bones models several months ago when I was looking for something else because it looked easy to paint, then it got started, then pushed aside, neglected for months. I mean – just look at it – it’s not the most inspiring or exciting model out there – especially if you don’t specifically need an anthropomorphic armadillo for something and you’re just painting it as a random thing.

So I made myself get the lead out and get the thing finished so I could get it out of here. The model is on a 50mm rolled-edge base to get around how very warped it was, so it’s not an especially small model, though it’s far from tall due to its hunched posture. The integral base was more than a little awkward to clip down so I ended up leaving part of it and painting it as a rocky outcrop that it’s walking over. There’s nothing particularly interesting happening here, and I didn’t even look up photos of real armadillos. I just went with a couple of appropriate looking tones to differentiate the “armour” and the heavy, thick looking skin of the beast. Rather than going for blood dripping off the claws, I decided to instead dirty up the limbs and the claws with weathering powders, to represent that the creature likely spends a fair bit of time digging in the dirt.

So… yeah. No idea what I’d ever use this model for aside from the “maybe while playing Pathfinder or some other RPG or GMing a miniatures game where I need a random-ish monster one day” catch-all disclaimer. Ah well. Another model done!

WarZone 1st Edition: Edward S. Murdoch – Imperial Golden Lion Hero

WarZone 1st Edition: Edward S. Murdoch - Imperial Golden Lion Hero, Heartbreaker Hobbies

I’m back to posting. Today’s model is one of my old 1st edition WarZone models. I actually updated this guy last month and even included him in the monthly round-up, but I somehow forgot to give him his own post at the time. Yeah, I’ve been real tired. Anyway, this model is a named hero from the Imperial (British-themed) faction. This guy is Edward S. Murdoch – Imperial Golden Lion Hero. He’s apparently an ex-Blood Beret (Not-Parachute Regiment, I guess) who is now a Golden Lion. To be quite honest, I don’t remember enough else about the minutia of the WarZone background to go into more detail – and besides, it’s not important here.

WarZone 1st Edition: Edward S. Murdoch - Imperial Golden Lion Hero, Heartbreaker Hobbies

The paint scheme I gave him completely disregards whetever the WarZone canon might be, and instead he was painted to go into my Imperial Guard force as a Lieutenant to lead one of my infantry platoons. As such, his outfit has been painted as carapace armour in an Auscam pattern, along with a sand-coloured beret. A plastic pouch from a 1:35 scale US infantry model replaces the slot on his belt for his sword. Can you tell? No? That’s the point. 🙂

WarZone 1st Edition: Edward S. Murdoch - Imperial Golden Lion Hero, Heartbreaker Hobbies

This shot shows off the unit markings I added (via decals) to 40k-ify him. Aside from those and replacing his sword, the model is stock. The figure was painted way back in either the mid-late 1990s’ to the mid-2000’s (I can’t remember) so all I’ve really done here last month is a touch-up on a few parts to repair a bit of scuff, and rebasing him on a 32mm, which suits a figure of his stature much better than the 25mm base ever did.

I’ve been struggling to care about blogging for the last few weeks – mostly due to burnout and exhaustion – both mental and physical. I’ve tried to at least kind of keep up on other people’s blog posts when I can, but there are a few people whose recent posts have suffered from my lack of energy to comment on meaningfully – and of course the Technical August roundup is now a week behind. Turns out there were a lot more contributions than I realised/remembered for Technical August, so the round-up post is *part* done as I got started last weekend, and I’m hoping to have time this weekend to finish it. At least the next three weeks of work should be a lot less full-on so I can start to rest up, the weather is changing for the better, and I can finally go get some work done on my knee, so things should start looking up a little – barring needing to go into work this Saturday…

Sedition Wars Terrain Set Turrets

Here’s the next few models from my Sedition Wars Terrain Sets. I’ve featured some of this stuff before in the past, specifically the Barricades and the Crates.

As I’ve mentioned before in those posts, the add-on terrain set was the best part of that particular ill-fated Kickstarter campaign. I’ve got most of them in a storage tub, waiting for when I either want to knock out some bits and pieces or could use some of them for a game.

These got painted for the latter reason – while playing Imperial Assault, we ran into some turrets during one of the missions. Rather than the counters, we used the turrets I painted recently for Shadows of Brimstone, but I felt that they were a little big. With his in mind, I picked out four of the less-wonky Sedition Wars turrets (the articulated arms were glued down in the factory by indifferent workers) and eventually got to work.

As you can see, they’re simple, but decent enough models (feels like I write something like that pretty often lately!) I’m sure they can be used pretty easily in whatever kinds of sci-fi or near-future games as needed, but more importantly, if we run into any more turrets in IA, I’m prepared (I bet we won’t, now…)

Here’s a rough depiction of what seems to happen when we open the average door in IA. RUN! (and yes, we’re the using WotC figures for a lot of stuff while I slowly paint the “official” models.)

Shadows of Brimstone: Guardian of Targa (Jewel of July ’18)

Shadows of Brimstone: Guardian of Targa

Have you ever pained something, finished it, but not been happy with some part of it. Then after a few days, just said “screw it” and entirely redone that part of it? That’s what happened with one of the figures in the post that was going to go up today – my final June-It unit. So I’m going to do my best to have it redone for tomorrow. So for today, we’re going out of sequence and I’m posting up the first of my “Jewel of July” models. That model being the big lug above – the Guardian of Targa, from Shadows of Brimstone.

The Guardian of Targa is the final one of the three “Targa” sets (I don’t really know what ‘Targa’ is, so don’t ask!)

Shadows of Brimstone: Guardian of Targa

I’ve painted it more or less in line with the Custodians and the Dark Stone Pylons – that is to say, as the “iron”-looking metal of the Custodians combined with black panels reminiscent of the Dark Stone Pylons, with green glowies that all three sets have in common. With just a touch of brass on the cabling to add some additional colour. As it turned out, on a model this size, it still wasn’t enough. The solution was to add some wear via my Vallejo Model Washes – Oiled Earth and Dark Brown. Are they oil stains, corrosion or just dust and grime from being outdoors? Who knows if the metal of Targa corrodes or needs lubrication? Not me. The important thing was that it subtly added a bit more interest to the model and took it away from looking so monochrome (yes, even with the green and brass!)

Shadows of Brimstone: Guardian of Targa, Custodians of Targa, Dark Pylons

Here it is, alongside the aforementioned other Shadows of Brimstone Targa models. I think they fit in pretty well together. I was half-tempted to repaint some of the legs of the Guardians with some black panels like the big guy, but  …naaaaaa. They’re not the best or most important models and they look fine as is. I’d rather spend that time and/or effort on painting more models or on more centrepiece/boss mob models like the Guardian.

Shadows of Brimstone: Guardian of Targa, Custodians of Targa, Dark Pylons, Iron Warrior

To finish up, I slipped an Iron Warrior Space Marine into the previous shot. The main reason being to give a visual size reference, since the other figures are far from your standard humanoids. As you can see, he’s a big boy! I suppose I could also it into 40k as a Close-combat geared Dreadnought, or some sort of Mechanicus/Mechanicum Robot, depending on which ones have rules at the time. Visually it could kinda-sorta fit in with the Necrons due to the colour scheme, but I don’t think they have anything very like this, and besides – all of my Necrons are still attached to their sprues at present!

With all of that done, I’ll do my best to get that last June-It Unit posted up tomorrow, and if I can motivate some help around here to help clean out the table in the War Room and its surrounds from being Junktown, I may even be able to do my round-up posts right after that! Crossed fingers!

WarZone 1st Edition Cybertronic Chasseur Hero with LMG: TG9823PB (Neglected Model May ’18)

Warzone 1st Edition Cybertronic Chasseur Hero with LMG Conversion

This one is the last of the WarZone models I’ll be doing for the time being. Challenges like Neglected Model months are good motivation for me to poke around in the depths of old cases to see what can be dug out and revived with a lesser or greater amount of work. As this month winds down, I’ve gotten to the last of the WarZone models I picked out of the case, and I’ll save my next delve there for the next Neglected Model month. Plenty of other stuff on the table I want to clear out that’s been there for ages, anyway! As you can see, he’s a member of the nWo Wolfpac, and is specifically named Nash, after Big Kev.

Warzone 1st Edition Cybertronic Chasseur Hero with LMG Conversion

This figure is a conversion of the original WarZone 1e Cybertronic Hero model (yeah, they only had one!) Originally armed with a shotgun, he’s had a bullpup LMG grafted and built around where the shotgun used to be, and his left arm was taken from a Chasseur Sergeant model, in order to completely change the “shape” of the model. Head is chopped off a metal 40k Techmarine, and the backpack is made up of some 1:35 scale military parts. Wires are just copper wire taken from that little handful of a bundle that I “found” in high school metalwork all those years ago… which I still have today whenever I need bendy wire that’s not guitar wire (I’d use guitar wire on him these days, but …1990’s conversion!

Here’s the original base model.

Again, this model is still available from Prince August. Well, the base model is, anyway. You can see how much chopping has been involved – this is how we used to do conversions in the old days before plastic kits became the norm. With metal and a saw. And yes, he’s very “flat” like a real mid-1990’s figure, though that’s largely due to the pose of the base figure and limited parts to draw from that fit Cybertronic in the rather chunky WarZone style if I didn’t want him to look like a Space Marine.

Warzone 1st Edition Cybertronic Chasseur Hero with LMG Conversion, Atilla III Cuirassier, Cybertronic Chasseur

Here’s Big Sexy Nash alongside his nWo Cybertronic (Iron Warriors cult) buddies, Sting the Atilla and Masahiro Chono the Chasseur.

Warzone 1st Edition Cybertronic Chasseur Hero with LMG Conversion, Atilla III Cuirassier, Cybertronic Chasseur, Agent Nick Michaels, Imperial Blood Berets HMG Specialist, Capitol Sea Lion Hero, Dark Legion Technomancer

The Neglected May ’18 WarZone contingent.

And finally alongside the other Neglected WarZone models I’ve finished over this (last) month: 1st Edition Dark Legion Technomancer, Agent Nick Michaels, Cybertronic Chasseur Hero with LMG Conversion, 1.5 Cybertronic Chasseur, Atilla III Cuirassier with HMG Conversion, Capitol Sea Lion Hero and Imperial Blood Berets HMG Specialist. Not exactly a cohesive force or anything, but bloody nice to have all of these figures finally completed.