Citadel LotR Black Númenórean Warriors

Today we have something that’s somewhat recent and still available. Six Black Númenórean Warriors from Citadel’s Lord of the Rings range. I don’t recall when these were released exactly, but the slotta says 07 so it would have been either 2007 or 2008 most likely. These models are exceptions to the “no starting anything new” rule I’ve got in place, as the “stuff I can paint 90% of at work” rules overrides the former rule. As I’ve noted before, a limited palette and a simple job to do (usually highlighting black cloth or painting bone) works well for me at work, and keeps me interested in the hobby when I’d otherwise be tired and (more) burnt out.

Citadel Black Númenórean Warrior

Citadel Black Númenórean Warrior

I wanted to paint these in a slightly more interesting (to me) manner than the usual, which is essentially dirtied-up steel with black robes, but still retain the proper feel of these Morgul troops. I’ve seen some really nice looking Morgul Knights (these guys on horses, basically) painted with deep sea green robes, but I wanted to maintain stronger visual ties through their palette being in tune with both the Ringwraiths and also (and more importantly) The Mouth of Sauron figure.

Citadel Black Númenórean Warrior

Citadel Black Númenórean Warrior

I kept the dark robes, highlighted via blending rather than drybrushing which I’ve used in the past for similar models. Sadly the highlighting seems to be a bit washed out in these pictures, but something I absolutely wanted to avoid was over-highlighting the robes to light grey or white, which seems to be a common solution for many painters – because the robes are black. I used my usual black palette, of blends between Army Painter Black and VMC – Black Grey and Basalt Grey. Basalt Grey is plenty light enough for these guys.

Citadel Black Númenórean Warrior

Citadel Black Númenórean Warrior

For the metal areas, I tried a new technique. First I painted the armour and shields with Vallejo Chainmail undercoat with a little bit of VMA Bright Brass mixed in. Two glazes of Citadel Seaphim Sepia Shade, and then an edge highlight of VMA Gold. Sword blades were done with Army Painter Plate Mail, washed with AP Dark Tone, and then edge highlighted with Plate Mail again.

Faces were done with VMC Sand, shaded with a paint wash of Fire Dragon Crimson, which is a very old Citadel paint that’s actually a purple shade and then touched up with sand. A bit of black around their mouths and teeth picked out with VGC Elfic Flesh. Leather on the sword handles and shield straps were done with AP Chaotic Red (which is more of a deep red-brown) and washed with AP Strongtone. Done!

The reason I’ve documented exactly how I painted them here is because I’ve found that I have literally a dozen more of these guys, as well as a single pair of Castellans of Dol Guldur, who may well get the same paint scheme, given how similar they are in look and feel, and to add more variety to the scant three poses that the Black Númenóreans have.

Citadel Black Númenórean Warriors

As you can see, I attempted some minor conversion with these initial six when I got them years ago. I clipped some shoulder spikes from one of the models, and turned one of those spikes into a “rear” headspike on one of the other models. Without going into Chaos Warrior-style spikiness, I’m not sure how I can easily add any differentiation to the dozen others I have of these three sculpts. I’m not willing to go so far as to resculpt parts, and these models aren’t exactly conducive to headswaps, so there’s probably not a lot going to happen here.

The eventual Army of Mordor will find a home both in the various LotR games, as well as Kings of War. Plenty more to paint before I worry too much about that, though… Perhaps these guys will find their way onto the table alongside Marouda’s Undead army as Allied troops.

Warzone Nepharite of Algeroth and Razide (Heartbreaker Miniatures)

Nope, not the new Prodos models. I almost went big on their KS during the PM phase, but I asked them a couple of questions and while they did get back to me after a few days, by the time they did I’d already spent my money, and getting that big bundle of cash together again was on my “yeah, I need to do that” list until it kinda got forgotten about and the PM expired. So I missed out on some lovely new figures, and they missed out on my big pile of cash.

Anyway, these models are Heartbreaker sculpts from (when else?) the 1990’s and painted in either the ’90s or the early ’00s. I never played Dark Legion, but picked up the odd sculpt that I felt had 40k crossover appeal, and then later bought quite a lot more during their final “Fire Sale” period. I’ve already showcased a bunch of their Zombies as part of my Nurgle Lost and the Damned force. As such, they were painted with obvious 40k influences, but without going the whole hog in case I decided to play WarZone 1e again some time.

Heartbreaker Miniatures Warzone Nepharite of Algeroth

Warzone Nepharite of Algeroth with Face Paint.

The Nepharite of Algeroth, with his big-arse chain-halberd thing makes an ideal follower of Khorne. Algeroth in the WarZone canon being the d̶i̶e̶t̶y̶ Apostle of War. Hmmm…

I decided to paint him in a Khorne-inspired palette, but avoid the whole “blood spatter” thing. I gave the Kev Adams face sculpt some face-paint, to bring out the skull-like aspects of his visage even more. His gloves are made of flayed leather skin, and I kept the rest to red, black, brass and iron – with the exception of the Hazard Stripes on his chainblade. Health & Safety at the forefront, wot?

Heartbreaker Miniatures Warzone Nepharite of Algeroth

Rear view of the WarZone Nepharite.

From the rear view, we see that the only variation to the palette is the dirty yellow of his butt-tabard. I did dirty this up to tone it down when I rebased him as it was a bright, clean yellow. Same deal with the torn remnants of his shirt. I left the lacquered red of his armour clean and bright, however.

Heartbreaker Miniatures Warzone Razide

WarZone Razide with Extensive Tattoos

The Razide I decided for whatever reason to paint as a follower of Tzeentch. I guess the more obvious deity might have been Nurgle, what with the Swamp Thing face and the boil-looking growths on the shoulders and so forth. The tubes were originally painted in way too many colours, which I recently turned into reds, shaded with brown ink. The Tattoos… well, throughout the 1990s one of my biggest influences in many ways was Henry Rollins. I admired the man’s integrity, his no-bullshit ethos, and of course the live performances of Rollins Band were pretty impressive, with all that raw power and intensity. I also thought he made a great template and influence for wargaming models. Remember, this was back in the days when tattoos were mostly the domain of Bikers, people in the military, rather rough types of people, and musicians. They weren’t on every second guy you met, and certainly not on every second girl. The tattoos on the bikers and rougher people I knew (family & friends of) were far too small and intricate to work in miniature scale, so Rollins became a bit of a default for inspiration, with his large, distinct pieces that worked from a distance. I’ll just point out a few of the obscured ones. “LOVE” and “HATE” on his knuckles. With a cheeky ? on the thumb of LOVE = “LOVE?”

Heartbreaker Miniatures Warzone Razide

Rear View of Razide and Tattoos.

There’s a pentagram on his right thigh that’s hard to see in the pics, and the text across his lower back says “SCARRED” in a stylised font.

Heartbreaker Miniatures Warzone Razide

Left view of Razide tattoos.

Heartbreaker Miniatures Warzone Razide

Right view of Razide tattoos.

Heartbreaker Miniatures Warzone Razide

Upper Back of the Razide’s tattoos.

And finally, a scale shot with a Metal Guardsman I had to hand. Both are pretty handily Ogre-Sized:

Heartbreaker Miniatures Warzone Nepharite of Algeroth, Razide

Warzone Nepharite of Algeroth, Razide and Guardsman for scale.

These two will likely be rolled into other Lost and the Damned forces – Khorne and Tzeentch at some future time when I have a hell of a lot more models painted. Until then, they’re mostly just going to sit in the figure cases. The Nepharite of Algeroth might make it into a Kings of War Chaos-themed force, I guess. He could be a “Minotaur Hero” to the old-school RoC Beastmen.

The Razide is still available from Prince August who bought out the remaining WarZone stock sometime 20-off years ago when Heartbreaker collapsed, but the Nepharite of Algeroth seems to have been sold out. I’m sure they’d be easy enough to pick up from eBay, etc, though.


Space Crusade – Chaos Space Marines

Continuing the late 1980’s/early 1990’s thing I’ve had going for awhile here are a trio of Chaos Space Marines from the rather famous Space Crusade boardgame – part of the cooperation between Games Workshop and Milton Bradley from that era along with HeroQuest and Battle Masters. I had owned both HeroQuest and Advanced HeroQuest in the day, and managed to pick up replacement secondhand copies of both in the past few years to re-complete them. I also owned Battle Masters and Space Crusade, but sadly both of those got scattered to the winds over time through my own fault and poor choices, so there’s not that much left of either now.

Anyway, these three got painted back in the day and updated a month or two ago.

Space Crusade Chaos Space Marines of Nurgle, Khorne and Tzeentch

As noted in earlier posts, back in the 90’s I was’t able to afford all of the models I wanted (how some things never change, eh?) and so my solution was to paint what I had differently or uniquely to make up for it. Sadly, these are still the only World Eaters/Khornemarines and Thousand Sons/Tzeentchmarines I actually have painted to this day! I thought it’d be a good idea to give the Nurgle guy a cut-down “hoof” style foot, and then damage his horn. For some reason, I then thought it’s be a good idea to damage the Khorne guy’s horn in exactly the same place and way. /facepalm.

Space Crusade Chaos Space Marines of Nurgle, Khorne and Tzeentch

Space Crusade Chaos Marines show off their iconography.

The Nurgle guy got a visit from a red-hot paperclip from the stove and a bit of putty to create the disfigurement and damage to his armour. The iconography on the other two is freehanded, and was done 20-odd years ago with no need to touch it up recently. The main things I did to touch these guys up was to remove the green elements of armour from the Khorne and Tzeentch guys, as well as the removal of a bit of purple from Tzeentch-dude. As I’ve said, the early 90’s were a bit garish if you followed GW for inspiration too closely. They look much nicer now, muted down a little to their “proper” colours.

Space Crusade Chaos Space Marines of Nurgle, Khorne and Tzeentch

Rear View of the Space Crusade Chaos Marines

The Red-and-Green of the Nurgle Marine isn’t what I’d choose today, but was actually a common scheme for Nurgle Marines and Chaos Renegades from the Slaves to Darkness book, and was a bit part of the “original soul” of this painted guy, so I left it. I also rebased all three on the new 32mm round bases, which they fill out nicely and really fit with these models much better than the 25mm ones they lived on for so long.

This blog really has been filled with old models lately – it’s not intentionally retro, it’s just that a lot of what I’ve painted, am repainting and am finally finishing is from that era, and I’m trying to document everything I finish these days. I’m keen as hell to get onto some newer models and some Forge World and so forth, but I’m making myself hold off, with the exception of “work minis” that have simple techniques that I can do at work (and bore me to do at home!)

Citadel C18 Night Horrors – Werebear and Apeman

Another pair of the old Night Horrors the 1986-88 time period today. These two are a little further down the scale of interesting than yesterday’s undead-themed models, and I really think they both only ever got painted because fur is easy.

Citadel C18 Night Horrors - Werebear and Ape Man

C18 Night Horrors – Werebear and Ape Man.

The apeman’s fur was pretty much all the same shade, so when I rebased him recently I decided to touch him up a little and add some colour variation to his fur. Most readily seen on his back, which is darker along the spine. Ape-Man is pretty much as he always was, but I drilled into the neck of his victim and stuck a little bit of wire in there to act as a bit of neck/spine. FATALITY!

Citadel C18 Night Horrors - Werebear and Ape Man

Rear View of the Bestial Night Horrors.

I’m not sure why I gave the Ape Man blonde locks. I guess he’s just that bit more fashion-conscious than the other Apes, but not so much as to actually start wearing clothes. Wheras yesterday’s pair will be rolled into the Undead army, these two fit in much more nicely with the Old-School mixed-style Beastmen of Chaos, along with the other weirdos like the Talisman Troll and the various Realm of Chaos-Era Beastmen.

I’ve got a few more Night Horrors floating around. There’s a Medusa on my painting desk, and I know I have a werewolf or two completely unpainted somewhere. Sadly I don’t have any of the really cool undead figures from this range, but c’est la vie…

Citadel C18 Night Horrors – Ghoul and Golem

Dating from 1986 (Ghoul) and somewhere between then and 1988 (Golem), these two models originally hailed from Citadel’s Night Horrors range that started off as a kind of Gothic Horror/Hammer Horror/Cthulhu-esque range that covered everything from Ghosts, Ghouls, Vampires, Witches, Werewolves, Mummies, Headless Spectres, Wights, Devils, Demons (no æ!) and everything in between. Most of that stuff got rolled into the V̶a̶m̶p̶i̶r̶e̶ ̶C̶o̶u̶n̶t̶s̶ Undead army and as such was replaced fully in the early-mid 1990’s with official models wearing big hats, but despite some rough sculpts in the Night Horror range, others still hold up very well today.

Citadel C18 Night Horrors - Ghoul and Golem

C18 Night Horrors – Ghoul and Golem

These two models are in the upper-mid tier of those models in my opinion. They’re still decent models today, though nothing amazing. They’re not embarrassingly bad either, though. Which is always a bonus. The ghoul was probably the first non-skeleton undead model I ever painted, and served as a bit of a template for models through to this day. Using Citadel’s “Rotting Flesh” paint, shaded with purple for an unnatural and horrible effect. I’m sure I got the idea from an old ‘eavy Metal article (remember when Blanche and co used to write about their painting techniques?) or at the very least, some pictures in ‘eavy Metal. The ghoul is pretty much as I painted him back in the 1990’s, with some touching up and maybe some updated blending.

Citadel C18 Night Horrors - Ghoul and Golem

Rear View of the Undead Night Horrors

The Golem is a much more recent one. Well, started a year or two ago and finished this year a couple of months ago. I followed the same palette as the Ghoul and decided to paint the “stitches” as staples, because it just seems a bit nastier. I may have been planning to use the Golem as a Blood Bowl player at one point, but clearly never got around to it. No great loss!

These two will be rolled into Undead Army units at some stage, but they also sit happily in reserve for any kind of Fantasy Roleplaying or D&D-style boardgames.

Who Let The Dogs Out? Zombicide Dog Companions

I’ve been waiting ages to use that awful pun. I just had to finish the last of the six Zombicide dogs first.

Zombicide Dog Companions, American Bulldogs

Moog and Gapard, the American Bulldogs

The American Bulldogs were the first dogs I got finished. I attempted to pretty much match the dogs up to their appropriate artwork, but also did their collars and leads in slightly different colours so that players could have a secondary colour thing to latch into visually. Also, six black collars and leads would have been boring.

Zombicide Dog Companions, German Shepherds

Martens and Bismuth, the German Shepherds

After finishing the Bulldogs, the others sat on my desk for literally months until I managed to force myself to paint the German Shepherds. Martens is easily my favourite paintjob of the bunch.

Zombicide Dog Companions, Blue Heelers

Lucien and Cherry, the Blue Heelers

And finally, I finished the last of the Blue Heelers. I didn’t mind doing Cherry, the ginger-brown one, but Lucian was annoying as all hell to do.

Despite the fact that they all came up pretty decently, I really didn’t enjoy painting the dogs. I’m not sure why, but I kinda just lost interest in them after the Bulldogs were done, and at that point they became a chore. It might have been the smaller size, or perhaps trying to match the colours closely to the figures’ cards. I’m really not sure.

I’ve seen people clip the stands off the dog models and glue them directly to their bases, but my group tends to play Zombicide a lot, and as a result, all of the models get a lot of handling. This means they need to be and stay especially robust – no flimsy models wanted here, and if I did the clipping I’d be concerned that their leaping poses with few contact points simply wouldn’t hold up to the amount of play that we do.

They provide a very powerful buff in the game. Our group no longer really bothers to give the Dogs much in the way of commands or orders except for occasionally early on in the game if someone lacks a decent melee weapon. We also use them for the extra search action, but mostly we use them for the bonus dice to melee attacks. We’re about to finish the Season 2 campaign done vanilla-style, excepting the addition of a few extra survivors so the 4 of us can play with 2 characters each, but once that’s done, we’ll be combining everything together and there’ll be some really nasty melee-centric characters. 2x Claw Hammers with 2x American Pitbulls and the Gas Mask? 14 dice melee per action that can take out any number of Vanilla, Toxic or Berserker Walkers, Runners or Zombie Dogs and the Pitbulls’ damage of 2 as backup for Fatty duties? Ouch!

Reaper Miniatures 02828: Thornback Troll

Azazel: Today’s post comes from Marouda, who I’ve convinced to start up her own WordPress account so that she can add the odd post to the blog. Her last contribution was adding her thoughts and perspective to the review of Dungeon! back in Jan 2013. This model is Reaper’s Thornback Troll by Ben Siens, Released in 2004.

Anyway, over to Marouda:

Reaper Miniatures Thornback Troll

Reaper Miniatures Thornback Troll

I selected this model to paint for a Reaper Miniatures painting competition in 2011. However I never got him finished in time, so he sat unfinished for a while. Originally he had a bright orange yellow loin cloth, which Azazel suggested that I tone down. The shading and highlighting on the muscles took ages to do as it involved many, many layers.

Reaper Miniatures Thornback Troll

Reaper Miniatures Thornback Troll Side view

I enjoyed painting his club and his pimples. I am very much a beginner painter, but it’s very handy having Azazel who has been painting for most of his life coaching me through the various stages and layers of painting. Last week I decided to finish the model and further highlighted his belly brows, jowls and muscles with a pale highlight. I did all the painting on this model myself apart from the very fine detail work of the pupils of the eyes, some of the teeth and the base.

Reaper Miniatures Thornback Troll

Reaper Miniatures Thornback Troll Back view

This is the second model that I have ever started and just recently finished apart from some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that I painted more than 10 years ago. I also started and finished a water unicorn model at the same time I started this troll. I have a female Entwife figure from Mithril Miniatures that was started some years back that I should really get finished. I also really like the GW Tomb Kings models although that involves some very fine work and a very steady hand.


Azazel: I did the basing so that the model remains consistent with the rest of the miniatures. The model was based on a round back when this model was started, and since it’s as much a display model of Marouda’s as a gaming piece, I’ll leave it on the round instead of rebasing to square as the other trolls are. Tufts of course tie the model in with the other trolls in the collection, so this purple guy can fit in nicely enough in a unit with the various others.