Citadel TL13 Talisman Troll (1986)

Another blast from the past today. The Talisman Troll. Remember when Games Workshop used to make boardgames? No, not “Specialist” (a title that came much later) minatures games that started in a big box, like Battlefleet Gothic or Necromunda or even Dark Future, but actual self-contained Board Games. Talisman was one of these, alongside things like DungeonQuest, Chaos Marauders (which was a card-based game about Orcs & Goblins), Block Mania (set in 2000ad’s world of Dredd), The Fury of Dracula and so forth. There really was quite a variety. GW was quite a prolific producer of both original and licenced boardgames for a bit of time back in the 1980’s before they went fully-Warhammer focused.

Citadel's TL13 Talisman Troll (1986)

Citadel’s TL13 Talisman Troll.

I had a few of the old metal Talisman figures, but I never really liked any of them especially. I think the Space Marine (from Timescape) got rolled into my RT-era models, though even that was an unimpressive sculpt. I’ve probably got a few of the others still floating around somewhere, I recall a man with a top hat in his hand, a woman with a small cauldron, and the Ninja being in my collection. They probably still are. In a container of junky old lead. Somewhere.

Citadel's TL13 Talisman Troll (1986)

TL13 Talisman Troll shows off his trousers.

Anyway, this troll was the one of those old figures that has gotten painted and not lost over the years. I painted him with a flesh tone rather than green as by the time I got around to painting him I had no intent to use him as a Troll or in Talisman. Instead, he was recruited to my small gang of old-school Beastmen. We’re talking old-school Beastmen, before the entire race had been retconned into the Broo-inspired Goatmen and Satyrs that dominate to this day. Not that I dislike modern Beastmen. I actually think they’re ace. I just happen to also like the variety found in the older RoC-era ones as well. So this guy fit in with the mixture of malformed miscontents quite well. Or well enough.

Citadel's TL13 Talisman Troll (1986)

Rear View of the TL13 Talisman Troll.

I gave him old-school warhammery stripey trousers and dirtied him up a little. I could obviously use him as something like a half-orc or even a more D&D-styled orc for roleplaying purposes. Whichever way, he looks very much the demi-human style thug. I’ll probably roll him back into the old-school beastmen unit for KoW that will be very much Warriors of Chaos-aligned, as the more modern Beastmen will be their own thing.

Talisman Troll Character Card & Standup –  Talisman 2nd Edition.

Zombicide “Will” (Howard Walowitz from Big Bang Theory) & “Helen” (Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling from The Silence of the Lambs)

Zombicide Simon Helberg as Howard Walowitz from The Big Bang Theory, Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling from The Silence of the Lambs - or Ally Walker as June Stahl from Sons of Anarchy

Our Brave Survivors…

I’ve finally finished some of the second batch of Zombicide survivors (and Zombivors) that I started bloody ages ago.

aka Simon Helberg as Howard Walowitz from The Big Bang Theory

Zombicide “Will” and Zombivor Version.

Will” is a homage to Simon Helberg as Howard Wolowitz from the popular Television program “The Big Bang Theory“.

I went for one of Howard’s less outrageous outfits for this figure, partly for ease of painting and partly because we actually have to play as him, so… you know.

Howard Walowitz’ shoes. One pair of them, anyway.

I also googled Howard’s shoes, so that I’d have appropriate footwear for him to wear. I think I did a pretty good job of replicating his Vans sneakers. I also attempted to give his belt buckle the impression of Howard’s NES controller belt buckle, but it’s hard because we’re talking pretty bloody small at this stage.

aka Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling from The Silence of the Lambs - or Ally Walker as June Stahl from Sons of Anarchy

Zombicide “Helen” and Zombivor Version.

Helen” is a homage to Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling from The Silence of the Lambs (1992).

I think there’s a touch of Ally Walker as June Stahl from Sons of Anarchy in there as well. Particularly on the artwork.

Zombicide’s Helen. Possibly.

I think Jodie/Clarice is the more obvious influence, especially with “Achilles” being a clear Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter, but there’s still a solid similarity there, and I probably would still have painted the model in the brown late 80’s/early ’90s style suit, but if I had a second figure to paint, I’d definitely paint her as Stahl.


Zombicide Simon Helberg as Howard Walowitz from The Big Bang Theory, Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling from The Silence of the Lambs - or Ally Walker as June Stahl from Sons of Anarchy

…and their unpleasant eventual fate.

With a bit of luck, I’ll have two more finished in a week or two. I’ll probably have the last of the dogs finished before then, though – so they’ll likely be shown first.

Citadel Stone Troll with Axe – (1992)

Another troll today. This figure is one of Michael Perry’s efforts that redefined the look of Warhammer Trolls back in 1992 for 4th Edition. So leaving that narrow era of 3rd that “purists” feel is “Oldhammer”. With 4th Edition WHFB, the armies began to be overhauled and have their looks unified in many ways, putting an end to the “rough and ready” and slightly chaotic look that forces and their ranges had previously.

Citadel Stone Troll with Axe (1993), Michael Perry

Stone Troll with Axe (1993)

The old C20 trolls were retired and replaced with the new “Stone Trolls” and “Swamp Trolls”, sculpted by Michael Perry. Although the Swamp Trolls were superseded a few years ago by the plastic River Trolls, four of the original six of these Stone Troll sculpts are even still available today, some 23 Years later, including this guy. (One of the rare times I don’t mind comparing my own paintwork directly with the official GW paintjob!) Still, that’s one hell of a distinguished time of service on this model.

Citadel Stone Troll with Axe (1993), Michael Perry

Rear View of Stone Troll with Club

I first started on this guy 5+ years ago, at the same time I started on the other blue C20 trolls. As with the “Hill Troll”, this guy got “left behind” and was never finished. Since I managed to finish the Hill Troll a couple of weeks ago, it motivated me to pluck this part-painted guy off the desk and finish him off. All I’d done was the base, the basecoat in blue with a wash and drybrush on his cracked back texture – no details. I’ve gotta say that I really enjoyed finishing him off, and if I weren’t in the midst of a self-imposed moratorium on starting new models, I’d be all over the rest of these which I’ve got tucked away somewhere.

C20 Cave Troll, Stone Troll with Club and C20 Warrior Troll

The more recent Stone Troll towers over his older C20 Brethren.

As you can see, this guy is much larger than the older models. As KoW uses regiments of 3 and 6 in size for Trolls and I already have 6 of the older models ready to go, if I manage to use him in a game before I paint up some more, he can be used as a Troll Bruiser (Hero).

Realm of Chaos – Slaves to Darkness Beastmen II: Pestigor, Tzaangor, Khorngor & Undivided

Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Pestigor & Tzaangor – Beastmen of Nurgle & Tzeentch

A couple more of my old Beastmen from the Realm of Chaos era. As I’ve mentioned before, painting them in a unified army form was the least of my concerns or priorities back then. In fact, making each model as individual as possible was the focus for those models that I painted.

I ended up with three of this sculpt, and so naturally wanted to make all three unique by painting them in a way that they could be used either as followers of three different Chaos gods, or all as generic beastmen with a bit of colour variation and a spot of Brightly Coloured Fur. I’ve given these guys a bit of a touchup and minor repaint a few weeks ago both to clean/neaten them up a tiny bit and also to make them a little less garish.

Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Pestigor & Tzaangor again

The shields on both the Pestigor and Tzaangor are Marauder Miniatures’ embossed shields. They were pretty exciting for the time. The one with the Marauder Miniatures Logo (Skull with dagger clenched between it’s teeth) was from the Undead sprue while the Skull over “Chaos Star” was actually a Dark Elf design.

Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Khorngor and Undivided Beastmen

These two were painted with Khorne and Undivided in mind (Sorry Slaanesh!) and while the Khorngor has been touched up, the Undivided fellow has remained untouched except for the rebasing.

Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Khorngor and Undivided Beastmen

I’ve added this particular undivided model to this set of photos as he’s got the same facial sculpt as the other three identical models. Usually when you see “conversion” models from that era they share the same pose or body, so it’s rather unusual for models to share a face in this way (that I’ve noticed anyway!) Still, it’s a good face, and on the second body it gives a very Satyr-like appearance.

Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Rear view of “Satyr” undivided Beastmen

As with the Khorngor and Slaangor champions shown a couple of weeks ago, these guys will eventually be included in armies for Kings of War, but exactly which armies remains to be seen. My Beastmen (Herd) army will be much more of a “Bestigor”-type army, while these two (and many of the others that are part of my renovations of my older models) are deeply Realm of Chaos-style Beastmen rather than the more feral Bestigor-style.

Narrative Vignette – Dwarfs versus Trolls

Just a bit of fun today!

Inspired by various other blogs, and especially those setups I often see over on Dagger & Brush displaying his intricate terrain – and a recent comment from Alex about wanting to see all of the Trolls on the table once they were done, Marouda and I took the camera out to the War Room yesterday morning and laid out some terrain for photos. Her iPad does a far better job of photos on the table than my little camera, so it got the job for the session. One day I should learn to use my good camera, or perhaps I might need to buy an iPad now. Hmm…

I set up a few photos, forming a loose narrative of a band of Dwarf Adventurers searching out an old Dwarven keep for loot, glory and the location of their missing companion. All images clickable for embiggened versions…

The Dwarves carefully pick their way through the wood, Slayers on point.

The Dwarves stop to check their map, with several on guard against what lurks in the darkness of the wood off the path.

Consternation as the map seems not to match their location?

Finally! The entrance is found!

…but something can see the dwarves as they approach. Who could it be? Oh, you read the post title, didn’t you? So much for surprises, eh?

Trolls! Foul creatures! And is that Bjarte on the ground?

Wild Nyjhul and The Nameless Slayer charge the Trolls without hesitation.

The rest of the Dwarves join the fray! But what’s that movement from the boulders over the wall?

While the Dwarven navigator checks on the welfare of their downed Kinsman, the Dwarfs force the Trolls back by the sheer ferocity of their assault. Now though, the Stone Trolls now join the battle in aid of their foul cousins!

…aaaand that’s it. I had a bit of fun setting up and taking these images. They’re not meant to be anything amazing, with the edges of the terrain camouflaged and blended or anything like that – rather a bit of a play with the toy soldiers and camera with terrain added in a “yeah, grab that as well” way.

I thought it best to leave the result of the melee in the minds of the viewer, since it’s not even pretending to be a Battle Report. It looks like it’d be a damned fun roleplaying session, though!


Citadel Oldhammer Dwarfs – Adventurer and Advanced HeroQuest Dwarf

And now the last post to show off my older, previously-unseen Dwarves. I’ll have to paint new ones from here on in!

Citadel Dwarf Adventurer, Map Reader

Dwarf Adventurer, reading Map.

This bloke is an Adventurer from the late 1980’s. He’s in the ’88 catalogue, but may predate that as some of the others have. He’s also a good example of why old-timers often talk about the “character” that many older models have. Instead of almost all of the models from that era simply growling as they charge into combat, you get models like this, where he’s pushed his helmet back onto his head while he reads the document with an intent/beguiled/confused look on his face.

Citadel Dwarf Adventurer, Map Reader

Dwarf Adventurer, rear view.

The rear view really displays the “RPG elements” that were a part of the ethos of this line back in the day. A big Adventurer’s pack, axe stowed and a sword for backup. Rather in contrast to the more “military” look of other Dwarfs from the same time period like those found in the Regiments of Renown of the day.

Citadel Dwarf Adventurer, Map Reader

Dwarf Adventurer moonlighting as Artillery Engineer

When I painted him I briefly considered trying to paint in an elf centerfold, but instead went with a map with diagrams and arrows for units and movement. He’s either reading a really old-school Battle Report in White Dwarf, or as I decided, looking at battle plans for the coming battle as part of Artillery Crew, which is where I always pictured him on the tabletop – and where he will soon(ish) have a place in my nascent Dwarf Army.

Citadel Advenced HeroQuest Dwarf

Advenced HeroQuest Dwarf

The Advanced HeroQuest Dwarf happens to be the only one of the sculpts for that game that I ever got around to painting. He’s nothing amazing, and if a secondary function to this blog wasn’t a form of (slowly) archiving everything I’ve painted that I still have, I probably wouldn’t show him off. Since he fits the current “Dwarf Theme” though, he gets a guernsey.

Citadel Advenced HeroQuest Dwarf

Advanced HeroQuest Dwarf – Shield view.

It’s not that I’m embarrassed by the paint on him, just that the model itself really isn’t anything special, and neither is the paint (though I’m still happy with the runes on his shield, as plain as it otherwise is). I guess it has a place for many due to the AHQ connection. Speaking of that sort of thing – Man, I wish I still had some of the original Plastic Dwarves from the Warhammer Armies boxed set. Those cool old white plastics.

Warhammer Fantasy Regiments

Remember these? Yeah, nostalgia fuels my want for them, but it’d kick all sorts of arse if I manage to complete a unit or two of each of these guys for my “modern” armies.

Citadel Advenced HeroQuest Dwarf, Dwarf Adventurer, Map Reader

Citadel AHQ Dwarf and Dwarf Adventurer

AHQ guy handles the head-cracking, while his partner works out where they need to go next!

(Damn, I typoed the heading. Fixed now but embarrassing. I shouldn’t publish new posts at 1am on a Friday night…

Citadel Oldhammer Dwarfs – Sven Hasselfriesian and his Norse Dwarfs

Once again following from Trolls, more Dwarfs. Or Dwarves. Both are correct, so I’m told…

I’ve found almost all of these guys are in the 1988 catalogue along with White Dwarf 107/November 1988. The three to the right are all in the Norse Dwarfs range, though I’m reliably informed by Somet that “The ‘Viking dwarf’ is actually the model GW used to represent Sven Hasselfriesian for the scenario ‘ The Magnificent Sven’ in the WHFB 2nd Ed rulebook, so around late 84. The guy on his right is of a similar age too.”

Oldhammer Citadel Norse Dwarfs Dwarves, Sven Hasselfriesian, The Magnificent Sven

Norse Dwarfs from the late 1980’s, Including Sven Hasselfriesian

I can’t find the fourth one – the leftmost with the Goat-horned Horned Helm – in any of the old catalogues but it’s pretty clear to me that he’s from the same era as his compatriots in the photo, having both a very different style to the revamp of the range and influx of Marauder Miniatures line in 1993, and having owned him since probably the late 1980’s when I’d collected the others. I strongly suspect that he’s also a “Norse” Dwarf as he shares the same base sculpt as the Ginger dwarf standing next to him.

Oldhammer Citadel Norse Dwarfs Dwarves. Marauder Miniatures Shields, Sven Hasselfriesian, The Magnificent Sven

Marauder Miniatures’ Embossed shields & freehand versions of the same design.

These were all painted a long, long time ago, and the twins were even shown off previously in this blog, albeit with awful, dark photos that weren’t much cop compared to today’s pictures. As noted in that previous post, these guys were some of my earlier repaint/touchups, back in 2012 – before doing so became a stronger focus as it has been recently. Obviously all four were painted to a similar aesthetic. Perhaps they’re the Hearthguard of a Great Norse Dwarf Hero? I might have to figure out a model that fits that description. The two on our left have Marauder Miniatures’ Embossed shields, while the two on the right have freehanded designs inspired (ok, copied!) from the Hammer-and-Anvil Marauder shield.

Oldhammer Citadel Norse Dwarfs Dwarves. Marauder Miniatures Shields, Sven Hasselfriesian, The Magnificent Sven

Rear View of the Norse Dwarfs

You’ll notice that instead of a beaskin or wolfskin, that Sven – the model wearing the historically-correct Viking helmet(!) has a dog-skin cloak. I prefer to think that instead of celebrating his victory over such a mighty beast, that it’s actually the skin of his own (former) companion that he chooses to honour by wearing his pelt into glorious battle. I’m sorely tempted to redo/touch up his cloak and “viking” horns, but I’m finding it a hard call to retouch some of these models again for some reason, even though they were updated once, just a couple of years ago.

I have to say that looking through the old catalogues to gather info for the last couple of Dwarf posts has really made me want to grab out a few more of these old models and get them painted up. I’ve got to hold to my discipline and keep finishing off the half-painted models on my desk, though.