Space Crusade – Chaos Space Marines

Continuing the late 1980’s/early 1990’s thing I’ve had going for awhile here are a trio of Chaos Space Marines from the rather famous Space Crusade boardgame – part of the cooperation between Games Workshop and Milton Bradley from that era along with HeroQuest and Battle Masters. I had owned both HeroQuest and Advanced HeroQuest in the day, and managed to pick up replacement secondhand copies of both in the past few years to re-complete them. I also owned Battle Masters and Space Crusade, but sadly both of those got scattered to the winds over time through my own fault and poor choices, so there’s not that much left of either now.

Anyway, these three got painted back in the day and updated a month or two ago.

Space Crusade Chaos Space Marines of Nurgle, Khorne and Tzeentch

As noted in earlier posts, back in the 90’s I was’t able to afford all of the models I wanted (how some things never change, eh?) and so my solution was to paint what I had differently or uniquely to make up for it. Sadly, these are still the only World Eaters/Khornemarines and Thousand Sons/Tzeentchmarines I actually have painted to this day! I thought it’d be a good idea to give the Nurgle guy a cut-down “hoof” style foot, and then damage his horn. For some reason, I then thought it’s be a good idea to damage the Khorne guy’s horn in exactly the same place and way. /facepalm.

Space Crusade Chaos Space Marines of Nurgle, Khorne and Tzeentch

Space Crusade Chaos Marines show off their iconography.

The Nurgle guy got a visit from a red-hot paperclip from the stove and a bit of putty to create the disfigurement and damage to his armour. The iconography on the other two is freehanded, and was done 20-odd years ago with no need to touch it up recently. The main things I did to touch these guys up was to remove the green elements of armour from the Khorne and Tzeentch guys, as well as the removal of a bit of purple from Tzeentch-dude. As I’ve said, the early 90’s were a bit garish if you followed GW for inspiration too closely. They look much nicer now, muted down a little to their “proper” colours.

Space Crusade Chaos Space Marines of Nurgle, Khorne and Tzeentch

Rear View of the Space Crusade Chaos Marines

The Red-and-Green of the Nurgle Marine isn’t what I’d choose today, but was actually a common scheme for Nurgle Marines and Chaos Renegades from the Slaves to Darkness book, and was a bit part of the “original soul” of this painted guy, so I left it. I also rebased all three on the new 32mm round bases, which they fill out nicely and really fit with these models much better than the 25mm ones they lived on for so long.

This blog really has been filled with old models lately – it’s not intentionally retro, it’s just that a lot of what I’ve painted, am repainting and am finally finishing is from that era, and I’m trying to document everything I finish these days. I’m keen as hell to get onto some newer models and some Forge World and so forth, but I’m making myself hold off, with the exception of “work minis” that have simple techniques that I can do at work (and bore me to do at home!)

Citadel C18 Night Horrors – Werebear and Apeman

Another pair of the old Night Horrors the 1986-88 time period today. These two are a little further down the scale of interesting than yesterday’s undead-themed models, and I really think they both only ever got painted because fur is easy.

Citadel C18 Night Horrors - Werebear and Ape Man

C18 Night Horrors – Werebear and Ape Man.

The apeman’s fur was pretty much all the same shade, so when I rebased him recently I decided to touch him up a little and add some colour variation to his fur. Most readily seen on his back, which is darker along the spine. Ape-Man is pretty much as he always was, but I drilled into the neck of his victim and stuck a little bit of wire in there to act as a bit of neck/spine. FATALITY!

Citadel C18 Night Horrors - Werebear and Ape Man

Rear View of the Bestial Night Horrors.

I’m not sure why I gave the Ape Man blonde locks. I guess he’s just that bit more fashion-conscious than the other Apes, but not so much as to actually start wearing clothes. Wheras yesterday’s pair will be rolled into the Undead army, these two fit in much more nicely with the Old-School mixed-style Beastmen of Chaos, along with the other weirdos like the Talisman Troll and the various Realm of Chaos-Era Beastmen.

I’ve got a few more Night Horrors floating around. There’s a Medusa on my painting desk, and I know I have a werewolf or two completely unpainted somewhere. Sadly I don’t have any of the really cool undead figures from this range, but c’est la vie…