Citadel Oldhammer Dwarfs – Adventurer and Advanced HeroQuest Dwarf

And now the last post to show off my older, previously-unseen Dwarves. I’ll have to paint new ones from here on in!

Citadel Dwarf Adventurer, Map Reader

Dwarf Adventurer, reading Map.

This bloke is an Adventurer from the late 1980’s. He’s in the ’88 catalogue, but may predate that as some of the others have. He’s also a good example of why old-timers often talk about the “character” that many older models have. Instead of almost all of the models from that era simply growling as they charge into combat, you get models like this, where he’s pushed his helmet back onto his head while he reads the document with an intent/beguiled/confused look on his face.

Citadel Dwarf Adventurer, Map Reader

Dwarf Adventurer, rear view.

The rear view really displays the “RPG elements” that were a part of the ethos of this line back in the day. A big Adventurer’s pack, axe stowed and a sword for backup. Rather in contrast to the more “military” look of other Dwarfs from the same time period like those found in the Regiments of Renown of the day.

Citadel Dwarf Adventurer, Map Reader

Dwarf Adventurer moonlighting as Artillery Engineer

When I painted him I briefly considered trying to paint in an elf centerfold, but instead went with a map with diagrams and arrows for units and movement. He’s either reading a really old-school Battle Report in White Dwarf, or as I decided, looking at battle plans for the coming battle as part of Artillery Crew, which is where I always pictured him on the tabletop – and where he will soon(ish) have a place in my nascent Dwarf Army.

Citadel Advenced HeroQuest Dwarf

Advenced HeroQuest Dwarf

The Advanced HeroQuest Dwarf happens to be the only one of the sculpts for that game that I ever got around to painting. He’s nothing amazing, and if a secondary function to this blog wasn’t a form of (slowly) archiving everything I’ve painted that I still have, I probably wouldn’t show him off. Since he fits the current “Dwarf Theme” though, he gets a guernsey.

Citadel Advenced HeroQuest Dwarf

Advanced HeroQuest Dwarf – Shield view.

It’s not that I’m embarrassed by the paint on him, just that the model itself really isn’t anything special, and neither is the paint (though I’m still happy with the runes on his shield, as plain as it otherwise is). I guess it has a place for many due to the AHQ connection. Speaking of that sort of thing – Man, I wish I still had some of the original Plastic Dwarves from the Warhammer Armies boxed set. Those cool old white plastics.

Warhammer Fantasy Regiments

Remember these? Yeah, nostalgia fuels my want for them, but it’d kick all sorts of arse if I manage to complete a unit or two of each of these guys for my “modern” armies.

Citadel Advenced HeroQuest Dwarf, Dwarf Adventurer, Map Reader

Citadel AHQ Dwarf and Dwarf Adventurer

AHQ guy handles the head-cracking, while his partner works out where they need to go next!

(Damn, I typoed the heading. Fixed now but embarrassing. I shouldn’t publish new posts at 1am on a Friday night…