January 2019 Paint Challenge: Terrain & Centrepiece Models

I figure it’s about that time when I need to announce next month’s challenge – so here goes!

January 2019 will be a dual-mode month. The reason for that is because I want to make it a terrain month. That’s terrain both large and small. From huge, imposing structures to the least-interesting set of crates and barrels and everything in between. Dioramas are of course totally welcome as well, by their very nature.

Having said all of that, I know that scenery and terrain isn’t everyone’s bag.

So the other option for the month will be Centrepiece Models. I know this has a lot of overlap with December’s challenge (and potentially overlap with November, or October, and so on… but that’s the nature of these challenges being rather broad.

Still, where December allows for a Space Marine Medic or a Chaplain, January wants that Chaplain on a ridiculous base, or perhaps just shove the footsloggers out of the way and get that Land Raider done! December lets you paint a German Lieutnant. January wants the Maus (or at least a Tiger!) December lets you bring a Dwarf Dragon Slayer to the party, but January wants the whole bloody Dragon! Magos? Try a Knight instead! To hell with the Poxwalkers – it’s time for the Great Unclean One!

…you get the idea.

64 thoughts on “January 2019 Paint Challenge: Terrain & Centrepiece Models

  1. Another great way of getting models finished, and scenery is often overlooked but can make gaming so much more enjoyable gaming over a great looking board. Good to see an option for people who don’t like doing scenery as well

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    • Yeah, I’ve wanted to go hard into scenery over summer for a couple of years now, so this year will hopefully be the year when I get to actually do it. I knew there would be people who aren’t into the scenery thing, and that’s fine – I wanted to allow those people to participate as well – and as a fringe benefit, I might be able to make myself finish off something large as well!


  2. I’m in! Unlike Wudugast, I’ve got lots of terrain but none of it planned! If I work on stuff that I don’t get finished it’ll help! I’ve explained to my wife that 1800mm scale scenery (e.g. the bathroom etc’) does not qualify!

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  3. Just like Wudugast this is good timing for me as well. Just starting a diorama that I intended to gift out to my best mate. We share the same birthday (11/1/1979) so the aim is to complete it for January at least! The Chieftain I’ve just posted is the first part of the diorama.

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    • No worries mate – I certainly get it. December has certainly had some unexpected challenges here as well, so I’ll probably be trying to finish one of my own large models I’d hoped to complete this month.

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  4. Do objective markers count (i.e. scatter terrain on bases)? If so, I might be able to whip up something small. I would love to do some elaborate scratch-built terrain pieces, but my current apartment doesn’t really make it feasible. Anyways, my main project for January will be Spiteclaws Swarm that I got as a Christmas present, and I don’t think Skritch qualifies as a centerpiece..

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  5. Well, that is my graveyard sorted out, 40 odd gravestones need putting onto something. My idea is a crypt or two with some scatter terrain of various sizes with gravestones added and then maybe a small private cemetery to finish off. I will then finish off my 6mm terrain for the road wars games, then who knows, I might have to make a start on the 15mm MDF terrain for the FIW…. ooooh such a lot to do and so little time to do it in 🙂

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    • Huh, I’d kind of forgotten about the graveyard I need to build. I don’t think I’ll be able to fit it in this coming month… although maybe I can do some of it….?
      Remember, you can get a bunch of stuff done and another bunch might not make it, but you can then still complete it afterwards – if you get enough of it done this month then it should be a doddle to complete later!


  6. Time to get in on this myself, I think! Starting a Grey Knights army, so I think I’ll be doing the Grand Master to kick things off! Hopefully I’ll get some time for some scenery, though you never know…

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  8. Well, it’s finally happened, after however long lurking around and following all the various 40k blogs, you’ve finally convinced me to start my own!
    I hope to have something to show off for this challenge by the end of the month.


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  10. It just occurred to me that, as a month named for a god with two faces, having two different challenges going at once is actually pretty thematic for January.

    I’ve got a bunch of terrain on the go, we’ll see how much of it gets done by the end of the month, and also something that isn’t quite either a centerpiece Model or a diorama, but seems like it may well fit anyhow.

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  13. Heh, nearly missed this one, but my flitting about looks like it might actually net me something to share before the end of the month. This would end up being my 4th challenge in a row, whoa!

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