Mentor Legion #7 – Jump Pack Librarian Scipio Aemillianus

Mentor Legion Space Marine Assault Librarian

So here’s an Illegal Model. I expect that the Games Workshop Staatssicherheitsdienst will be around presently to assist me with my re-education. More specifically, we have a Space Marine Librarian with Lightning Claws and a Jump Pack. A simple kitbash by my good self from the 3rd edition 40k era, when such things were ferpectly legal. Of course, as I’ve already blogged, none of my Mentor Legion of the day (my 3e New Edition, New Army) actually got completed due to a horrible experience with custom decals. Since discovering the wonders of 3D printing for Chapter Icons and a local source of pretty good printable decal paper that plays well with my Laserjet, I’m on the Custom Decal Train and I can finally finish off some of these old projects.

Mentor Legion Space Marine Assault Librarian

This Space Marine Librarian is known as Scipio Aemillianus (I was saving Africanus for the Captain), and as an Assault Librarian led my Mentor Legion force in their batttles during 3rd edition. Usually attached to one of the two 7-man Assault Squads, he regularly wreaked a furious vengeance on The Emperor’s foes.

Mentor Legion Space Marine Assault Librarian

Another kitbash/conversion from the all-metal days, his base is one of the metal Librarians (Power Axe, I think) with metal Lightning Claw arms from a Terminator grafted on, as well as the metal Jump Pack. The skull-rings on his Jump Pack were an interesting decal I found on an old Epic sheet, as is the skull and crossed axes on one of the vents. The Librarian symbols on his tabard are freehanded, as is the skull on his other vent.

Mentor Legion Space Marine Assault Librarian

I had to use a smaller Mentor decal than I would have liked on his shoulder, since I had the scroll there, and didn’t want to “cut off” the beak. I noticed the ding on the paint on his left greave and have since fixed that up. If I were painting the figure from scratch today, I’d have had less red on him and probably replaced some of it with silvered and copper metallics, but again, I’m trying to finish figures that I’m otherwise happy with. Maybe I’ll go back, but not anytime too soon. He’s a force leader, so he’s allowed to be a little more blingy.

Mentor Legion Space Marine Assault Librarian Chaplain

Here’s a 2-shot of the pair of Characters so far completed for this army, and Scipio Aemillianus here is the last of my “Neglected February” models to share. I’ll do a personal round-up tomorrow, and then the day after, I’ll do one including all the people who have participated in the challenge.

So far (in my draft post) I’ve got Krautscientist, Alex, Justneedsvarnish, Mikeland82, Wargamer Eric, Ann, Steinberg Shed Space, Argentbadger and Back to the Hammer. If I’ve missed you, please add a comment below with a link to your Neglected model post so I can be sure to get everyone in. Because I feel like I’ve missed a person or two, despite combing through my reader and notifications…

Officio Assassinorum: Cullexus Assassin (40k2e, 1999)

Officio Assassinorum. The Order of Imperial Assassins. The face of death to whomever is unlucky enough to see them, and many who never even catch a glimpse of their killers.

This is the “Head 1” version of the model. I think I have the alternative version, unpainted, somewhere. It utilises the same torso and body, and given the “throwing grenade” pose of the torso, I doubt we’re going to get a radically different model when I do eventually find and paint him.

The Culexus Assassin, of course was released last out of the four (five?) Imperial Assassin types. The first, obviously was the Rogue Trader-Era “Ninja” Assassin, of no fixed temple. Now my memory is a little sketchy, but I recall the original being superseded over the course of three months worth of White Dwarf by the trio of the Vindicare (Sniper), the Callidus (Close Combat Shapeshifter) and the Eversor (All-out Psycho-Killer Berserker). Later on, with Codex: Assassins, they introduced the Culexus, who is a psychic “null” and a thing called the Animus Speculum bolted onto their gigantic, Xenomorph-like heads. When the eye of the Animus opens, focused “negative psychic energy” is unleashed and does a right number on any Psykers nearby, and in particular on its target.

Having read through Index 2 to see what this guy is like in-game, I can see he’s a bit of a glass cannon, and appropriately nasty against psykers. Assassins were a nasty surprise to anyone who came near them back in 2nd edition, which was when I most often employed Assassins – this fellow in particular against a friend who’s Slannesh army was fond of rather potent psykers.

I’m not sure how often a weapon like this will manage to see the tabletop in my games of 8th, which will largely be focused on smaller, friendly games for some time as the forces are built up. Perhaps he could be rolled out for especially large games? Certainly once we get to the stage of Daemon Princes and Greater Daemons being rolled out to the table, he’d have a place then.

Realm of Chaos: CH5 Chaos Familiars

:And now for some more truly Oldhammer models. These Chaos Familiars date from 1986-88, and were sculpted by Jes Goodwin and Bob Naismith. I believe the two on the outer are Goodwin sculpts, and the middle one could be by either.

Warhammer Oldhammer Ch5 Chaos Familiars

CH5 Chaos Familiars: Manequin (sic), Beastling and ..unnamed?

I painted these models a very long time ago. Sometime not too long after the Space Marine Paint Set was released, based on the robes the unnamed familiar is wearing. (Shades of the Watchers in the Dark!). I painted two of them with Tzeentch in mind – being the most magically-oriented of the Chaos Powers, and a nice chance to paint something different to my usual Khorne’ dominated stuff. I’m still very happy with how they came out, especially the duo-tone on Manequin.

Warhammer Oldhammer Ch5 Chaos Familiars

Rear view of the Familiars

All they needed recently was a tiny touch-up and rebasing onto more modern bases. If you think they look a little big for familiars, it’s because I’ve used 20mm round bases that I got with some of my Red Box Games minis. Our final image provides a better sense of scale, provided by a friendly passing Oldhammer Champion of Nurgle. These guys are small! Smaller than a goblin. Like Snotling sized.

Warhammer Oldhammer Ch5 Chaos Familiars, Manequin, Beastling Chaos Champion of Nurgle with Halberd

Scale Shot!

And in a surprising bit of awesomeness, I recently found that most of these figures are still available from Games Workshop even today, as part of the limited range of Direct-only metals that they still stock. Even more amazingly, they’re available for a reasonable price. If you’re someone who likes these cool old models, I’d change the flag on the GW website to your own one, and get them while you can! If you’re into familiars like this, Heresy also makes some cool familiars that fit with the same old-school Warhammer vibe, and Andy could probably use your cash a little more than Kirby…  I’ll be buying that pack as soon as I can get some spare dosh together.

Realm of Chaos – Slaves to Darkness Khorngor Beastmen

More Realm of Chaos era beastmen today. Once again, these are Khorngor – Beastmen of Khorne. One is (probably) intended as such, while the others are generic beastmen painted as followers of Khorne from back in the day. I believe all four are again Jes Goodwin sculpts, though I’m not 100% sure on the bulldog head. He could be one of Kev Adams’ or Mark Copplestone’s sculpts from the same range?

Oldhammer Jes Goodwin Realm of Chaos Beastmen

An early “Gor”style beastman and a Bulldog-head Khorngor.

When I was young, I was a fan of Khorne. Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for the Skull Throne, a combination of maddening blood rage and marital honour. While that last thing has kind of fallen by the wayside in recent years, Khorne remains a firm fan favourite for GW and no doubt teenagers the world over. Is it any wonder that the SigMarines battle KhorneReapers and BloodSmashers and all the rest?

So with this deep background in mind, we’ll let that suffice as the explanation as to why the generic goatheaded beastman was painted with Khornate-friendly armour. The shield on the other hand shows my own humour of the day. It’s not a Union Flag – it’s a variation of the eight-pointed star of Chaos. I do remember that this shield bothered by friend Jared something fierce. He might have found it broke the atmosphere of the game or something like that. Bulldog-face was actually painted with brown leathers and pretty much no markings of alleigance to Khorne, which I found odd. I repainted his leathers to a deep red, to keep the original feel of my original paint while tying him in a little more with his Khornate brethren.

Oldhammer Jes Goodwin Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Two more “Generic” Beastmen painted as Khorngor.

These two are clearly Goodwin sculpts. The one on the left seems to have the head of a horned dog, while the other has that Satyr face yet again – this time with a giant, crazy mohawk nestled in between some big-arse goat horns!

Oldhammer Jes Goodwin Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Beastman Shields denoting devotion to Khorne.

As in my last post featuring Khorngor, the shields are just a little abstract – though still pretty easy to distinguish. Just a matter of figuring out how to paint a rune of Khorne on that shield on the left, and a tiled pattern probably inspired by Wayne England’s style of painting.

Oldhammer Jes Goodwin Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Oldhammer Beastmen of Khorne ready for some bloodletting!

Finally, the unit shots. One regiment of Khorngor Beastmen to use The Herd rules and be allied to whatever Chaos is called in Kings of War. I did cheat by stuffing the Night Horror Apeman and the Khorne-worshipping Skaven in the rear to make up the numbers, but once I get the part-painted backlog finished, I’ll pull out some completely unpainted beastmen and finish this unit off properly!

Oldhammer Jes Goodwin Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Oldhammer Jes Goodwin Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Realm of Chaos – Slaves to Darkness Khorngor: Dog-faced Beastmen

Citadel Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Khorngor Beastmen of Khorne

A few more of my old Beastmen from the Realm of Chaos era. This time, a foursome of Khorngor – Beastmen of Khorne. Distinguished by their visages being of dogs, which was a distinctive Khorne thing back then, but has pretty much faded away over time. All four (ok, three!) are Jes Goodwin sculpts. I had two of this sculpt, and as always when I ended up with duplicates in the past – particularly for more individual models such as Chaos ones, I wanted to distinguish them. I did so with both their fur and flesh colours as well as their shields. Military green loincloths provided both some contrast and a way for them to occasionally be part of a Traitor Imperial Guard regiment.

Citadel Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Shields of the Khorngor

Very distinct shields provide a couple of quite different takes on the Rune of Khorne. One influenced by Ian Miller’s work, and the other being a little more abstract, but still recognisable. Shaving the rims off those old plastic shields was (and still is) a simple matter that gives a bit more real estate to play with while giving those shields quite a different look and feel.

Citadel Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Rear view of the Khorngor

These two were both painted in the 1990’s and required relatively little work to update. Cleaning up and re-brightening the metal and some of the lacquered red armour, as well as rebasing.

Citadel Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

A pair of Bulldog-faced Khorngor

These next two aren’t duplicate sculpts, but they’re close. They clearly share the same base sculpt, most likely the one on our left as the one with chainmail and tentacle feels more like a conversion. Again I’ve trimmed the rim off the shield to give more space. The skull is freehand, as is the smaller rune of Khorne on its forehead.

Citadel Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Rear view of Bulldog-faced Khorngor

Once again, these two needed just a little cleaning up in spots redoing the belt on one and the axe on the other – and following the same general colour notes as the previous two models.

Realm of Chaos – Skaven Champion of Khorne (and follower!)

Back in the olden days, when I was just a pup, I played a bit of the Chaos Warbands variant of WHFB. My very first champion was a Skaven. Since at that time I had a Skaven army (which I later sold, keeping only a few figures) I did manage to pluck out an appropriate figure for use, with the sword, dagger, and a crest of evil-looking spines. This guy had a very, very old paintjob, and so I’ve gone over most of it as well as rebasing him. The biggest changes were reversing the colours on his Skaven-style lorica segmentata, and a repaint over his clothing in order to brighten it a little, and getting rid of his yellow pouch.

Skaven Champion of Khorne and Follower.

I don’t remember the story behind his little mate, but I do remember having Khorne in mind when I painted up his shield, so I figure he can stand in for now as a follower of the first guy. he just needed as bit of a touch-up and tone down to bring him up to scratch.

Oldhammer Skaven

For the time being, I’m still a long way off building and painting my Skaven army, which will see the field under the Kings of War “Ratkin” list in the future. Until then, the odd Skaven that I may paint will be dropped into either my “Chaos” Army with my Realm of Chaos beastmen, or my “Beastmen” Army for any “cleaner” looking Skaven.

Classic C23 Citadel Ogres for Kings of War – Unit 3: Warriors with 2-Handed Weapons

After last weekend, the latest unit of my old-school Ogres finally got finished, with the completion of “Bounty Hunter”, who like so many other models I’ve been completing recently was started 10+ years ago. Without too much chatter, here they are:

C23 Ogre

C23 Ogre “Bounty Hunter”

C23 Ogre

The rear view of the Bounty Hunting Ogre

As I said, this guy had been part-painted and in a minis case for some amount of time probably approaching 20 years – sometime around when the others were started and the initial ones were painted, in any case. I’ve kept as much of the original paint I started with him and worked on the rest. Still, I had one hell of a mental block to overcome in order to finish him.

C23 Ogre - Gutlagg, Ogre Executioner

C23 Ogre – Gutlagg, Ogre Executioner

C23 Ogre - Gutlagg, Ogre Executioner

Rear view of Gutlagg – showing his tattoos.


Gutlagg here was basically finished years ago. I may have even shown him off on these pages before, but now his unit is finished, and he’s been promoted to the unit leader. So hey!


C23 “Ogre Thug”


Rear View of converted C23 “Ogre Thug”

This guy has a name, but he’s usually just referred to as “Ogre Thug”. There are two versions of this guy with just a small variation between them. This one has a small pouch attached to his chest, while the other has a small armoured disc. Since I somehow ended up with three of this guy, including both variants, I ended up converting two of them. One can be seen here, with the original mace head replaced by a hammer head and the spike on his helmet removed. The guy showcased on this page was originally painted in an embarrassingly garish scheme. (Yes, how he appears here is heavily toned down). His weapon mod was also embarrassingly bad. So bad in fact that I don’t think I took any photos of him at all before reworking him. His mace head had been replaced with an Advanced HeroQuest (Or Dark World? Something like that, anyway) Ogre’s Big ugly tree-club with a spike added to it. It looked awful. I ended up adding a Mantic Ogre’s 2-hander blade to it, and it looks roughly a million times better now.

C23 Ogres in a Kings of War regiment.

C23 Ogres in a Kings of War regiment.

Here’s the final, completed unit of these Ogres. I’m getting down to the last few of these old models now to paint and finish, which is both heartening and also a little sad.


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