Marvel Zombies: Heroes Resistance: Zombie Iron Man

Marvel Zombies: Heroes Resistance: Zombie Iron Man, Zombicide Iron Man

And now back to Marvel-themed models, and the next thing I have to show for February is Iron Man. Well… Zombie Iron Man, from CMoN’s Zombicide offshoot, Marvel Zombies: Heroes Resistance which is a cut-down, retailer-friendly version of the “full” game – Marvel Zombies.

This was my first experiment using Citadel’s Technical Gemstone Paints over a pre-highlighted-and-shaded metallic base – something suggested to me by for Dave Stone, whose current Paint what You Got challenge. is something this model also qualifies for.

The first layer of Spiritstone Red was a bit patchy and looked a bit too light in places, so I gave it a second layer of Blood for the Blood God which worked nicely to add a bit more depth and darkened the very bright armour down. I mean, it did look very “comic-book Iron Man”, but at this point I do like the reds a bit deeper.

The model’s face is more than a bit mushily-detailed – not the most handsome or defined that Tony – or even Zombie Tony has looked, but you wqork with what you’ve got and the model will be more than fine as a board game tabletop villain.

I have to say that using the gemstone paints for this laquered armour effect has positives and negatives – it looks very cool in person, but doesn’t translate nearly as well to photographs. So while Jeff Fenech’s famous saying of “I love youse all” applies here, I am in the end painting these models primarily for myself and my table rather than for painting competitions or internet points.

December of Zombies: Marvel Zombies: Heroes Resistance: Black Panther & Winter Soldier

Marvel Zombies: Heroes Resistance: Black Panther & Winter Soldier, Zombicide Bucky Barnes, Zombicide T'Challa

Back in February last year, CMoN Kickstarted a new variation of their Zombicide Franchise – Marvel Zombies. While the first wave of that game has shipped (for people who paid extra for split shipping, unlike myself), there’s also a lot of stuff in the second wave that’s not due until mid-year, so we were surprised in the later part of 2022 to see that Marvel Zombies: Heroes Resistance was a thing that suddenly existed. It’s basically a model-and-tile-lite version of the Players-as-Heroes version of Marvel Zombicide, packaged with alternate sculpts and in a mass market-friendly priced package. So… we located a store that had a couple of copies, got one put aside, and then the next day, Marouda set out into the wilderness of one of the large local Shopping Malls and bought it. (And also brought home some nice lunch).

Marvel Zombies: Heroes Resistance: Black Panther & Winter Soldier, Zombicide Bucky Barnes, Zombicide T'Challa

We’ve played through most of the game’s scenarios so far, and at one point I removed these two to quickly get painted because painting black would be easy. Unfortunately, I didn’t find them especially easy. I finished Black Panther first, at the start of December and then Bucky got finished as one of the very last models of the year at the end of December. So much black and near-black needing subtle highlights, especially on musculature. Argh. Too bad there’s no shortage of addiitonal models I have here needing the same painted onto them.

As 32mm models these models are a bit smaller than Marvel Crisis Protocol models, so you could use them in a pinch, but they do have smaller bases and such. I’ve still got quite a few more from this set to get through eventually and I think I’m going to make that a 2023 painting goal to help maintain focus to ensure it gets done. With the timeframes that these got painted, Black Panter does not qualify for Dave’s latest Paint what You Got challenge, however – James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes does!