Zombicide “Lucius” (Jean Reno: Leon: The Professional) and “Seth” (Liam Neeson: Taken)

Zombicide "Lucius" (Jean Reno: Leon: The Professional) and "Seth" (Liam Neeson: Taken)

Another pair of Not-figures from the various sets of Zombicide models I’ve accumulated over the years and seemingly-dozens of Kickstarter campaigns. This time we have “Lucius” (Jean Reno: Leon: The Professional) and “Seth” (Liam Neeson: Taken)

Zombicide "Lucius" (Jean Reno: Leon: The Professional)

Both of these models had something in common – an almost-entirely black wardrobe. Of course, black clothing is never truly black-black, so I used a variety of very dark greys and blue-greys to give the appearance of different textures and materials over the two figures.

Zombicide "Lucius" (Jean Reno: Leon: The Professional)

Again, I’ve had these for years now and it’s taken me until now to get to painting them. Zombicide and all of it’s many, many expansions and seasons and add-ons have produced a hell of a lot of survivor models over the years, and I’ve got quite a lot of them, and so outside of times when Zombicide is actively being played on the table, getting motivated to paint these isn’t so easy to keep up, so painting the Last Night on Earth models has been useful in getting motivated to get some Zombicide models done as well, as I kinda alternate between the sets…

Zombicide "Seth" (Liam Neeson: Taken)

The second model from this pair is Leam Neeson playing that well known character from Taken – the one that everyone refers to as “Taken” since the character is such a no-name creation.

These two characters were pretty straightforward and quick to paint up, largely due to their simple and not overly-detailed form and dark clothing. Even though I used different tones on their jackets, pants and shoes, I doubt anyone would even notice if I wasn’t pointing it out here! 😀

Zombicide "Seth" (Liam Neeson: Taken)

Anyway, another set of Zombicide models done that will work for the actual game, as well as a lot of other moden and Zombiepocalypse-type post-apoc games. Notsomuch the full on Mad Max/Fallout type of setting, though at least Fallout is actually broad enough that these could probably still work…

This pair (foursome) of models are all perfect fodder for Ann’s “Neglected But Not Forgotten” painting challenge.

Zombicide Season 2: Prison Outbreak – Berserker Zombie Fatties

Zombicide Season 2: Prison Outbreak - Berserker Zombie Fatties

I worked on a bunch of Zombies during November. We were playing a bit of the Zombicide Night of the Living Dead side-game, and so I finally got working on the Fatties for Zombicide that had been sidelined for ages after cleaning and priming them. The colour scheme follows the same one I used on the Berserker Abominations a year or so earlier. Somehow, one of these models got lost and despite looking for it a few times over several months, I haven’t had any luck.

I’ve got some more zombies to show that have already been painted, and a bunch of Zombicide and LNoE survivors to finish (and start!), but the next batch of zombies I actually start will probably either be the Toxic Fatties or the Black and White ones from Night of the Living Dead…