C27 Beastmen: Hogman (“Autumn” July-Aug 1985)

C27 Beastmen: Hogman (Sept 1985), Oldhammer

Today we’re looking at a really bloody ye olde model here. A C27 Beastman from 1985. “Hogman is his name, and …well, for the past many years, being an old broken piece of junk in a box has been his game. The model had been painted once, probably close to 30 years ago, and even then not to the best of my ability since it’s a rather wonky sculpt, and since then the spear blade had broken off and it was basically just a nothing model.

C27 Beastmen: Hogman (Sept 1985) , Oldhammer

So naturally Marouda saw it and picked it out to be a model for me to paint. First thing was to repair the speartip, with a donation from an OOP plastic skeleton, and then to repaint as needed, so he got a new cloak, new claws, new leather straps and touched-up flesh. The crudely-sculpted fur is a bit of a lost cause, and the feet are also very crudely sculpted – not much more than impressions in some blobs. Funny how the head is clearly so much better than any other part of the model. I suppose the cloak is competently done. Still, I guess we have to allow for the fact that the model is just a few months shy of 35 years old. Wow.

Now that’s some Oldhammer.

30 thoughts on “C27 Beastmen: Hogman (“Autumn” July-Aug 1985)

  1. That mini is exactly as old as me! I’d like to think I’ve aged better than it, but perhaps not 🙂 I completely agree that the head looks pretty good but the rest is definitely lacking in something. They really went crazy with the fur texturing as well. Almost half the model has it, I’d guess. Regardless, great job on this and Oldhammer indeed! 😀

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    • Yeah, it’s pretty much covered in fur except for the head, which creates an interesting quesiton when painting it. I differentiated his own fue and the cloak a little better with the repaint, but I couldn’t *not* have him have a pinky pig-head after all!
      You may have aged well, but Ol’ Hogman hasn’t changed at all! Pow!

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  2. Ha, I love Hogman. I wish I had a miniature like this because I’d paint it up and say, “I’d like to play and I already have a mini I painted for the character,” and then I’d whip out HOGMAN! 🙂 🙂

    Great job turning a piece of junk in your bits box into a model worthy of both story and song!

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    • Thanks Ann. I still can’t say I especially like this model – even painted and completed – but I do now have a *tiny* bit of fondness for it in a mostly-nostalgic way – which is a pretty decent upgrade from it being a piece of junk!

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      • That’s true, it is a pretty decent upgrade. I guess the amount of nostalgia, perhaps, one can have for a hunk of porcine metal rattling around in one’s bits box is limited, even if it did finally after long last come out of its cocoon snorting and grunting, spear in hand. 🙂

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      • Yeah. It’s not a favourite sculpt by any means. I’ve got a couple of others from this range that I guess I’ll find and finish sometime soon as well. At least I dislike them less than I did this one, so they should be (slightly) more fun to paint…


    • Thanks Angelos. Phases like “standing on the shoulders of giants” really takes on a new perspective when you look at models like these, doesn’t it? But then without things like this we wouldn’t be where we are now….

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  3. He’s a weird looking beastie right enough but then he’s only a little younger than me and I’m pretty weird looking too so who am I to judge? Anyway, good work rescuing him, he’s come out looking great (dodgy feet aside and that’s not the first place people will look at anyway). I know I’m repeating myself but I do miss the days when beastmen were formed from all kinds of beasts and not just goats.

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    • Thanks Wudu. I probably wouldn’t have noticed the feet if I didn’t have to paint them. As for beastmen, we do at least have Tzaangor back, so who knows what the future might hold as GW continue to mine their past for “new” ideas….?

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  4. Aw, he’s lovely mate – the old ‘any animal goes’ beastmen are way more interesting than the more modern Broo type, and this lil fella is full of character. Jolly good of you to save his bacon dude – hopefully he went ‘wee-wee-wee’ all the way to the display cabinet 🙂

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    • Thanks Alex. I wouldn’t be averse to seeing some more variation with today’s sculpting talent and skills. I mean, I’d have been happy to see updated animal-types during the RoC days when Jes was doing most of them or later when the Perrys took over. This first couple of waves though, have some pretty sketchy sculpts in there…

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    • The hardest part was making myself do it. When Marouda picked him out it was a pretty easy model to get done. The hardest part was really juist finding a replacement speartip and then pinning it on.


  5. Wow, oldhammer indeed. I didn’t even think that beastmen were really thing for GW so far back as 1985, though it predates even my most passing of familiarity with them so clearly I was wrong! I’m not even sure what I’m seeing here – are both arms on the same side of her body?

    Anyway, you’ve made this little piggy look very sweet so: good work!

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    • Piggy? Sweet? mmm I’d love me some pork spare ribs right now. If only…
      As for the actual model, yeah their multi-animal beastmen started around the time of this model, but before these even, Citadel did make Broo miniatures for RuneQuest under licence from.. Chaosium I believe at the time. Broo of course later ended up becoming the “classic” goatheads/gors.


  6. Nice work on this mini. As he’s from 1985, I can appreciate him, though my daughter is also from 1985, so am I old? Fuck no!

    Seriously, it is a nice challenge to take an old fig and make them look as good as this. You have clearly done that!

    I did not see a “before” shot, but clearly you made a silk hogman out of a sow’s ear 😜

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    • Well Mark, these things are all relative as you know. Compared to you, this mini is clearly a youngster! 😉
      I should take more before shots of some of these upgrades, but just believe me that it looked worse than it does here..

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    • Thanks Pete. He’s one of the ones I’m happiest with the fact that they’re done and don’t have to deal or think about anymore. Speaking of which, I’m working on another two that fir that particular category right now.. wish me luck on getting them finalised tonight!

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