Vikings, Sjaután!

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Saga, VIK043 Viking Berserker Champions, VIK042 Viking Ulfheadnar Wolf Skin Berserkers
Wow. A year now since I last completed any of my Viking models. These two are both from Wargames Foundry, who appears to have redesigned their Viking pages to take advantage of SAGA since I last looked at them. The big lad is “Big Lud Headsplitter” from their VIK043 Viking Berserker Champions set, while his rotund offsider is “Hvitserk the Bold” from their VIK042 Viking Ulfheadnar Wolf Skin Berserkers set. Most of the rest of both packs are already painted and have been shown before in previous Viking entries here, excepting the two banner bearers from VIK043, neither of which actually came with banner poles or heads, so they ended up low on my priority list, but are both on the current tray as well, so hopefully to be completed soonish. Unlike the rest of my Berserkers, I’ve painted the “Big Lud” model as an older warrior who has accumulated some visible wealth in the many campaigns he’s been a part of, and so has more exensive red-dyed clothing as well as brass/bronze weapon accoutrements.
Wargames Foundry Vikings, Saga, VIK043 Viking Berserker Champions, VIK042 Viking Ulfheadnar Wolf Skin Berserkers
A minor disappointment that’s nonetheless worth pointing out from the Foundry Viking range – a lot of the models shown on their pages appear to come with rather cool looking shields with embossed designs. When I placed my rather decent order with them a few years ago for a number of packs across their Viking range, I got a few shields like the one that Hvitserk is holding in these pictures, with either two or three segments, but exactly none of the ones with the embossed designs. Just worth pointing out to help avoid the same disappointment that I had when my order arrived.
Wargames Foundry Vikings, Saga, VIK043 Viking Berserker Champions, VIK042 Viking Ulfheadnar Wolf Skin Berserkers
After the next two, that will only leave one more of my started Vikings to complete, not counting the single model I’m using for a …special purpose. Of course, there are a fair few more in a completely unstarted state not even counting the plastics, so I’ll have to make the decision in future trays on whether to forge on with finishing uncompleted/neglected models or whether I try to slip a few more unpainted metal Vikings into the production line…

21 thoughts on “Vikings, Sjaután!

  1. These both look really cool and make me want to see some more vikings painted up! I don’t know a lot about Vikings and didn’t get into the show that was popular here in the US anyway so I’ve never considered gaming with them but with how nice these two look, it makes me think it could be fun to paint some 🙂

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    • Thanks Kuribo! The moment you start painting Vikings, you’re getting yourself a force for SAGA. Also, Dunlendings since GW basically sculpted the Warriors as Vikings.
      I haven’t watched the show myself either, though I have an ancestral link to Norway (1 great grandparent), and so of course have always had a bit of a fascination with them.
      If you’d like to see more Vikings painted in the meantime, click here…

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      • That is true. Rohan terrain and Viking terrain go well together too. Its a shame I don’t really have any thing like housing that can cross over (but trees and other stuff would work well so that counts for something).

        Thanks for the link. You’ve got me looking even more seriously at miniatures I have no business painting 🙂 Your Viking work is really inspiring!

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      • Any setting-appropriate housing that you have for LotR would work just as well in Dark Ages times, I’m sure. Once you start collecting buildings and whatnot for Bree or it’s outskirts you’ll be fine. Just as importantly, all your farms, broken walls and natural features work perfectly well across both.

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  2. Great looking Vikings – and as usual your animal pelts are spot on (even though you haven’t painted any Vikings recently I know you have pelts on other minis).

    BTW, I have found that my Wargames Foundry Aztecs have a TON of shields – more than needed. Though I have found some models have mold lines that are driving me nits – and others (of the same mini) do not. Still, am enjoying their Aztec sculpts, not the filing though…

    Lastly, thanks on the contrast medium use suggestion – it has been very helpful and a new tool for me that hopefully I’ll share soon.

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    • Thanks Mark. I do enjoy doing pelts. I’ve got a few more animal models to clean up and hopefully paint quickly. Always a fun “topic” to try and get better at as much as possible….
      The Foundry cast quality can be pretty variable. I’ve got a few I just can’t see myself bothering with anytime without forcing myself, while as you say others are very nice indeed!
      Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Medium…

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