Neglected Model February ’18: Personal Wrap-Up

My Neglected Models February round-up.

I was originally going to combine this post in with the round-up for all of the participants, but then I wanted to give another day just in case I’ve missed someone – and also, frankly because I’ve finished quite a few models that were neglected, and so I’m doing my own wrap-up since it was a main focus of my own painting this month, with quite a few models completed who would otherwise have continued sitting around for many months to come.

Mentor Legion Space Marine models variously started between 1998-2000. Finished this February.

I was pretty happy with what I got done overall, especially since I spent the first half or more of the month painting Plaguebearers and then spent a lot of time working up some of my female models for Fembruary. Luckily all of the Female models also fit neatly into the Neglected Models Challenge as well. There was another Mentor Legion Marine who didn’t get finished, though I expect he’ll be completed within the next few days now.

A pair of Grendel-Escher. I have another four I had hoped to update and complete, but I ran out of time.

There were five other female models I wanted to finish for both the Neglected Model Challenge and Fembruary – four were additional Escher, and the other was that Dark Elf Sorceress. The other Escher got re-shelved, while the Sorceress got a fair bit done. Perhaps I’ll get her finished in March.

Conan Kickstarter Sabretooth Tiger, Dwarf Queen Helgar Longplaits, Female Khorne Bloodreaver, Chaos Dwarf Boar Centaur Whirlwind

The Fantasy contingent of February’s Neglected Models Challenge.

While it was great to see so many other people participate (collective round-up tomorrow!) On a personal level, it was a really worthwhile month for me. It motivated me to finally finish off that Chaos Dwarf Warmachine that has been in pieces for a few years now, that Tiger was stuck for over a year. Helgar had sat on my bench for a couple of years at least, the Bloodreaver had been put away into a container, the Escher had been re-shelved after my initial spurt of enthusiasm when Necro’17 was about to release and of course the Mentor Legion were an unfinished project from basically 2 decades ago.

39 thoughts on “Neglected Model February ’18: Personal Wrap-Up

  1. Given your massive output of finished models lately, it’s kinda hard to imagine that you should ever really have neglected any models 😉

    Seriously, though: A colourful and stunning potpourri of miniatures! Lovely work!

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    • There are so, SO many unfinished models here. Setting aside single models and ones that haven’t been started, I’ve finished off five squads for this month and have about ten more squads/units that I’ve pulled out to work on this month alone. I won’t get them all finished, but hopefully I will get a couple more done. I’d love to get all the half-painted stuff done so I can switch almost entirely to new models! It’ll never happen, but I can cut down on the numbers of half-painted hordes!


  2. I didn’t manage to make it through any of the February Challenges, but it’s cool to see the results from those who did. It’s not a time of year when I’m particularly productive even when things go well, and I tend to get sick for a significant period of the month, too.

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    • That’s fine, Alexis (or do you prefer Westrider?) – it’s been winter out your way for the last months. Coming my way soon, unfortunately. It’s getting light later and dark noticeably earlier now.
      The Neglected model challenge will be back again in May, and both this month and June are Squads, so there are still “challenge” times that would work for your Seekers. Of course, you can finish them anytime you like. 🙂

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      • I seem to use WestRider and my actual name in about a 50/50 split these days, depending on whether it’s more convenient on a given blog to use my Blogger ID or FB/G+. Probably simplest to just use whichever I used in the comment you’re responding to.

        And I am definitely going to be pushing for multiple successes on those Unit Completed goals. I got my list more or less where I want it for the Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge in August, and then realized that I only actually have like 8 Models from it ready to put on the table. So I’m gonna be doing some painting marathons here 😉

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      • No problem on the name – and good luck getting the models painted. Hopefully the combination of monthly challenges and a hard deadline will be helpful for you getting them done. Nicer weather on the horizon for you (presumably) can’t hurt, either!


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  4. So much good stuff! I’m still in awe of that Chaos Dwarf Death Machine. And still going to lobby for its inclusion into Blood Bowl! Despite the fact, that I don’t plays Chaos Dwarfs and I would likely be having to play against the damned thing!

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      • I’m still waiting for mine from the KS. Looks like I’ll be waiting a lot longer considering they’re more concerned about the new campaign now.


      • Ah, that sucks. I know that Mikey over at Wyrd Stones & Tackle Zones got a team for review. I would guess that means they aren’t too far off, but you probably have a better idea with the backer updates.

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      • Here’s their last update in it’s entirety:

        Update #50
        Mar 3 2018
        50 resin teams shipped

        We just shipped another 50 resin teams.

        Please don’t ask continuously about your shipment situation. We can assure you that we are working to ship the remaining tranche asap.

        Thank you for patience.

        Here’s the previous one:
        Update #49 For backers only.
        Feb 4 2018
        Shipping resin teams

        It’s time for resin teams now.

        We already shipped 45 resin teams mainly to US, Canada and Australia. We should complete all shipments by next weekend.

        In the next days you’ll receive a letter not from Kickstarter or Gaspez-Arts but from:

        Gasparini Fabio

        Partizanka 48A SI-6210,

        Sezana Slovenia


        Delivery times :

        – Australia, Canada, USA: 12-15 days. so please be patience.

        Thank You

        It seems very much that their attention is on the Not-Kislevites right now, and possibly has been for some time, rather than the Dwarfs.


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