Feral Uruk-Hai Berserkers of Isengard – Middle-Earth: SBG

Feral Uruk-Hai Berserkers of Isengard - Middle-Earth: SBG

Today we have a trio of figures that were actually painted awhile back – these were done for Orctober after the batch of Uruk-Hai Berserkers, but they were actually left inside the sealed tub of static grass/flock when I completed them …and then it appears that I entirely forgot about them! “Feral” Uruk-Hai appear to be a GW invention from their post-RotK series of releases, where they basically started making up a whole lot of different shit, vaguely based on the aesthetic of the films.

Feral Uruk-Hai Berserkers of Isengard - Middle-Earth: SBG

The palette for these Ferals is pretty much the same as the Berserkers. As with their brethren, there’s a lot of Uruk-flesh, accentuated by dark metal for their armour pieces and swords with a bit of chain and leather/cloth – and (once again) done! I also added some sexy Isengard handprints, and some Blood for the Blood God (aka Clear Red) to finish after varnishing. I only have the three of these, and with them not currently available (and AU prices!) I’m probably not likely to try chasing them down on eBay. They can fit in with the Berserkers as additional models, or in the instance that I want to run some Ferals, I’ll simply fill out the unit with some Berserkers.

Citadel Uruk-Hai Berserkers: Unit-ed ORC-tober ’18

What? You thought Orctober was only for GW’s greenskins?

The first unit I’ve managed to complete this month qualifies for both the October Unit painting challenge – Unit-ed October as well as the models I’m painting for “Orctober”. A unit of a dozen citadel Uruk-Hai. These models are basically the same 3 (metal) +1 (plastic) sculpts that I’ve painted in the past.

As such, painting them has pretty much just followed the same template that I used last time. In fact, I took some step-by-step photos of them as I worked my way through this dozen with the thought to putting together a painting guide for them in the future (probably over my Christmas holidays).

These were finished about 2 weeks ago now. I did all of the work on them to completion from black primed in one weekend back at the start of the month. Since then, as you might have noticed – I haven’t been quite as motivated.

Frankly, I still haven’t been feeling it. Sitting on my arse alone and playing Fallout 4 has been much more appealing to me than painting, blogging, dealing with other humans (or Leonard the Cat), photographing models, or even watching wrestling or the forensic shows I usually enjoy.

Here’s the back half of some of the Uruks. I forgot to take a rear view of the other 7, but at least this pic shows you the work on the back of them, and proves I didn’t just paint the front side of the models!

Now, I just need to pull myself away from Fallout 4 long enough to finish another 9 models to hit my monthly minimum of one-per-day. Two almost done. The other seven will be tricky. Do I have some individual crates I can find to cheat my way through this month’s part of my personal pledge?