Uruk-Hai Berserkers of Isengard – Lord of the Rings: SBG (Squad: March ’18)

Uruk-Hai Berserkers of Isengard - Lord of the Rings: SBG

Here’s a group of models that I’ve completed leading into last weekend. Some were finish-offs and a few were start-to-finish paintjobs, though the scheme for Uruk-Hai Bersekers is pretty simple.

Uruk-Hai Berserkers of Isengard - Lord of the Rings: SBG

Berserkers are mostly flesh-toned, so that’s pretty straightforward. Then dark metal for their helms and greatswords, a bit of chain and dark metal – and done!

Uruk-Hai Berserkers of Isengard - Lord of the Rings: SBG

Ah, and of course some Blood for the Blood God (aka Clear Red) after varnishing down the front of their torsos and a bit of mess on the helms.

Saruman the White and Gríma Wormtongue. Uruk-Hai Berserkers of Isengard - Lord of the Rings: SBG

The eight that I’ve just finished are enough to be considered a unit in their own right, but adding them to the previous six gives a pretty strong unit of 14 models (or two of seven, or…)


23 thoughts on “Uruk-Hai Berserkers of Isengard – Lord of the Rings: SBG (Squad: March ’18)

      • Kind of – I loved it when it first came out, and then as I started learning to paint (for the first time) I started putting together a pretty good Mines of Moria goblin group. Those Uruk-Hai berserkers were always my favourite though. I never kept up to date with it in recent years though. When they started doing things from the book rather than the film, I just kind of lost interest. I started collecting Nurgle instead 🙂

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      • Fair enough! I collected a bunch when the films were coming out, and then a little bit of cherry-picking after that. When GW started their Southern Hempsphere trade embargo, I panic-bought a bunch more, and then it all sat in boxes until I started turning my Moria Goblins and Gondor guys into fully-blown armies for KoW. I’ve moved back to a lot more 40k lately, so the LotR stuff mostly sits in Limbo, but they still count for finishing off models, and the Battle Companies skirmish gaming looks very appealing.

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      • Sadly not at all. I think someone from GW sustained a head injury when working out the prices for The Hobbit models expecting that collectors would pay ANYTHING. And while I’m happy enough to buy some (ok, too much) Forge World stuff, not the Middle-Earth product at their asking prices…

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    • Cheers! I think I might do a super-simple tutorial on the flat metal since a couple of people have commented on it now, and it’s SO simple to achieve. Next time I’m doing some appropriate blades and armour, I’ll take some pics.

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    • Thanks Alex. It looks like I’ll b doing some more Isengard Uruks before too long. I’ll try for another unit during the next squad month. They might work as a little palette-cleanser amongst the other models.

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    • Thank you Mark – the frogs came out rather excellently, and I’m glad you enjoy the Uruk-Hai. I’ll do a write-up at some stage on how I got the skin tones, as it was super-easy and should be simple to emulate for anyone doing similar models (or wanting a similar skin tone for anything else).

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