Citadel Uruk-Hai Berserkers: Unit-ed ORC-tober ’18

What? You thought Orctober was only for GW’s greenskins?

The first unit I’ve managed to complete this month qualifies for both the October Unit painting challenge – Unit-ed October as well as the models I’m painting for “Orctober”. A unit of a dozen citadel Uruk-Hai. These models are basically the same 3 (metal) +1 (plastic) sculpts that I’ve painted in the past.

As such, painting them has pretty much just followed the same template that I used last time. In fact, I took some step-by-step photos of them as I worked my way through this dozen with the thought to putting together a painting guide for them in the future (probably over my Christmas holidays).

These were finished about 2 weeks ago now. I did all of the work on them to completion from black primed in one weekend back at the start of the month. Since then, as you might have noticed – I haven’t been quite as motivated.

Frankly, I still haven’t been feeling it. Sitting on my arse alone and playing Fallout 4 has been much more appealing to me than painting, blogging, dealing with other humans (or Leonard the Cat), photographing models, or even watching wrestling or the forensic shows I usually enjoy.

Here’s the back half of some of the Uruks. I forgot to take a rear view of the other 7, but at least this pic shows you the work on the back of them, and proves I didn’t just paint the front side of the models!

Now, I just need to pull myself away from Fallout 4 long enough to finish another 9 models to hit my monthly minimum of one-per-day. Two almost done. The other seven will be tricky. Do I have some individual crates I can find to cheat my way through this month’s part of my personal pledge?

42 thoughts on “Citadel Uruk-Hai Berserkers: Unit-ed ORC-tober ’18

    • Thanks Alexis. The tone is based on how GW paints their Uruk-Hai, and although it’s a bit brighter than the tones from the films (everything is much more murky and muddy), it works well for our little models.

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  1. Nice work, some really nice metals and the free hand hands are pretty amazing.

    I think I’m out of my painting lull finally. It sucks to be there. I think just work/life calming down a bit, and hitting a lull in my computer game, got me back into painting the little figures. Here’s hoping you feel more inspired later.

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    • Thanks mate, I’m …getting there? Got a ton of models on the desk for the Nov challenge but really not feeling them. Probably going to choose something from them and force myself to get some more completed this weekend.

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  2. Amazing work, as always as stated above they could have been lifted from an issue of white dwarf (they weren’t were they? 😉 ).

    Luckily for me the one distraction I don’t have is computer games as I have no interest in them at all, I can see how they could eat up a massive chunk of your time though (having two sons who are both game junkies has shown me that). Hope things calm down for you soon (well all of us in fact), and you get back to churning out vast quantities of beautiful figures and putting us all to shame….actually I heard that “Red dead redemption 2” is really good!

    Cheers Roger.

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    • Cheers Roger. They were certainly influenced by some old White Dwarves! 🙂
      For me, computer/videogames take the duel roles of when “normal” people would watch TV, and when I’d like to do some tabletop gaming but it’s not an option. They also take less energy than painting, so when I’m low-energy they’re a good choice for something to do. I probably need a good reading chair or something (and somewhere to put it!) so I can read more books, but space is at a bit of a premium here. Games Journalists love RDR2, but they’re a bit too far in bed with R*. It’s great in a lot of ways, but seriously lacking in others – unfortunately they’ve gone for animation quality and “realism” over responsiveness, which is often an issue with their games. Beautiful game, though – especially in 4k.


    • Thanks mate. It often hits me in Spring. Must be a combination of out of juice by the time we get through winter, and the cycle of work getting to that point where you’re just really exhausted…


  3. Cracking job mate, and fingers crossed for you getting over this funk soon. I was the same through the summer – demotivated, fed up & wanting to isolate. I tried St John’s Wort as a wee cheer-me-up for a few weeks, and it worked wonders! This too shall pass Brother.

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    • I’ve caught up on the 1/day for this month, even if I haven’t posted them yet. Plenty more needed though for the minimum. Leonard’s just had his 8th birthday, and so he’s slowly learning that it can be nice to sit on my chest while I’m sitting rather than instantly run away the moment I sit down. It took years before he’d let us pick him up on our chests properly..

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      • We had a very small rescued cat, Jet, who was the spitting image of Leonard. She was very timid and it was years before she would quietly creep up to us for a fuss! She didn’t like being picked up at all, but we all respected one another’s boundaries and I think she was happy just being able to have a safe, warm house to live in! Cats have got people sussed!


  4. I’ll be looking forward to that painting guide, that skin tone is fantastic! The finished squad looks great with all those nice hand paintings! The only things that look a bit off to me are the flames, which could maybe be blended a little more.

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    • That’s true, but the flames are on what I can safely call shitty plastic models that I don’t especially like, so as long as they pass the 4-foot test, I’m good with them. Paint guide might end up being over Christmas at this rate. I’m still struggling to find time to post, follow others’ posts, respond to comments (see how late this one is!) and get that bloody round-up post done. Spend 2 1/2 hours on it yesterday, and still a ton more to go. Tomorrow, then!


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