D&D Monster Manual 25: Wrath of Ashardalon – Kraash, Orc Storm Shaman & Orc Archers

D&D Wrath of Ashardalon - Kraash, Orc Storm Shaman

Another double-set from the Wrath of Ashardalon today – we have the Orc Hero model – a Storm Shaman as well as three archers.

D&D Wrath of Ashardalon - Orc Archers

Painting was pretty simple, as with the Orc Smashers before them, I went with a Uruk-Hai-inspired paint scheme based around a reddish-brown skin rather than a GW-style “greenskin” look. I figure that when the models diverge wildly in style, Orcs (and a lot of creatures) work better in a colour scheme that fits the setting a bit more. Despite being painted last, the Archers are the models that actually inspired the Uruk-style scheme first seen on these D&D models 5 years ago when I finished painting the Smashers. as they were much more reminiscent (to me) of the Uruk look than anything approaching GW’s Orcs. Besides, the ruddy skin tone fits in well with Ashardalon, being a Red Dragon and all.

D&D Wrath of Ashardalon - Kraash, Orc Storm Shaman

The Shaman got a little bit of extra love, but I wanted to keep the palette used on him restricted to earthy tones, with the exception of the magical glow coming from his talisman. He was pretty quick to paint as well, as the model isn’t too busy, and thankfully half of the model is cloaked in a wolfskin, making it much easier to complete!

D&D Wrath of Ashardalon - Kraash, Orc Storm Shaman, Orc Archers, Orc Smashers

To finish up, what better than a group shot alongside the Orc Smashers, who have been waiting patiently over the past five years for their brethren to catch up with them and finally get painted!

20 thoughts on “D&D Monster Manual 25: Wrath of Ashardalon – Kraash, Orc Storm Shaman & Orc Archers

  1. Excellent – GW green wouldn’t have suited them (and would have looked pretty weird if they’re meant to be hanging out with Ashardalon). These are more natural looking creatures and so a more natural looking colour scheme works perfectly.

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  2. My first thought before I saw you mention it was those look like a mix of Uruk-Hai and the orcs in Warcraft. I’m fairly certainly there is a shaman character in Warcraft 3 that wears a pelt like the one you painted. These might be my favorite D&D sculpts you’ve painted yet and you chose a great scheme to make them stand out 🙂

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    • I never played fully through WCIII, but googling it shows you’re right. 🙂
      There are some good sculpts upcoming in some of the more recent games as well, so hope you enjoy seeing those as well once they get painted!

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      • That is great to know that my memory still works a bit 🙂 Warcraft 3 is a classic as well! I do enjoy fantasy minis quite a bit so I’ve been enjoying all of your D&D updates!


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