D&D Monster Manual 31: The Legend of Drizzt – Hunting Drakes (Contrast Paint Experiment #24)

D&D Miniatures, The Legend of Drizzt - Hunting Drakes

Another quick one from the D&D Board Game series today – Hunting Drakes! I asked Marouda what colour I should go with and she told me “blue”. I wanted to use Contrasts on them, and wanted to go with something that wasn’t too strong a blue, so I used Terradon Turquoise over the spray prime of grey-white, followed by a drybrush of GW Sotek Green (?!), and then Sotek Green ligthened with Vallejo Ivory. The “bone” parts were done with Contrast Skeleton Bone, and then given a subtle highlight once dry with Vallejo Bonewhite.

This is the sort of thing that Contrast Paints are perfect for. Sure, I could have done much the same with traditional means of basecoat and washes and highights, but using Contrasts did allow me to finish these fast, and I think the models do have a bit more …contrast to them as well – which may not suit everything, but does suit these particular models well.

Done! Quick and Easy and Effective!