May 2020: Personal Painting Wrap-Up.

Here’s what I managed to finish off overe the course of May 2020. Witht he exception of the elementals (4 models) and a pair of the D&D Boardgame Baddies (2 models) all of these were basically Neglected models from The Tray – having been unfinished for months, years, or in a few cases – decades.

30 full-sized models, plus 4x 20mm Infantry Markers, plus 4x 20mm Infantry stands with 3 models on each (16). So 46 models. The tray has definitely helped, but I’m really struggling with the last 1/3 or so of the models on it. I think in future I should have fewer models on it – still keeping a good variety of them in terms of genre and how long they’ve been Neglected for – but that way I can turn them over a bit faster and probably also give myself a “reward” model or two between each one.