May 2020: Personal Painting Wrap-Up.

Here’s what I managed to finish off overe the course of May 2020. Witht he exception of the elementals (4 models) and a pair of the D&D Boardgame Baddies (2 models) all of these were basically Neglected models from The Tray – having been unfinished for months, years, or in a few cases – decades.

30 full-sized models, plus 4x 20mm Infantry Markers, plus 4x 20mm Infantry stands with 3 models on each (16). So 46 models. The tray has definitely helped, but I’m really struggling with the last 1/3 or so of the models on it. I think in future I should have fewer models on it – still keeping a good variety of them in terms of genre and how long they’ve been Neglected for – but that way I can turn them over a bit faster and probably also give myself a “reward” model or two between each one.

33 thoughts on “May 2020: Personal Painting Wrap-Up.

    • Thanks Dave. I’ve already made one “exception” clause of “models I need for a game”. With slightly fewer on each tray and some “reward” models in between each one I think it’ll be a stayer!

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  1. great collection of models there. I find the last quarter or third of a tray, I can be thinking more about the models I want to put on the next tray than of painting the ones left on the current tray. So far, I have powered through, and changing the models over on a tray is a weekend treat!

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    • Yeah, that’s described how I’m feeling really accurately. And it’s not like I dislike the models that are left, either – just that mental block has started to form – and yeah, powering through has been my solution – as well as mixing those D&D models for the game we’re currently playing in…

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  2. That is a seriously impressive haul. I don’t think I’ve ever accomplished painting that many models (certainly not with that kind of variety in the sculpts) in a month before. Its always neat to see the monthly round up posts from you as the picture(s) are always awesome to see. One of these days, I might do it just to see how much I’m accomplishing in a given period 🙂

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    • Thanks Mate. I’m struggling with it right now but I think I’ve learned the trick – don’t put so damned many models on the tray at once! Can’t wait ’til I manage to force my way through the last ones, though…

      The D&D models aren’t actually from the tray, but are all subject to the “Essential Worker” exemption, as I need them for the game(s) we’re currently playing, so they get to skip the queue.

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  3. Ohh, it’s so lovely to see one of your colourful group pictures again! Those are always such a delight for some reason — must be the excellent painting! 🙂

    Also, buddy, can I just engage in a blatant act of self-promotion here and ask you to check out my game “Islands – Full Game” on Dreams? I am only asking because you recently mentioned having the game when you commented over at my blog. I would love to hear your thoughts! 🙂

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    • Thank you, KS! I will …but it may not be for a little while. I haven’t had the PS4 on in a month or so until this last weekend when I tried (and disliked Metro 2033 for a couple of hours.)
      If I can (ever) get past the long, tedious, unskippable intro “games” that Dreams forces the player through then I definitely will. 🙂 Hope it didn’t reset when I quit out! 😡


    • Just patched it, booted it up and had a go. I enjoyed the first two levels and was kind of getting a “Journey”-esque vibe from it. On the 3rd (side-scrolling) level though I became frustrated at the “go on” section, where it feels like there should be a natural checkpoint, but whenever I fell in the water and died (including when I “went on” too far while the camera was locked on the other character) I had to go throught the whole intro animation again to get back to the gameplay.


      • Cheers, Azazel, and thanks for giving it a try! “Journey” was indeed one of the main inspirations, so it’s great if it comes across that way. Also, point taken regarding that check point — I was going to add one at the halfway section anyway, and your remark definitely confirms it. Will update later today. Please keep playing, the best is yet to come (I think…)

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