Reaper 60090: Lizardman Shaman (As Dragonborn Wizard) (Julie Guthrie)

Reaper 60090: Lizardman Shaman, Julie Guthrie

The final model in my little Reptilian trilogy for the itme being is another Reaper miniature. This time it’s the Lizardman Shaman who takes the proxy role of Heskan, the Dragonborn Wizard from the Wrath of Ashardalon D&D Boardgame. As with the other heroes, I pretty much immediately disregarded the minis that came in the box in favour of painted and/or better looking miniatures to use as proxies.

Reaper 60090: Lizardman Shaman, Julie Guthrie

So this model is the pretty much the best option I was able to find on Reaper’s site back then. It’s another finely-detailed Julie Guthrie sculpt, and obviously doesn’t quite fit in with the whole “dude in a dress” stereotypical caster look, but I figured that the slightly feral Shaman look works just as well for a Lizardman.

Sorry. Dragonborn.

Reaper 60090: Lizardman Shaman, Julie Guthrie

This one fits the Dragonborn template a little better, I guess – based on artwork I’ve browsed. He has a spikier head! It looks like – as with many things in fantasy and sci-fi gaming – that originally representations of Dragonborn were somewhat looser, and have codified over time into a more uniform look. For the paint I went with an unoriginal green with ochre underbelly look. I used colourful feathers on his dagger and staff as well as red ankle-tassels to add some interest, as the figure otherwise risked being quite plain looking.

Reaper 03607: Degenerate Serpentfolk, Reaper 60090: Lizardman Shaman, Arjhan the Dragonborn Fighter, Julie Guthrie

And just to wrap up the last of my models from May, I’ve got a little group shot of the three reptile mans – all finally finished after so many years as neglected models!

17 thoughts on “Reaper 60090: Lizardman Shaman (As Dragonborn Wizard) (Julie Guthrie)

  1. Very nice – definitely works as a shaman and probably the best of the three by my eye (although the blue warrior gives it a run for its money). The dancing guy on the end works well as part of the group as well.

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    • I think for me this one is the best sculpt, but I kinda like the blue scales on the other one a little better. I really see now why people paint their Lizardmen with that Cyan blue – and yeah, Disco is fine now in that “was also present” way…

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  2. Great work and probably my favourite out of the 3, not because of the painting as that’s excellent on all, but the original sculpt is the best

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  3. I completely agree with the sentiment above that this guy is the best looking lizard of the bunch. The classic colors work well and this guy looks ready for action. It is cool to see all of the lizards together and I’m sure it is nice to get them done and ready for gaming as well.

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    • Yep – red and green have been fighting their way through the Halls of Ashardalan’s dungeons on a regular basis for a week or so now. Blue was the last to actually be finished, despite the post order as I’d forgotten to do the tiny gems on his pteurges/neck protector, and then we had a week of too-cold-and-wet-to-spray…

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  4. A nice trio of lizard people/dragonborn. I like them all but I think my favorites go Blue-Green-Red, though that green lass has some very nice cheek spines, I must say! 🙂

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