D&D Monster Manual 33: 77579: Goremaw the Devourer (Reaper Bones)

77579: Goremaw, Great Worm, Reaper Bones, Goremaw the Devourer

I’ve finally completed one of the larger models I’ve ever started painting – Goremaw the Devourer, aka Goremaw, Great Worm, from the third of the Reaper Bones Kickstarter campaigns. I can’t say that it was an especially fun or rewarding experience, but I am satisfied well enough with the finished product, and more satisfied simply because the product is finished. I started on my Goremaw after seeing the fantastic job that fellow blogger, Dave Kay had done on his back in December ’17January ’18. Originally, I had been going for a black carapace to Goremaw, as I already had a pair of not-Purple Worms from Reaper that were long-finished, and seem(?) to fit the proper D&D scale (I guess, maybe?) better. However, the big, chunky detail on Goremaw’s PVC just didn’t work well with the greys I’d drybrushed on, and then Goremaw then sat around for a couple of years, neglected and shoved to the side…

77579: Goremaw, Great Worm, Reaper Bones, Goremaw the Devourer

Over the couple of years it eventually became one of two, then three of the larger Bones models sitting around, just endlessly taking up space on various desks and table in the house, waiting to be completed and moved the hell out of my way. But uninspiring enough to actually work on. With the advent of me trying to use Dave’s “Tray” concept to get models painted by limiting what I can work on, I decided to add Goremaw to my second tray. Which I’ll start right after I complete the models on the first tray, and then my 2 “Reward” models that I’m going to allow myself to do. The plan was that this would also allow me to contribute Goremaw to Ann’s Miniatures of Magnitude Challenge for May & June.

77579: Goremaw, Great Worm, Reaper Bones, Goremaw the Devourer

Well, except that all these D&D boardgame figures I’ve been painting lately haven’t actually been from the tray. I’ve been allowing them to queue jump because they’ve been (mostly) quick and (mostly) easy to finish, and because we’re playing those games – so it makes sense, right? Painting figures for a game that you’re actively playing being a priority? Of course. But the drawback there is that there’s still 8 figures, 5 terrain pieces and 1 …other on the Tray needing to be completyed (not counting the three that are finished and just photographed alongside Wormy here, but not posted yet because this post is going up first).

So my solution? Well, another exception to The Tray, this time for Ann’s Challenge. After all, what better thing than a painting challenge to motivate us to complete a model that’s just been a right pain in the arse to get done?

77579: Goremaw, Great Worm, Reaper Bones, Goremaw the Devourer, 77006: Great Worm

So over the past couple of days, I’ve added Goremaw to a large plastic base from Reaper, added slate, acrylic putty and sand to build it up, texture it and work the original PVC into it (adding Liquid Greenstuff texture to the smooth PVC rocks integral to Goremaw). And then it was time to pivot the black and yellow into what you see here. Yes, I’ve gone for the “Purple Worm” scheme again, because, well, why not, I guess? At this point it really doesn’t matter to me that much, and painted is much better than taking up space on my desk half painted.

First using Contrast paint to stain the existing greys into purples, and then working from there using traditional purple paints. I finished the model with weathering powders – both worked into the base as well as into the large scales of Goremaw – after all, it’s bursting out of the ground here – not stepping out of the shower!

Anyway, not my favourite model but one I’m satisfied to have completed. Thanks to Dave for getting me started on this big miniature, and both endlessly seeing the annoying thing on my desk next to my PC and even moreso, to Ann for the motivation to finish the thing off.

I’ve got 2 more of the larger Bones models sitting here – both quite close to completion. Both closer in fact, than Goremaw had been – and I got him from Zero to semi-hero in 2 days. I think it might be time to try for the next one, and then, just maybe, the third? How many days left until the end of the month? 😮