WHFB Dwarf Bolt Thrower (Colin Dixon, 1998) (MechaNovember ’19)

WHFB Dwarf Bolt Thrower, Colin Dixon, 1998

Following up from the crew, who I managed to complete a month or so ago, I’ve finally gotten the actual War Machine that they crew painted! Well, there is a little caveat there – I still can’t find the bolt nor the crank that are part of the kit. Since it was an eBay jobn a few years ago, I’m not 100% sure if I even have the crank, but I do know that I have the bolt. Once I find them, individually or together, I’ll paint them up and glue them down, I suppose…

WHFB Dwarf Bolt Thrower, Colin Dixon, 1998

Here’s the Bolt Thrower itself. Nothing too amazing without it’s crew. Just a reasonably neat piece, mostly wood and metal. Still, combined with the crew it looks good, and that’s kinda the point! Bolt Throwers being War Machines, and War machines being mechanical, this also fits into November’s painting challenge. So with this thing finished, I’m finally out of the gate!

20 thoughts on “WHFB Dwarf Bolt Thrower (Colin Dixon, 1998) (MechaNovember ’19)

  1. Great stuff as usual, there really is something about a bolt thrower that speaks to me from my youth. If you’re still wondering where the bolt has gone the one with the blond beard has it (the one with the white beard is trying to work out if he has the right one, and the one with the black beard has heard it’s missing and is trying to help look for it).

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  2. As others have said, it looks quite nice! Dwarves and war machines belong together and this quite a nice little sculpt. The wood is painted very well and looks realistic to my eyes. Shame about the missing pieces but honestly, I think it looks great as is 🙂

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    • Thanks Kuribo! I’m sure they’ll (probably) turn up eventually, but it’s just annoying when they don’t do so when you want or need them to finish the model. I’ve got another bunch of relatively crappy plastic dwarf warriors to finish off in the semi-near future, and then I can hopefully get to the more fun models with sculpts more like this one…

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      • It will show up when you don’t care anymore and aren’t looking for it. That’s how it always goes for me anyway. I’ll be looking forward to more dwarves in the future as well. Always makes me want to buy some LOTR dwarves when I see yours 🙂

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  3. Very nice bolt thrower – and I would not worry about the missing piece – only you will know! I got overwhelmed in November and only finished some stuff in the last week that you will see posted. I hope that all is well. Best, Mark

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