15mm Flames of War DAK Status Markers #2 – Battlefront Miniatures

15mm Flames of War Dismounted DAK Panzer Crew

After I painted the pair of dismounted vehicle crew a few weeks ago, I went into the shed to find the rest of my FoW stuff, and see what else i could dig out for quick and easy wins (aka models I could finish fast). Well, the first thing I found was the other two of the dismounted crew models, which I’d entirely forgotten existed.

15mm Flames of War Dismounted DAK Panzer Crew

Here they are, reunited with their two comrades. As you can see, I’ve vaguely gone for a pair in black Panzer crew-style tunics, and a pair in Feldgrau-(ish) uniforms that could pass for Artillery – and so prime to be used for StuG crew should I need to differentiate.

15mm Flames of War DAK Pinned Markers

I also found the other twelve(!) models I had picked out to slightly mod (in some cases) for specific uses. I managed to get four of them, four more are still on the go and will hopefully be done as part of Neglected July, and the other four still have their bases being built up – so might be July or sometime after that. These four that I did manage to paint are (unsurprisingly) “Pinned” markers. Three made from artillery crew of whatever sort, and one from a motorcyclist.

15mm Flames of War DAK

And here they are – the first eight of my Flames of War DAK status markers. Complete after only …uh, yeah, maybe better not stop to work that part out.

Star Wars Miniatures Bacta Tank (#26, Imperial Entanglements)

Star Wars Miniatures Bacta Tank #26, Imperial Entanglements

After the positive response to my last few days worth of posting, I thought it was a good opportunity to hit everyone with something really underwhelming. In this case, I have a pair of Bacta Tanks from the Star Wars Miniatures range of prepaints brought out by WotC from 2004-2010. It was a surprisingly decent game, though I never got into it hardcore, and most of my purchases for the game have been via the post-2010 clearouts and fire sales from various places. These two I picked up late last year from a local place for cheap to maybe use in the actual game, but more realistically, use for Imperial Assault boardgame terrain and 40k-related Scenery. Not much to say here. I ripped off their warped and wonky bases and replaced them with HIPS 50mm bases, which I painted in that bluish-grey tone I use for other Imperial Assault things. I also found some old WHFB shields which I fashioned into super-crude pieces to add a tiniest bit of detail on top.

Could I have done more? Of course. But let’s be entirely real here – the models aren’t all that great and are still slightly wonky and warped – and ain’t nothing I can do about it! So I mulled over this briefly and then decided that they’re not worth the time it would have taken when I have to much else to do. So this is it, and here they are. They’ll look fine from an arms’ length. All good, and good enough!

Mythic Battles: Pantheon – Manticore

Mythic Battles: Pantheon - Manticore

Today’s model is another from a miniatures-heavy kickstarter. More specifically, from the people over at Monolith Games, who also brought us the Conan Boardgame, and more recently, Batman (which I ain’t opened yet). I started this one shortly after finishing that Dragon from the Conan Kickstarter, by the same people.

They did a pretty faithful job to the artwork, too.

Funniest thing regarding the artwork and my paintwork – I just googled for and downloaded the artwork now to add to this post so we could see how the model stood up to the concept art. I painted the model without any reference pics – black claws, dark scales, luminous green poison…

Mythic Battles: Pantheon - Manticore

I mean, it’s no real stretch to go golden and brown with a lion’s fur and mane. The oversized, Trish Carden/Morrison-style scales (a sculpting trait which I hate, btw) across the model were done in dark red-brown to mesh with the predominant colour of the scorpion tail, which is basically a way to give more interest to something that was going to basically be… not black, but dark. Luminous green for the poison because it contrasts well with the dark red, and because green is RPG shorthand for “poison”. I went with black for the claws to match the black for the wing-talon-spikes, because I felt black would look better on the wings against the tan. I went with a purple mixed with flesh for the wing membranes so they’d stand out and look monstrous, but not quite cartoony-monstrous.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon - Manticore

Overall, the model was a pretty nice one to paint, and didn’t take too long for me to get through, when compared to most other monsters. It’s quite a nice sculpt, unlike the dragon and it came mounted on the plastic base, also unlike the dragon – so it seems that Monolith learned some important lessons in between Kickstarter campaigns.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon - Manticore

A Deathwatch Space Marine gives us the scale shot.

Speaking of lessons, I’ve got a bit of an unfortunate habit of starting more of the same kinds of models as soon as I finish something like the Skaven that I’ve recently finished and have WIP – picked basically right after I finished the Pestilens models, which is how this model got plucked from a box filled with KS expansion boxes. I mean, I’m happy with this model and how it turned out, but I have decided to stop myself from plucking any further large monsters until I complete the three or four I have on the go already. Yeah. Four.

Anyway, while a few elements aren’t entirely to my taste (the scales, horn shape) it’s overall a pretty good model and I’m glad I got it done. I can easily squeeze a beast like this into a variety of miniatures games, aside from Pantheon. If the rest of the models turn out to be produced this nicely, I’ll be quite happy…

Vikings, Fimtán!

Wargames Foundry Viking Berserkers

Once again a considerable amount of time has passed since I finished off any of my Viking models, but in May I ended up starting to pick up the odd random model (or small set of models) from my painting desk to get them completed and off the desk. Having a group of seven Viking Berserkers there staring at me meant that they were amongst the models that I decided needed to be whittled down a little.

Wargames Foundry Viking Berserkers
As I often do, I went for the path of least resistance and the models that would be completed more quickly, so these three got completed while the leader with his fancier gear, and the guy who maybe should-maybe should not have a shield got part-done, and the two standard bearers that need me to DIY their banner poles and pennants never made it off the little desk-shelf.
Nothing really notable here in terms of paint. Grey wolves for the lads, while the hornblower got slightly fancier pants (by virtue of wearing pants) and a bearskin instead of a wolfskin – which is defined by the individual sculpt. I checked, and the internet told me that Scandinavian bears tend to be of the Brown variety, which then gave me my colour choice. The varnish seems to have flattened his bearskin’s highlights out a bit, but I’m sure it’ll be fine on the table.
I may or may not get that other pair done in Neglected June, otherwise it may well be 2020 by the time the next couple of Vikings are done, at my current rate! (I like to have a few on the go at all times, so I have something different to dip in and out of – the drawback to that is when I’m not feeling a model or a set of models, it can take forever to get them done, as I’m finding with this latter half of the berserkers…)

Squad: March! + Gender-Ambiguous Model Painting Challenge 2019 – Community Round-Up

Argentbadger’s Seishin

Argentbadger, of The Bovine Overlord completed a group of models which safely qualify both as a squad as well as gender-ambiguous. They are Seishin, from Malifaux’ Resurrectionists faction, and I think he’s done an amazing job with the ethereal looking scheme on them.


Alexis West’s Genestealer Hybrid

Alexis West, aka Westrider from Cascadian Grimdark, completed a nice little set of Models of Indeterminate Gender in March. To start with, we have a Genestealer Cult hybrid in the colours of the Cult of the Emperor’s Embrace.

Alexis West’s Ur-Ghuls from Blackstone Fortress

Alexis also sorted out these Ur-Ghuls from the Blackstone Fortress boxed game. I really do like the pink, fleshy effect on their hands and faces. Alexis submitted these models as Gender-Ambiguous as well, though with the minimum of three of the challenge, they also qualify as a “squad” (for the purposes of this challenge, if not any “official” Warhammer rules.)

Alexis’ Spindle Drones from Blackstone Fortress.

Finally, Alexis also completed this trip of Spindle Drones, also from Blackstone Fortress. They’ve come up quite nicely, I think – almost looking like wraithbone in the pic. As with the Ur-Ghuls, they’re Gender-Ambiguous, and also qualify as a squad for the challenge.


Pete S /SP’s Russians in Paritsan camouflage.

Pete S /SP’s Winter Russians.

Pete S /SP from SP’s Projects Blog completed a pair of radically different 20mm Contemporary Russian squads from Elheim Miniatures range of ultra-moderns for the Squad painting challenge. Did I say radically different? Well, clearly, they are. But they’re also the exact same set of sculpts!


Mark Morin’s Trio and other-trio of tanks for What a Tanker!

Mark Morin, of Mark A Morin did something around Tanks (shocking, yea!) for the Squad challenge, and kinda doing it in two ways at once. He completed a trio of Italian M11/39 tanks, as well as a British M3 Grant and an M4 Sherman for his 8th Army. However, one of the M11/39s is painted as a captured vehicle, complete with kangaroo-silhouette on the turret side.

Mark represents some I̶t̶a̶l̶i̶a̶n̶ Aussie armour…

This little touch effectively creates a squadron for the 8th army with that (formerly) Italian tank!


Ann’s Spiny Black Poxwalker

Ann, of Ann’s Immaterium completed a model known as Spiny Back Poxwalker for the Gender-Ambiguous Model challenge. According to Ann, the completion of this one leave only five more Poxwalkers for her slowly growing horde.


Wudugast’s Blackstone Fortress Spindle Drones.

Wudugast, from Convert or Die completed a small group of figures which qualify for both of this month’s challenges. This group of four Spindle Drones, from the Blackstone Fortress are both gender-ambiguous and also four makes enough for a “Squad” by the spirit of this challenge. I find that Wudugast’s take on their colour scheme – with the stark contrasts on their carapace is quite reminiscent of the production design from the Alien films, and even Giger’s work.


Sunfire’s Vengeance Knights Primaris Marine Reivers

Sunfire, from Rhoda’s Reach has completed a trio of squads for the Squad challenge – the first is a group of three Primaris Space Marine Reivers, these guys are part of his Vengeance Knights chapter. The headswaps certainly give them a different look, which I may well steal for some of my own Reivers…

Sunfire’s Vengeance Knights Intercessor Marines

Sunfire’s second squad for the month is a squad of Intercessors. He has achieved a nice contrast between the weather-beaten and worn armour and the clean looking shoulder pauldrons.

Sunfire’s trio of Idris, the Wind Reader and two attendant Tzaangor

For his third squad, Sunfire has something completely different in a trio of Tzeentchian Tzaangor, led by Idris, the Wind Reader. The impressive bases make them look like a Shadespire/Warhammer Underworlds Warband!


Just Needs Varnish’s Royal Navy Naval Brigade riflemen

Just Needs Varnish from Just Needs Varnish completed a pair of units for the month, both from his slightly-neglected 20mm Royal Navy Brigade force. The first are a unit of Riflemen, featuring some pretty sweet detailing on those scarves that really makes the figures stand out nicely from a distance.

Just Needs Varnish’s Naval Maxim and 4.7″ gun carriages.

JNV‘s second unit for the month is a support unit for the same force, featuring a carriage-mounted Maxim for close fire support, as well as something a little …bigger!

…along with the horse(s) they rode in on!


The Imperfect Modeller’s

The Imperfect Modeller from The Imperfect Modeller finished this odd little model of a ..Power Armoured Space Wasp? for the Gender-Ambiguous challenge. It looks very much like something Mark Morin would be painting rather than TIM, but it made sense in the end, as TIM used it in a very cool diorama that I urge you to check out – titled “Get Out Of My Fucking Room” it does what it says on the tin!

The Imperfect Modeller’s “Get Out Of My Fucking Room”

The Imperfect Modeller’s Posse of Wyatt Earp, his brothers Virgil and Morgan and Doc Holliday

TIM‘s second submission was something much more to speed, though no less impressive. We have Wyatt Earp, his brothers Virgil and Morgan, and Doc Holliday – with their apppearance in miniature form being based on the 1993 film, Tombstone. As always with his western models, TIM has done a great job of capturing the feel of the Old West, with dusty blacks used across these models. They look like a group of gents that you would not like to cross on a dusty Arizona road…


Maenoferren22’s Reaper Ghost

Maenoferren22 from Bogenwald also completed a model for each of the month’s challenges – leading off with this Ghost model by Reaper Miniatures which is plenty gender-ambiguous. In completing this model, his actions gave me the kick I needed to grab and complete the pair of these models I had in my own collection, that had been sitting on the painting desk for months and forgotten – so thank you!

Maenoferen’s 3D-Printed Cultists

Did I say “a model” for each challenge? Maenoferren22 not only completed the singular ghost, but also three entire units. The first of which is a unit of 3D-Printed Cultists which actually qualifies for both challenges (until you look under their robes, at least!)

Maenoferren’s 3D-Printed Hand-monsters

The next of Maenoferren’s units also qualifies for the gender-ambiguous challenge. I guess you could theoretically argue these 3D-Printed hand-monsters look kinda like a pair of males and a pair of females based on their chests and chest-clothing, but who’s to say exactly how the anatomy of weird monster-demon-things that have hands for heads works?

Maenoferren’s Heresy Miniatures “Inspector” crew.

Finally, Maenoferren has completed a crew of sci-fi-type Inspectors from Heresy Miniatures. This group clearly features both genders, though Blue-K9 and the other little bot technically fit into that neutral territory of the other challenge yet again! Kick arse submissions from Maenoferren this month!


mcmattila’s Revelators Devastator Squad

mcmattila of mcmattilaminis completed a Devastator Squad for his homebrew Space Marine Chapter, the Revelators. He’s used MKIII armour legs, torsos and limbs to give the models a heavier, weighted feel as befits Devastators, especially with the preponderance of rivets on the older armour – while the MK8 Helms and backpacks give them a more current, modern look. it’s certainly a touch I appreciate!


To wrap up, as have my own Models for March – more detail can be seen in my Personal Round-Up Post for March. While the four “Squads” are pretty typical fare of the random stuff I seem to get completed on a semi-regular basis, the more interesting part of the equation is that all of the models I finished in March, bar one turned out to be Gender-Ambiguous. While I did set out to paint some that fit that specific criteria, the real kicker was that when I looked at each model once completed, I found that so many more fit – even when our typical assumptions (and honestly, the sculptor’s intent a lot of the time ) make us think “male”.

I certainly found that to be an interesting exercise through March, and I have tried to keep it in mind gong forward as well – so thank you to Ann Wycoff of Ann’s Immaterium for the initial thought, and Alex of Leadbaloony for running Fembruary – which in turn spawned this challenge theme.


Speaking of… is your own March Challenge work missing from here? If you left a link in the announcement thread, then it should be here and I apologise. If there’s no link there, then leave one here. I may seen, read and even commented on your post, but I’m damned if I can remember each and every blog post I go through each month! Broken links, etc – just bring it to my attention and I’ll also fix them up ASAP.

…and now onto compiling Armoured/Army April’s Community Round-Up!

Heartbreaker Ratman Champion with Mechanical Hand (Tim Prow) (Mechanismo March ’19)

Heartbreaker Ratman Champion with Mechanical Hand Tim Prow

Today I start showing the models I finished this month(!) with one of the off-brand Skaven I kinda previewed during my review of the AK Interactive Spray Primers recently. Sculpted by Tim Prow many years ago for Heartbreaker, the model is still available today from RPE (Ral Partha Europe – who confusingly, apparently have no current connection to Ral Partha). I’m also counting this one towards Mechanismo March as the Mechanical Arm/Not-Powerfist is a pretty integral part of the model.

Heartbreaker Ratman Champion with Mechanical Hand Tim Prow

I was a little stuck originally about the colours to use on his clothing, as I really haven’t come up with an “army colour” for my Skaven (let’s face it – it’ll probably overall be a melange of earthy, muddy greens and browns) but I did want to use a more interesting colour on this guy – and what better to use than yellow as a nod to Wudugast, who has been chipping away at his yellow-themed Skaven army for the last couple of years and sharing them on his blog. which helped serve as an inspiration to me actually managing to finish my Plague Censer Bearers recently, and now, along with Alex’s AoS challenge this one and his fellows (one still very WIP).

Terrain and Neglected Models: June 2019 Community Painting Challenge

Be’Lakor. Neglected for more than a decade. Finished in 2019.

For June I was originally planning to run a challenge for minor heroes – basically Sergeants, Medics, unit champions and the like – the sort of models that get overlooked in favour of the big cheeses in the context of painting challenges… but. Next month will be Jewel of July, and that should more than suffice for those hero models – even the more minor ones.

Instead, I’m going back to the Neglected Model well, along with another “Dual-Mode” month with the the rather popular Terrain Challenge as the second category.

Morathi V.1. Neglected for more than a decade. Finished in 2019.

But what is a “Neglected Model Challenge“? Well, it’s as simple as it sounds – Simply complete a single model (or more if you want) that you started painting awhile ago, but still sits unfinished. I suggest 6+ months, but that depends on what your backlog is like.

Extraordinarily Exciting Terrain that qualifies for June’s challenge.

The other half of this coming month’s challenge is terrain – both large and small. From huge, imposing structures to the least-interesting set of crates and barrels and everything in between. Dioramas are of course totally welcome as well, by their very nature.

Extraordinarily Exciting Terrain that qualifies for June’s challenge.

So if you’re keen for it, no need to sign up. Just pick a model that’s been neglected and during the month of February, make it into a completed model. If you’d like to be included in the wrap-up at the end of the month, it’s super helpful if you post a link in the comments section of THIS post, so everything is in one place when I go to stitch it all together. Because someone’s work always gets missed, at least initially!

And yes, I’m still behind in compiling the last two months’ community round-ups, but rest assured that they are coming. Unfortunately, sometimes life smacks you in the face with a shovel. Repeatedly. This makes things take longer, but as long as they get done in the end, then it’s as good as it’s going to get.