15mm Flames of War DAK Status Markers #3 & Kübelwagen – Battlefront Miniatures (Neglected Model June ’19)

15mm Flames of War DAK Status Markers & Kübelwagen - Battlefront Miniatures

We’ve got the next few models from my finally-getting-completed DAK force today – if I wasn’t so behind in my posts and I was able to post things as I finished them, these might have had two distinct posts, but it ain’t so – and as a result you get a two-fer.

15mm Flames of War DAK Status Markers

The first thing on show are four more “marker” models. This time they designate “run”. And as such, I used teeny models of widdle mans doing a run. Kawaii! amirite?

15mm Flames of War DAK Status Markers

This leaves me with only four more to go. The final four were only started in their most basic form, and so I’ve done their bases and have yet to get started onto their proper paint. Then I’ll be done with that particular little side project of markers.

15mm Flames of War DAK Kübelwagen - Battlefront Miniatures

Next up we have a paif of Volkswagen Kübelwagen – which if you’re not familiar with them, were to the German forces of WWII what the Jeep was to the Allies.

15mm Flames of War DAK Status Markers - Battlefront Miniatures

I don’t fully remember what their use or role was/is in in Flames of War, something to do with officers or command or some such no doubt, but I also figure it’s not that important right now. Once I get the army painted, and maybe even an Opposing force for them, then I’ll worry about pointing out the army, learning to play again, all that sort of stuff…

15mm Flames of War DAK Status Markers #2 – Battlefront Miniatures

15mm Flames of War Dismounted DAK Panzer Crew

After I painted the pair of dismounted vehicle crew a few weeks ago, I went into the shed to find the rest of my FoW stuff, and see what else i could dig out for quick and easy wins (aka models I could finish fast). Well, the first thing I found was the other two of the dismounted crew models, which I’d entirely forgotten existed.

15mm Flames of War Dismounted DAK Panzer Crew

Here they are, reunited with their two comrades. As you can see, I’ve vaguely gone for a pair in black Panzer crew-style tunics, and a pair in Feldgrau-(ish) uniforms that could pass for Artillery – and so prime to be used for StuG crew should I need to differentiate.

15mm Flames of War DAK Pinned Markers

I also found the other twelve(!) models I had picked out to slightly mod (in some cases) for specific uses. I managed to get four of them, four more are still on the go and will hopefully be done as part of Neglected July, and the other four still have their bases being built up – so might be July or sometime after that. These four that I did manage to paint are (unsurprisingly) “Pinned” markers. Three made from artillery crew of whatever sort, and one from a motorcyclist.

15mm Flames of War DAK

And here they are – the first eight of my Flames of War DAK status markers. Complete after only …uh, yeah, maybe better not stop to work that part out.

15mm Flames of War Dismounted DAK Panzer Crew – Battlefront Miniatures

15mm Flames of War Dismounted DAK Panzer Crew

Do these count as 2 models? That’s what they are, after all! This pair of tiny dismounted crewmen came from some pack or another of FoW models, many years ago and were individually based to serve as markers, before such things were commercially available. I think they were for “crew shaken” or “vehicle stunned” or some such (it’s been a LOOOoooOng time since I played FoW) – basically, the idea being that when an armoured vehicle was “stunned” for a turn, I’d put one of these little guys next to it to represent that the crew had bailed out temporarily.

15mm Flames of War Dismounted DAK Panzer Crew

So far, so uninteresting. I know.

Anyway, when Marouda and I had a muckabout game of TANKS! a few months ago (how time flies when life is shitful), I got out my old, half-finished DAK army for FoW and we used one or two of the tanks. I think I used the Tiger I as a Panther. I also got these two out, and they were used as counters. I think. Anyway, they ended up out, and seeing how simple that they are, they got transferred inside to the painting desk so they could be ignored inside instead of in a figure case outside. Cut to me actually noticing them recently, and re-realising that they could be finised with probably only a few minutes of work. So I (finally) did that.

Scheme was simple. Basic DAK-desert-y clothing & boot colours, and a black Panzer Corps jacket and beret for one of them. I should probably dig out some more of the little markers I made for things like pinned and dug in and whatnot and finish those too. Small wins are almost always worthwhile…