A word on Categories.

As this blog has developed over time, more “Chaos” categories have been added, so I thought it worth a quite note to explain how they work:

There’s “Realm of Chaos” – which as a category will only deal with figures from the Slaves to Darkness/Lost and the Damned era.

Many posts dealing with my various chaos forces will have that as a title, though, and it’s a little late to change. Lost and the Damned is also a recurring post title since these days it’s also the name of the 40k chaos army type.

There will be a category for each of the 4 powers – “Nurgle’s Legions“, “Khorne’s Legions“, etc. These will mostly deal with army segments/units and hopefully eventually whole army shots.

When my other 40k armies get up and running, there will also be Iron Warriors, Death Guard, World Eaters, etc

And then there’s “Chaos“, which everything Chaos will be a part of.


With the release of Age of Sigmar replacing Warhammer Fantasy Battle, I’ve also added an AoS category, which seems ironically appropriate since most of my miniatures are based on rounds anyway. These are mostly older Citadel miniatures’ posts, but occasionally a post will be tagged with AoS when it has other, appropriate figures in it – such as Celtos’ metal undead miniatures that fit perfectly into a WHFB army or an AoS “Death” force. Same deal with Mantic’s Ogres and “Destruction“. I’m not removing my Warhammer Fantasy category, though.


There’s also the Dungeons and Dragons Monsters aspect. I’ve been painting a number of actual D&D Miniatures, but I’m quite aware that pretty much anything and everything is also a D&D monster. From mummies to skeletons to orcs to goblins to…. you get the idea. For this reason, I’m only tagging actual D&D miniatures and Reaper’s many not-D&D miniatures within the Dungeons and Dragons category.