Ent Painting Challenge

The next painting challenge over at www.one-ring.co.uk is for an Ent. I’ve had the Treebeard model since 2003 I’d guess, sitting in it’s box, unassembled and unpainted, so the idea of actually getting it painted and finished is actually quite exciting. There’s something to be said for these things – they really help with adding motivation. Here’s the “proof” pic.

My wife is also painting a figure, it’s the smaller one in the picture. A Mithril Miniatures MM188 Entwife, which I understand are long out of production. I picked this one up so long ago it makes the Treebeard figure look like a damn nOOb! I think I may have bought it to use in Blood Bowl. I honestly can’t remember, but it was a very long time ago.

I’ve added some DAS modelling clay to both of their bases, then added some twigs to represent branches, as well as sand and cat litter to repsesent dirt and rocks, respectively.

One thought on “Ent Painting Challenge

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