Armoured/Army April ’19: Community Painting Challenge

Spaceman wearing Spacemans Armour.

With a week left of March, it’s time to post up next month’s Community Painting Challenge. Once again, I’m going dual-mode with it.

A trio of Astartes Dreadnoughts.

Part 1 is Armoured April.

What does that mean?

It means complete some armoured models.

Yeah, but what do you mean by “armoured”? 

I mean either or both of the “personal” or the “mechanical” definitions of “armoured”.

The “personal” means individual(s) wearing personal body armour of whatever type. Plate, chainmail, powered armour, modern combat vests. Era/genre doesn’t matter. You get the idea.

The “mechanical” definition means armoured vehicles (i.e.: APCs, Tanks, etc) and combat walkers that are clearly properly armoured.

mcmatilla’s Ironskull’s Boyz, from Shadespire.

Wudugast’s truescale Knights Mortis Space Marines.

My/Marouda’s Undead Army.

Part 2 is Army April.

What does that mean?

This one means that it’s time to get one of those forces that you’ve been working on, and do that group shot that you’ve been thinking about for however/so long. It’s time to show off that collection, like a “sixteen year old girl posting endless selfies of (our)selves, using (your) blogs to showcase your latest figures and bask in the praise of other bloggers”. No batrep photos will be considered. And yes, there’s a very targeted “fuck you” baked right in there. What am I on about? It’s not targeted at Roger, but just read that linked post.

Now let’s all be like 16 year-old girls!

Nobody asked you.

Does it have to be an “Army”? I have a Necromunda Gang.

No, of course not. I’ve used “army” because alliteration. It could be any force for any game (Warmahordes, BB team, Necro Gang, a Kill-Team) or even the contents of a board game because you just finished painting Silver Tower or Zombicide or whatever. Systems aren’t important here, especially since a lot of figures work across many systems.

It would also be pretty cool if you managed to add something to that force in April. Because, you know, painting challenge and all that…

Mark Morin’s Italian Armoured Force.

As always, the biggest distinction between this painting challenge and many others out there are that I only care about you completing these models. It’s not a “start-to-finish” challenge set during a single month, so regardless of whether you just missed out on finishing that knight or tank this month, last month, or six months ago – or you’ve got stuff that you’ve been chipping away at for six months – or, indeed – if you’ve got models that have been shelved for months or even years, feel free to dig them out and join in. Similarly, if you want to go start-to-finish, then feel free to go right ahead. It’s entirely about completing cool things.

68 thoughts on “Armoured/Army April ’19: Community Painting Challenge

  1. Excellent! I’m in the process of moving, which gives me plenty of opportunity to set up Army shots while I’m getting stuff out and figuring out what to keep and what to sell off. I also just (more or less) locked in my Army for OFCC this summer, and it involves a trio of Predators and a trio of Blight Haulers, so I should be able to get something together for it one way or another.

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      • Yeah, I have far too many Armies around, as a matter of fact. I’m actually planning on selling off most of my SW and Nids as part of this move, plus chunks of several more.

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  2. Sounds ace, I have a dreadnought that I should be able to finish in time. And I’ve been tempted to take a group shot of the army so far, so this is perfect timing!

    I read the link, feel bad for Roger and am pretty angered about what happened. Some people are just cruel

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  3. Now this one should suit me down to the ground… I’ll be finishing my Wolf Time Orks soon, (army), and starting my Wolf Time Space Wolves too, (armoured)… Perfectamundo!

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  4. The very best of luck to all the entries, who doesn’t love a group shot! (Though Azazal, I feel your miniatures are best appreciated up close and personal).

    Thank you for the support (and Steve), but really I was a wake up call that I needed, everyone is entitled to their opinion, it’s was up to me whether or not to take it to heart, that’s what the internet is all about.

    Cheers Roger.

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    • I think most minis are, somehow! 🙂
      People are entitled to their opinions, and if you need a break or hiatus, then by all means go for it.
      I just don’t like people being arseholes or dicks to others and hiding shitty attitudes behind “I’m entitled to my opinion, man.”
      Well, they are, but by the same token, I’m happy to call such people out for being the fuckheads or bullies or elitists or whatever that they clearly are. Because I’m entitled to my opinion. 😛


  5. Damn, those are some handsome looking big space marines up there! 😉 Might have to add something to their ranks this month, or perhaps tackle one of their sexy new chaotic rivals!

    As for the other half of the challenge, you know I love the opportunity to post an army shot or two (although I’ve changed my photo set-up recently to make space and it’s not as big as it once was – nevermind, I’ll find a way to overcome that challenge).

    I’ve not read the blog that Roger has quoted from but if it’s as quoted it sounds like the sort of pompous nonsense that would have me grinding my teeth. Having not seen the original post I’ll refrain from slagging them specifically (whoever they are), and of course Roger is a veteran hobbyist and more than capable of making up his own mind about what he wants to do with his time, but these things do hack me off on behalf of newcomers to the hobby. I remember when I started out reading people saying “This is the right way to do the hobby, and if you do anything different you’re a looser and you’re doing it all wrong” and being young, impressionable and new to things I went along with that because obviously they had been around, knew what was what and I’d be a fool not to heed their advice. The result was that I didn’t enjoy the hobby in the way that I might have done and I’m glad that I grew out of that and learned to do things my own way. All too often I see things quoted as “the only way to do the hobby properly” and it hacks me right off – with the result that I completely avoid a lot of hobby websites and forums. Oh and batreps are a right yawnfest (unless it’s an actual flying mammal doing a bit of weightlifting – that I’d pay to watch). I definitely count as a poser and a non-gaming fake and if I manage to upset the true-believers then I’m damn proud of it! 😀

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  6. Oooh, I could do this! We’ll see if I can finish any new models in the month, but I’d definitely enjoy taking stock of the grand collection and putting together some nice group photos.

    Really, gaming is fun but I’m all about the pretty pictures.

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  7. Looks like it’s finally time to paint a SM Dreadnought! Though I suppose any model I could paint next month would qualify for the challenge, as they all got some sort of armor..

    I don’t think I really have anything I’d call an army (unless the definition is 2+ units from a certain faction), but I do have Shadespire gangs which I could take a group photo of. And if I’d stretch and also painted my SM Captain, I think I would have some sort of game-legal SM force..

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  8. Perfect timing. I volunteered to run. D-Day What a Tanker on, well of course June 6th. So, will be building out a US and German force for Normandy to accompany my British Normandy stuff (that I did not paint – but got for a good deal. Probably 10-20 tanks to paint -so April will be a good starting point!

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  13. Finally! I’m on the line to actually be able to enter. I love these community challenge but with my hobby time limited I generally take a long time to finish a project. It’s the same with my local GW painting. Well this month I’m in.

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    • No worries mate – remember, they’re not start-to-finish challenges, they’re always just about finishing stuff, so it doesn’t matter to me or the challenge if a model is bare plastic/metal or if it just needs the eyes painted in, as long as it finishes them off!

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