Terrain & Neglected Models Paint Challenge February 2019: Personal Round-Up

All of the completed February things.

Yep! Late as all hell. Work and stress and sick dad and all of that shit continues, with a result that I’m still painting but not as engaged with the blogging stuff. Besides, The Division 2 just came out and I’d rather lock myself in a room and do nothing but play that. Orez – are you listening? You’d love it!

One of the other major things slowing down this wrap-up is the fact that I went out and took photos, but forgot to include the 3rd-ed 40k walls in my wrap-up photos. Then I went out again a day or three later to re-take the photos but got mixed up in my “Neglected Models” list. The bunkers took awhile, but not long enough to be truly neglected – even if they spent most of summer sitting on the terrain table, taunting me with their size. So after two sets of not-quite right photos (I wanted a nice shot of the Neglected Models and another of the Terrain) – So then this delayed me yet again, before not getting around to a third set of photos, and saying “fuck it” so I can just get this damned post up…

Leonard steals the workout bench for himself…

The 34 models and pieces of terrain that I finished in February, when combined with January’s 45 brings my running total for the year to 79. I’m not sure how many I’ve finished for March yet. I’ve been working my way through a few and even photographed some, but haven’t counted them yet.

I’ll have to get the April Challenge Post up soon. That’s probably up next, in fact. Then I can start showing my March Challenge models….

18 thoughts on “Terrain & Neglected Models Paint Challenge February 2019: Personal Round-Up

  1. I’m always amazed by how much you get done! I’m hoping to get to somewhere around 79 minis by the end of the year, and you’ve done it in two months! Anyway, really nice models, once again!

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      • Thanks Az! I’m very happy with my quality/speed in the end. I mean, I wouldn’t object to being able to paint faster, but with limited storage/display space, smaller number of finished models is logistically better:)
        Speaking of which, I’ve been meaning to ask you, what’s the size of your collection, and where/how do you store it? I’m under the impression that you don’t sell your models, and with the amount you paint in a year, you must have thousands of models!

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      • I’ve really only gotten to this pace of painting in the past few years, so the unpainted models actually take up a lot more space then the painted ones. At the moment, I have a number of figure cases of varying sizes, and I also have several shelves where a few forces, armies, and recently-painted models live.
        Scenery tends to go into plastic tubs, and stacked inside a metal cabinet.

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  2. “Workout? Sure.”
    Leonard’s expression seems a comment on the whole idea of physical exercise. 🙂
    Oh yes, and fantastic terrain and minis as usual…


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