Heartbreaker Were-Rat Champion (Chaz Elliot) (Jewel of July ’19)

Another model from the depths of time that are known as the mid-1990’s today – we have the third of the Not-Skaven Models previewed in my AK Interactive Primer Review post alongside the Tim Prow Pair.

Heartbreaker Were-Rat Champion, Skaven, Chaz Elliot

I really like this sculpt, though I did get totally blocked for a couple of months by the difficulty of figuring out a colour scheme for him. Specifically, I could not figure out how to paint his robe. Eventually, I got to a knuckle down point and was still struggling when inspiration came – one night after finishing up with painting and such, I thought to have a look through the Skaven Battletome for AoS, and saw this deep green scheme on some model, and after seeing it, I knew what to do. The next day, his skirt was painted, and a day or two later the model was finally complete! I even snuck a little touch of Wudagast Yellow onto the model.

Heartbreaker Were-Rat Champion, Skaven, Chaz Elliot, Ratman Leader with pistol, Ratman Champion with mechanical hand, Tim Prow

Here’s the “finished” shot of the three not-Skaven. The counterpoint to the primed shot of the three from my AK Interactive Post. Done!

My next rats will be the pair from Silver Tower. After that, I plan to Bring the Lead Out again!

Heartbreaker Ratman Leader with Pistol (Tim Prow)

Heartbreaker Ratman Leader with Pistol 3504

Today’s model is the mate to the Ratman (Not-Skaven) I posted up a few days ago. Once again, sculpted by Tim Prow many years ago for Heartbreaker, and once again, the model is still available today from RPE, I once again have had this figure since it was an actual release by Heartbreaker Hobbies, and have only gotten around to painting it now. Because I’m fast and efficient like that.

Heartbreaker Ratman Leader with Pistol 3504

This time I went for my more usual spot colour of red, as I felt it fit the leader-aspect of this particular model – though being a skaven it’s also a bit of a murky burnt red with chestnut mixed in. While it’s a beaten-up and torn cloak, the presence of embossed skulls along the lower rim means that it’s also no cheap bit of rag to be painted brown, either. My touch of Wudugast yellow on this one is on the dirty lower tabard, and the sculpted skulls on his sheath and greaves are done in a brassy tone with a subtle touch of deep green verdigris. Maybe too subtle, since I can barely see it in the photos.

Another nice model, and not the last of these models that I’ll be painting, though I have another vintage “Wererat” Skaven from Chaz Elliot and then some much more modern Skaven to finish in the pipeline first – but this pair mark my next step in building up a little warband of Skaven, month-by-most-month. I might need a Rat Ogre soon. Or some slaves. Or a warp-firethrower. Or…