Pimp My Kickstarter: Clash of Deck : a real FREE-TO-PLAY Card Game

I’ve been run off my feet for a week or so with working around appointments for other people (and a second, unsuccessful NBN installation), and now somewhat under the weather for a few days, and to top that off my photos for my final March posts that I took late last week were, in a word, dogshit – that I was not happy with being posted up.

So in lieu of those posts (hopefully to resume tomorrow?) Here’s a cheap Kickstarter that some people that follow this blog might be interested in….

Here’s the gist of it:

Clash of Deck

Clash of Deck is a card-based combat game for 1-2 players aged 8+ that plays in 30 minutes, created by Léandre Proust, with artwork from Studio Rexard, and published by Grammes Édition. Create your 8 unit army and battle other Lord-Sorcerers to destroy their Strongholds!

Clash of Deck is dead… Long lives Clash of Deck! Clash of Deck is a card game which has been played and tested by hundreds of players throughout its first year of existence, as a French version. The game was published in 2020 in an atypical form: cards you cut yourself from a folded sheet of cardboard. A new standalone expansion was published each month.

Today, thanks to the feedback and support of its community of players, Clash of Deck takes off with a new edition, available in English. The game will have more conventional components, such as “real” cards, larger and of better quality, with a tuck box.

The game will be fully translated in English and French! The rules and the FAQ are only available in PDF. Most of the game’s content is language independentGerman, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Korean, Portuguese (European), Portuguese (Brazil), Greek, Russian, Slovene, Japanese, Polish, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Arabic, Ukrainian, Filipino, Afrikaans, Swedish, Turkish, Serbian, Chinese, Catalan, Danish, Galician and Esperanto are already unlocked!

The tuck box is approximately 90x60x15 mm in size. The cards will be 56×87 mm in size and have round corners, with standard quality Blue Core 280 GSM. This is the material used for successful games such as Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon.


Only the Starter Kit is available in this reboot. The Starter Kit is FREE, in order to distribute it as widely as possible. This goal of this Kickstarter campaign is to introduce Clash of Deck to the whole word and to bring a community together around the game. If the Kickstarter campaign succeeds, we will then have the necessary dynamic to publish additional paid content on a regular basis, to enrich the game with: stand-alone expansions, additional modules, alternative game modes…

⬇️ Click on the image below to get a Rulebook in English ⬇️

⬇️ Click on the image below for a free Print and Play demo kit ⬇️

⬇️ Click the image below to play Clash of Deck on TableTop Simulator ⬇️

Face off against another player and choose your format: Draft or Constructed. We recommend the Draft format for your first plays. Each turn, the players draft cards from a common deck to build themselves an efficient deck. For the Draft format, you only need one copy of the Starter Kit. The Constructed format is destined for experts who’ve mastered the game’s mechanisms and the synergies brought by special abilities. Players build their own decks by choosing 10 cards among all the cards from the game. Their opponent will banish two of those cards at the beginning of the game, to form the final 8-cards deck. For the Constructed format, each player must have a copy of the Starter Kit.

So there we are. If you’re interested in this, go check it out. If not, then simply go on with your browsing and await the next post in a day or two. 🙂

Pimp My Kickstarter: Shieldwolf Forest Goblins

Today is basically a PSA-type post about Shieldwolf’s latest KS project – which is for Forest Goblins. Sure, there are potential stretch goals down the line for Sci-fi Goblins/Grotz and “regular” goblins, but the meat and potatoes of this campaign should be viewed as plastic forest gobboes.

It’s worth pointing out that – yes, I am generally on friendly terms with Shieldwolf, they haven’t asked me to post this – and certainly haven’t paid me in money or product. I’m blogging about it here because to me, it’s a rather worthwhile project that I’ll be backing, but as a smaller company they can benefit from that little bit of extra attention that my blog posts can bring. As opposed, to, say, Mantic or CMON. Criticism of these renders over on Dakke have been that the spear and sword blades look a bit too big – and although I can see that, I don’t think they’re excessively out of line. SW’s fluff reason for this is because they’re mostly looted weapons, from the other races in their bespoke fantasy setting.

After checking, I can confirm that the four torsos shown above with heads attached do have them permanently attached, and the join for the forth body appears to be flat rather than a ball joint. Both a bit unfortunate – and I admit, I can’t understand why they would have made either of those decisions. Well, maybe the heads are attached because of sprue space? The stuff I tend to see from Renedra (who usually do SW’s plastics) isn’t nearly as efficient with sprue space as GW has become, so maybe it’s a limitation there?

Not dealbreakers, but definitely a shame in my opinion.

The prices aren’t overwhelmingly amazing – it’s not a Mantic/CMON campaign. In fact for me, getting my GW stuff direct from the UK – these models come to a price after shipping that’s pretty much on parity with GW’s current Night Goblins – or a little more, if I’m to be honest. (Because fuck GWAU’s local pricing!) So, with no real price break aside from the resin heroes or later stretch goals being effectively freebies – as with some similar campaigns, I’m backing based on some questions to ask myself:

Do I really want these? Would I buy them if they were at retail? Am I willing to pay a year in advance to help them get made? And how much am I willing to pay for them?

The short answer – for me at this stage, is 2 boxes for US$50+shipping. If the Not-Gretchin unlock, I’ll revisit it then. But 50 Night Goblins for what’s going to end up being AU$100 or so is plenty for me right now.

So there we are. If you’re interested in this, go check it out. If not, then simply go on with your browsing and await the next post in a day or two. 🙂