Dark Angels Techmarine (2nd Edition) (Jes Goodwin)

Dark Angels Techmarine, 2nd Edition, Jes Goodwin

I finished another Space Marine as part of my first Tray. This one is another model that I got stuck on for years – a Techmarine of the Dark Angels that I started on ….well, it was a long time ago. Now I’m not entirely one for the colour-coding of Marine Specialist Officers. Well, I’m good with Chaplains having black armour, and Apothecaries being (mostly) white, but after that it gets hazy. I’m ok with some of my Techmarines being Red, because Adeptus Mechanicus, but sometimes a metallic on the red spectrum just feels better to me. In this case a deep slightly-coppery brown for the Dark Angels just feels good against the green armour of the Chapter. (And just forget about blue armour for Librarians!)

Dark Angels Techmarine, 2nd Edition, Jes Goodwin

The main thing that made this model take so long to complete was simply the sheer number of tiny little fiddly details. They weren’t even hard to paint, but they were mentally difficult to do. This is why the Tray concept is working for me right now. After smashing through all of the easy winds, I’m stuck with these harder models to go, and just have to suck it up amd make myself do them. I’m struggling on a pair of Dark Elves right now that I’m really not enjoying much, but I am getting through the work on them – which isn’t something I could have said before, as they just sat on the desk, ignored for years.

Dark Angels Techmarine, 2nd Edition, Jes Goodwin

He’s armed with a combi-plasma, that seemed a good choice for him when I began working on him again early in 8th edition. Dunno how well it’ll fare in 9th, but bad luck. The final detail to complete him was a resin Dark Angels Legion shoulder pad from Forge World. The extra blinginess really works on models like this who are a step or five above the standard marines.

Dark Angels Techmarine, 2nd Edition, Jes Goodwin, Librarian, Sergeant, Asmodai

Group shots are always a nice way to finish these posts. They look good, and they also provide some visual reference and context for the readers who aren’t especially familiar with the faction or lore. And yeah, they look good!

Legion of the Damned #6: Rogue Trader-Era Librarian 07045/2 (Mark Copplestone, Oct 1989)

Legion of the Damned Rogue Trader-Era Librarian 07045/2 Mark Copplestone, Oct 1989, Oldhammer 40k

It’s been another long break since I’ve posted (or painted) any Legion of the Damned models, but thanks to Le Tray, I’ve managed to complete a model that I’ve been stuck on for well over a decade. Out of the three original Librarian models, I managed to complete the painting of the first back in 2017 for my Dark Angels, and now I’ve finally completed the second – for my Legion of the Damned force.

Legion of the Damned Rogue Trader-Era Librarian 07045/2 Mark Copplestone, Oct 1989, Oldhammer 40k

“But wait!” you say. “Legion of the Damned can’t have Librarians!” Well, yes. But also, no. You see, dear reader, that back in the mists of time when 3rd Edition 40k and its codices were current, there was a Chapter Approved Codex published in White Dwarf that gave rules for running entire armies of the Legion, complete with characters and war machines. It was during the times when these rules were still valid that I began work on making a whole Legion of the Damned Army. I didn’t get very far, but I did get this guy started. And now, in the middle of the clusterfuck that is otherwise known as 2020, I’ve gotten him finished.

Legion of the Damned Rogue Trader-Era Librarian 07045/2 Mark Copplestone, Oct 1989, Oldhammer 40k, RT01 Marines, Sergeant Centurius, Sgt Centurius

The model is basically stock, except for three changes. 32mm base, his (broken) sword was replaced by one from a WarZone weapons blister, and his backpack is a metal Legion of the Damned one from the more recent run of the models. Please enjoy this photograph of this nameless librarian alongside his dark brethren. And yes, I really do need to paint more of these.

…and what of the third Librarian? Well, like his two brothers, I’ve got specific plans for him. One Day…