Heartbreaker Ratman Leader with Pistol (Tim Prow)

Heartbreaker Ratman Leader with Pistol 3504

Today’s model is the mate to the Ratman (Not-Skaven) I posted up a few days ago. Once again, sculpted by Tim Prow many years ago for Heartbreaker, and once again, the model is still available today from RPE, I once again have had this figure since it was an actual release by Heartbreaker Hobbies, and have only gotten around to painting it now. Because I’m fast and efficient like that.

Heartbreaker Ratman Leader with Pistol 3504

This time I went for my more usual spot colour of red, as I felt it fit the leader-aspect of this particular model – though being a skaven it’s also a bit of a murky burnt red with chestnut mixed in. While it’s a beaten-up and torn cloak, the presence of embossed skulls along the lower rim means that it’s also no cheap bit of rag to be painted brown, either. My touch of Wudugast yellow on this one is on the dirty lower tabard, and the sculpted skulls on his sheath and greaves are done in a brassy tone with a subtle touch of deep green verdigris. Maybe too subtle, since I can barely see it in the photos.

Another nice model, and not the last of these models that I’ll be painting, though I have another vintage “Wererat” Skaven from Chaz Elliot and then some much more modern Skaven to finish in the pipeline first – but this pair mark my next step in building up a little warband of Skaven, month-by-most-month. I might need a Rat Ogre soon. Or some slaves. Or a warp-firethrower. Or…

29 thoughts on “Heartbreaker Ratman Leader with Pistol (Tim Prow)

  1. Very impressive painting! I love the eye patch and sword scabbard on this little guy. Skaven are the one Warhammer army I would never collect because rodents don’t appeal to me but I can’t help but admire your work on this guy. He has a ton of character 🙂

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    • Thanks, Kuribo! Skaven were one of my first WHFB armies waaaaay back in the day but I sold them pretty early. I did keep a few of my favourite figures, just to paint.
      …I should probably get onto that, almost 30 years later.


      • Makes perfect sense and I’ll be looking forward to seeing more ratmen then 🙂 I find myself getting nostalgic for the old Warhammer armies like Vampire Counts, Bretonnians, Tomb Kings, etc. which are no longer made by GW too so I fully support painting projects like this.

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  2. Nice! Red is always my default Skaven cloth colour if there’s not something else specific for the Unit/Model I’m working on. Not really sure why, but it’s been that way for 20 years now.

    It’s cool looking at it together with the other, seeing the bits that were probably used on both from a “base” Model, and how the different arms and details change the final appearance enough to make them substantially different Models in the end.

    I am ambivalent on rodents in general, but if I had to deal with a large one in person, I think I’d rather it be a Capybara than a Skaven 😉

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    • Well, Capybaras seem much cooler than Beaver, given what you guys have told me about them!
      As for this ratty guy, yeah – it’s very much a 1990’s model as you can see the shared base between it and the other variant. I’ll be going with lots of browns (and greens on the Pestilens) as I expand the skaven, but I’ll be dropping in Wudugast Yellow and the odd bit of red, depending on the models as I go. 🙂


      • They still do that kind of reuse, it’s just that now they copy and paste the element in a CAD program instead of casting up a few copies of the base portion and sculpting over them differently.

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      • Yeah I know. GW famously has a library of factional elements that they paste into the base objects of power armour and other sculpts, and “flipped” sculpts can be spotted quite frequently these days.


    • Thanks mate. It’s something I’ve actively been working on improving in the last year or two, so it’s been good for me to see my own improvement, and moreso to see it being recognised by others, especially painters of your stature.


  3. Nice, I love the character of this sculpt. Somehow the eyepatch elevates it beyond the normal mess (or mass) of I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-Skaven. Much like the GW miniatures of the day, I see that this Ratman has hands about the same size as its head.

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    • I think the hands thing is still pretty common today, to be honest! But such are the quirks of heroic scale. I think you’re right – the eyepatch does give it an extra something. Also reflected in the slightly-fancy cloak, and the elegant (clearly stolen) pistol. 🙂


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