Armoured April ’19 Painting Challenge 2019: Personal Round-Up

So as part of the catch-up blogging, we’ve got my personal round-up for Armoured April. Unfortunately, due to all the RL stuff, I didn’t get a chance to set out one of my forces, so I’ll just have to do that as an extra sometime  in another month – or possibly just post one around when I get to the community round-up for April. In the meantime, here’s all the stuff I got finished in that month. Three of the monsters up there were done for the Monster March painting challenge, but finished *just* over the line (AU time, anyway) into April.

The above batch of models are what I managed to complete that fall within the “Armoured April” challenge. This is where the numbers (to me, anyway) really do feel rather disappointing as there were a fair few more things I would have liked to have finished off. Ah well, shit happens – and you do what you can around that.

I managed to complete a total of 31 models in April. Not too bad overall, though not what I’d hoped to get done either. By end of March I had 116, so this brings me to 147 finished by the end of April.

Hopefully I’ll get up the community post for March this weekend. A lot done, but still a bit more to go…