Armoured April ’19 Painting Challenge 2019: Personal Round-Up

So as part of the catch-up blogging, we’ve got my personal round-up for Armoured April. Unfortunately, due to all the RL stuff, I didn’t get a chance to set out one of my forces, so I’ll just have to do that as an extra sometime  in another month – or possibly just post one around when I get to the community round-up for April. In the meantime, here’s all the stuff I got finished in that month. Three of the monsters up there were done for the Monster March painting challenge, but finished *just* over the line (AU time, anyway) into April.

The above batch of models are what I managed to complete that fall within the “Armoured April” challenge. This is where the numbers (to me, anyway) really do feel rather disappointing as there were a fair few more things I would have liked to have finished off. Ah well, shit happens – and you do what you can around that.

I managed to complete a total of 31 models in April. Not too bad overall, though not what I’d hoped to get done either. By end of March I had 116, so this brings me to 147 finished by the end of April.

Hopefully I’ll get up the community post for March this weekend. A lot done, but still a bit more to go…

12 thoughts on “Armoured April ’19 Painting Challenge 2019: Personal Round-Up

    • Thanks Alex – yeah, I know it’s objectively a decent number of models painted, though you know how it is – you look at the stuff that’s WIP and want to get those, and those, and those, AND those done…

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    • Heh, it’s not terrible – but you know how it is, we’re our own worst critics a lot of the time. But more importantly, *I* know all the other stuff I’d wanted to (finally) get completed via the challenge that didn’t make it…

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  1. It’s not just the quantity (which beats most of us hands down anyway!) it’s also the quality. You get plenty of good painters and plenty of fast painters but not many good, fast painters so pat yourself on the back for that. Keep up the good work mate!

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    • Thanks mate – very kind words. It just gets a little disappointing when my slightly more ambitions plans to get that few (or more than a few) more models don’t work out as hoped.

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